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Mel Colchamiro
Mel Colchamiro
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Aug. 22, 2011
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June 27
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Bridge Writer
United States of America

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1 National Championship, 10 top 5
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hoping for mistakes, finding a miracle
they pitched stupidly in the ending
USA2 Wins Bermuda Bowl
Congrats!--especially to Joe.
The worst card ever played(?) and two other smiles
playing with a student I was stuck on lead with KJ8 of hearts with Qxx on my right. So i shrugged and led the 8. Partner won the ace and to my great disapoinment played back a black card and declarer claimed. I showed partner my cards saying"I was ...
The worst card ever played(?) and two other smiles
At the St. Louis Nationals in 1997, my ex-wife Janet was on lead with AKQ10985 in diamonds vs 4H. She had a side void and went for the underlead and led the 5. Unfortunately, the first trick went 5,3,2,4! She couldn't get off lead! Declarer Alan ...
Chester Johnson RIP
Didn't know him well but always a gentleman and no doubt a good guy.
ATB: Fifteen IMP swing on one board determines event winner
10 of C THE THE worst play. If declarer had the J of clubs, even a flight C player would be leading clubs and not diamonds after drawing trump. It's really not such a cool hand.
Teaching Materials - Suit Preference
An aspiring "intermediate" player has to be defined. It' like saying in the income strata of the country you are "middle class." Middle class to one is not MC to another. I have been in the teaching trenches for 30 years and I would say for 95% of "intermediate" players ...
The Pathology of the Germans and other cheaters: Is one time really only one time?
Let me state clearly and loudly that I meant no disrespect to Germans as a group. All I meant was to speak of the two German players who admitted "ethical violations." Apparently I did it in a clumsy manner and for that i apologize. As for admitting my mild transgression ...
Germany to Withdraw from Bermuda Bowl
Way to go JoAnn.I agree wholeheartedly!
The Power of Transparency

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