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May 25, 2011
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April 14, 2019
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Ex(?)-mathematician, computer scientist, proud father of two, and occasional bridge player. 

New Zealand

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The cost of a single BridgeMate is (the last time I looked) significantly more than the cost of a tablet with pretty reasonable specifications. So, given the right app, clubs could simply buy a set of cheap tablets instead of bridgemates. I have long believed that this is the way ...
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
@Jim Sorry I wasn't clear - I meant you were in third seat with a real 1 call, but fourth seat knowing your agreement could now psyche a strong raise of 1 since your partner would "know" it was you. :)
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
@Jim (and not entirely seriously) Do you reveal this understanding to your opponents? Suddenly it's a lot more attractive in a 1-1-1 (Jim) auction for a fourth seat Yarborough to psyche strength since your partner will "know" it's you.
Open Wroclaw Discussion Thread
Speaking as someone with an amateur knowledge of both Go and Bridge, and a professional one of computer science, mathematics and games in general, I both agree and disagree. The disagreement comes from the fact that one of the key features of Go is a spatial recognition/matching problem on ...
Sectional, pre registration, pre payment?
Yeah, not really a problem here. The main reason for pre registration here is the relatively small fields and so the need for the director to figure out sensible movement/seating/seeding in advance (particularly given the constraints on the number of boards that must be played). Of course a ...
Sectional, pre registration, pre payment?
In New Zealand all (or almost all) tournaments *require* pre registration, though payment is generally on site. The larger tournaments often offer online payment options, and the national tournament requires both advance registration and advance payment (see
Who's to blame
I can't believe there have been 14 comments already and no one has suggested it was OP's fault for omitting the apostrophe in "Who's". :)
Avoiding Trouble
@Eugene: I suspected you'd catch that one. Though, in the days of Kaplan's editorship an editorial position of The Bridge World on a Laws related matter could be taken as a pretty strong indication of a position being supported in the laws commission. So let me try once ...
Avoiding Trouble
@Eugene: I will risk stretching an analogy past its breaking point. I don't see an issue with any individual deciding to install a security system or take a self defence class. The corresponding problem is when the mayor in a public speech recommends that everyone install security systems because ...
Avoiding Trouble
Am I the only one who is troubled by the Bridge World's need to offer this advice, or indeed the apparently general feeling that such advice is of value? Why should the accepted practice be to try and protect yourself against those taking improper advantage of how you do ...
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