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Kansas City Board of Governors Meeting
I really like the idea of a Club and Teacher Committee. Enthusiastic teachers are critical to any hope of revitalizing the game in North America, as are great clubs. I think that we should be listening more to teachers.
Yiting Wins Women's Swiss
I remember when this was a large, and exciting, event. In the spring of 1991, in Atlantic City, the late Juanita Chambers' team was leading the field with two matches to go, and my team drew them for the penultimate match of the final. I heard later that some members ...
Should I be looking to report this behavior? (Part 2)
Many years ago, when I had very little experience at bridge, I was playing with my late husband, a world and many-times NABC champion. My LHO was David Berkowitz, and he was playing with another world-class expert. A kibitzer came to the table (not someone with whom I was acquainted ...
Should I be looking to report this behavior? (Part 2)
I agree with you, David (surprise)! I am not expressing an opinion about this particular hand, either. However, people hesitate at odd times for all kinds of reasons, from daydreaming (and plenty of bridge players have ADD -- bridge can help them focus), to medical conditions. In these situations, I just ...
Morse and Sutherlin Lead IMP Pairs
There could be a combination of reasons for posting in this manner -- trying to convey information and also expressing frustration at the use of the now somewhat archaic dot-matrix printer (even I, far from a technology expert, realize it is out-of-date) --which is almost illegible -- and nevertheless is still used ...
Bridge vs Magic
My son earns what I would describe as a middle-class living through blogging and doing video articles on Magic the Gathering (MTG) (he also does some coaching). He is also ranked near the top in the world as a player, and won the World Championship in 2015. He also plays ...
Michael Seamon (1960-2017)
I hardly knew Michael, but had the pleasure to play against him in the U.S. Mixed Teams trial final last summer in Washington, DC, which was a wonderful experience. Of course, he and his team won and went on to represent our country admirably in Wroclaw in the world ...
Boye Brogeland did receive the ACBL Hall of Fame's Sidney Lazard Jr. Sportsmanship Award for 2016 (presented this year in Washington, D.C.). I think that is one thing they got right. Also, Benedicte Cronier and Sylvie Willard received this award in 2013.
Photos of Bridge players from 10+ years ago
Not sure if I can tag, but the photo in the penultimate line of US Nationals photos is of Jeffrey Wolfson (in between the photos of Steve Weinstein and Michael Seamon). He's also in the team photo at the right of that line -- with David Berkowitz, Larry Cohen, and ...
Two-Level Overcalls and The ACBL Convention Card
I find these discussions helpful. It's helping me to realize that, for example, when I describe a partner's two-level overcall as "standard" or "normal", and then get follow-up questions -- it's not necessarily a person trying to dig out more information about my hand than they are entitled ...

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