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May 24, 2011
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Board of Governors - Live video stream
A hint was dropped that reducing the number of ACBL tournaments overall will be up for consideration. I think that many members think that that would be a good move.
Plan the Play
It was a tough hand. It's always easier in hindsight and when there's plenty of time for reflection. My thinking would be when a diamond came back that East was most likely not leading away from the Queen. Not necessarily that the Queen would drop doubleton, but that ...
Plan the Play
East was described as an experienced Flight A player. Therefore, when he tables a diamond, I'm going to assume that he does not have the Queen. He sees that you do not have an entry to dummy to take a diamond finesse. He knows you have some diamond length ...
Plan the Play
It's hard to contribute now when Kit has already given his thoughts! I would duck at least one round of clubs. The decision to duck doesn't only have to do with whether or not the clubs will block. It is also one of those hands where it could ...
Becoming a life master
Quoting from the Letter to the Editor: " . . . They've got their gold already. . . . That's just not right. . . . I can maybe accept a LM pairing up with a non-LM to help the non-LM get their gold points, but two LMs pairing up should definitely not be allowed or tolerated." I ...
Major Article in Toronto Star
What a great article! Very well-written. And, of course, it's important that it was written by one of our younger players.
ACBL Tests Online NABC Event
Peg, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Attendance was definitely down at our local Regional last week (this year it was held in North Bethesda, Maryland). The lines did seem to be longer for the "Gold Rush" and side games than for the Open or Flight A/X games. I happened ...
ACBL Tests Online NABC Event
There certainly are people that have played in individual events (face-to-face), and would do so again -- I put myself in that category -- who would not be likely to play in this event. This is something different (as Greg Lawler has pointed out).
ACBL Tests Online NABC Event
I completely don't understand why this would be planned for the same time as the Toronto NABC (full disclosure: this particular type of online event is not one I would be likely to participate in so it doesn't really affect me). . But, couldn't something like this be ...
Suggestions for our new CEO -- starting a list
You are reminding me of a time, years ago, when I initiated the idea of having a weekly, after-school card-playing club at my children's elementary school (in Philadelphia). I was in charge of it (one year). There seemed to be some resistance to the idea -- despite the fact that ...

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