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Continuations after Minorwood
The problem with minorwood is that the advantage that it offers (being able to bail out in 4NT or 5m, if you don't like the answer) is negated by the fact that both of them look like additional inquiries.
How should the director rule
Maybe a weighted total of 4-9 and 4X-9. Pretty much a bottom at MPs, maybe a -17 or -18 at IMPs.
Your thoughts on whether Alerts or Explanations are required or should be required or voluntarily should be done
@Ray: Nonforcing Free Bids are alerted in the ACBL, but not the "all average or better hands" doubles that let you play them! The "negative inferences not alerted" actually means "If the bidder had the choice of basically every other bid in the box, some of which would have required ...
Software for scoring and live results presentation
Shameless Plug: You can try MARSBridge. I don't know how you segment the 32-board matches. Segments are my next thing.
Looking for consensus
As Debbie suggested, there won't be a consensus on style. It depends too much upon which of the other spade bids (or transfers to spades) are available and what values are attached to them. If 3 is natural, when do you use it rather than 4? And ...
Balanced 17+-19 hcp hands in competition
In 1m-(2)-P-(P); ? any bid or double that you make is offering to compete at the 3-level opposite a partner who couldn't manage a takeout ("negative") double or a competitive overcall. So, it pays to examine your partner's tendencies here. When people crawl out on ...
IMP Pairs
I would posit an event in which one-fourth of the game was scored in IMPs against just one other table ("Team IMPs" probably with a BAM-style movement), one-fourth in Matchpoints against the whole field, one fourth in IMPs across the field (average better than Butler), and one-fourth in Matchpoints against ...
IMP Pairs
I have always said that IMP scoring rewards those who bid for bonuses, make their contracts, burn opponents who ill-advisedly double them for overtricks, defeat opponents' contracts, and double their opponents they go crazy. That sounds like Bridge to me. What Matchpoint scoring rewards sounds like a game with which ...
Arrow Switches
Movements are sort of my thing. Will Watson (an occasional contributor to this forum) and I often trade secrets and proofs. In fact, I have a generator program (not as parameter driven as I would like, but I will work on that) where I put in the constraints and the ...
System design advice, please
I use something akin to what Mr. Bodell suggested. If you want it to be easier on the brain, you can just switch 3 and 3 (since, under the circumstances, diamond shortage isn't possible). You can also use 3 and 3NT for various slam curious top-of-range ...
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