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Lyon Round-Robin, Day 7
I don't have the answer to that question. It is obviously disappointing to supporters of the U.S. Venice Cup teams that neither advanced to the knockout phase. However, it has to be good for bridge that teams that are neither from Europe nor the U.S., have advanced ...
Forgive and forget?
Re: The WBF running tournaments -- sometimes it changes the Conditions of Contest in a tournament after an event has already begun. In Atlanta about five years ago, a World Youth Open was held. My son and daughter played in it (as a partnership). Overall, it was a great experience and ...
Forgive and forget?
From the interview I watched with Al Levy (interviewed by Jan Van Cleeff), if I remember correctly, A Levy seemed to think that no one candidate would achieve the 75% threshold this year, and in that case, the election would be deferred to Orlando next year (when the current President ...
Lyon Round-Robin, Day 6
Egypt is currently listed as both #8 and #11 in the Bermuda Bowl standings.
Gianarrigo Rona re-elected WBF President
This description makes it sound like an inbred system that is designed to perpetuate itself and make real change difficult.
The 5 level belongs to: __________
At matchpoints (this situation) I am inclined to double, whereas I would be more inclined to bid on at IMPs. Were others influenced by the type of scoring? I'd be interested to know.
Forgive and forget?
I do not understand the vote changes in Round 3. It seems to me that it would have been a good decision for Mr. Rona to step down, or at least not run again, in view of what has come to light in the past couple of years. Failing that ...
Forgive and forget?
I watched the interview of Al Levy (who ran for President) to which Laura Camponeschi posted a link (from the Neapolitan Altavista newsletter, I think). Al Levy, when asked why he was running, did mention that putting things on paper -- such as the "express line" -- is not the same as ...
Open Lyon Discussion Thread
It looks (according to the report in the Neapolitan Club newsletter article) as if he received 60% of the votes in the second round of voting and then the remaining opponent, M. Yves Aubry, withdrew.
Open Lyon Discussion Thread
The Tuesday Bulletin reports that the Bermuda Bowl team representing Italy has both the oldest competitor (Benito Garozzo, age 90) and youngest (Giovanni Donati, age 18) in the championships.

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