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Merijn Groenenboom
Merijn Groenenboom
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May 3, 2018
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47 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Bridge player of the sponsored Meesterklasse team: Het Witte Huis

2007 European champion bridge by juniors

2008 World champion bridge by students

Sep 2009 – Mar 2011 Bridge player of the Dutch national open team


Bridge Information

Regular Bridge Partners
Maarten Schollaard; Sebastian Kristensen
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Witte Huis
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Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: 2 AKQ7532 2 AKQ2 Most people play opps suit as cuebid, so your agreement is at least not very standard..
Dick Bruno's bidding problem: A4 AQ4 AKT43 AK4
I saw lots of people play 4S as natural here: I dont like the agreement at all, as one can see how important it is to have 4S as cuebid here. People dont psych that often.
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: AJ82 Q K9842 AQ4
I thought there is something to say for pass here, but apparently nobody agrees :)
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: 2 AKQ7532 2 AKQ2
cool! i hope you will post your experience here
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: 2 AKQ7532 2 AKQ2
He was already complaining before the lead: How the **** can 6H be nat ;)
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: 85 A762 Q862 KJ6
In practise 6D went down 3 undoubled after ace of club lead and 2 club ruffs. 5S would go down 1 on a heart ruff. Partners hand: x x AKJTxx QT9xx
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: 2 AKQ7532 2 AKQ2
Sounds reasonable hopefully you play RKC 0314 though :)
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: 2 AKQ7532 2 AKQ2
In practise I bid 4nt here and partner responded with 6H, getting a heart attack when I passed. I still have no idea whether this was right, but I still love to think about some hand while playing junior championships :). 6H made as hearts were 3-3 (quite likely after this ...
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: AQ4 987 T832 K64
I am surprised to see so many people bidding 5C. If you dbl and partner has a void in H,he will bid anyway?
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: 2 2 A9642 QT9532
Looks like this was not an interesting problem as everybody is passing :). I thought it could be interesting as South makes a grand slam try? The south hand was: Axxxxx AKxxxx x - 6S made after D lead, but 7C was only down 3

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