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Ethics at the Table in Memphis
At what point is a player who thinks he may not have given a correct explanation, allowed to look at his convention card?
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I think that there are interesting aspects to this incident, but I don't think whether or not 3 was or wasn't alerted is one of them. Any experienced player in an NABC event (I'm assuming that this hand occurred in an NABC event) could easily guess ...
Ethics at the Table in Memphis
It was nice meeting you in Memphis, Eric! I hope that all of this negativism won't keep you from posting again (although I wouldn't blame you if it does).
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Actually when Huub B bid 2H, he thought that he was playing Kokish. Otherwise, why would he have bid 2 with that hand? I don’t see how that information could reasonably be omitted when consulting a panel of any kind, whether players or directors. As an advanced but ...
What percentage of the cost of attending ACBL Nationals are Card fees?
About 19% to 22%.
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@Marty Harris -- What would you bid over 3 in this situation?
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In this kind of situation, if I had bid 4 over 3, I might have passed 4, expecting a bad result. Usually I feel as if I am obliged to try to bend over backwards to not take advantage, and err on the side of likely getting ...
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I was thinking that I would probably bid 3NT in this situation.
My Turn to Speak
I try to avoid making comments aimed at one individual that are not positive. However -- I don't know Bahar Gidwani. But these comments about it being "highly suspicious" that a "successful entrepreneur" would take this job, have been repeated several times by the same person. If you have something ...
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So, one question is -- did North continue to bid exactly as he would have if he and his partner were, indeed, playing Kokish. Which of course is difficult to do when an "impossible" 3 response has been made.

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