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Oct. 6, 2015
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We Double Their Michaels
I wasn't for a moment suggesting that you should play dead or always compete to 3. Yes, it would be nice to signal to your partner that you had a hand that is ill-equipped for defense, but I don't think that the double is a good use ...
We Double Their Michaels
It is pointless to have the double show a raise to 2 because neither you nor your opponents can play there. The best idea is that it shows a willingness to play in a minor with a tolerance for spades and some values. In other words, "a takeout of ...
Too stringent with the announcements/alerts?
Frances: Sometimes as dealer at favorable vulnerability, some partners of mine and I play semi-forcing non-jump new suit bids. Here "Semi-forcing" means that partner will bid except with a well-fitting minimum hand. ACBL requires that we alert these. I think that EBU does also. So, "Semi-forcing" is a little more ...
Too stringent with the announcements/alerts?
Steve: Only if the "less than 10" might not be especially shapely. If the unbalanced 8 is normally rule of 19 or so, no pre-alert is required. I almost included that in the non-disclosure disclosure. "Rule of 19 to Rule of 27 unbalanced". Our real agreement for hands of "less ...
Too stringent with the announcements/alerts?
Jim: You, as do I, are just trying to play a system that gets you to the right contracts or opponents to the wrong contracts more often than anyone else and comply with the disclosure requirements. 1=unbalanced 8-18 or balanced 15-21 in either case with at least 3 ...
Too stringent with the announcements/alerts?
Ray and David: I have always liked the idea of a sticker system. I would often put the appropriate WBF sticker (actually just a green, blue, or red circle) on the upper right of my cards. Sometimes, I would do this to help me find the right card for a ...
Which version of Precision?
The weakest part of a strong 1 system is when you actually open 1. The weakest part of a Monster 2 system is when you actually open 2. The difference is that strong 1 players are aware of this and almost always have reasonable agreements ...
Confused old man
The dementia was tolerable. The personality defects were tolerable. The destruction of club property as a result of the lack of control was not.
"Help-suit" game tries
With my more advanced partners, I have gone to San Francisquito or "SCITO" ="Specific Controls In This Only" with step responses for nothing, King, Ace, Ace+King, Void. You can use NT for the suit below the trump suit to avoid having the step go past the "bail out" level ...
When two cue bids are available
I think that you and I can agree that you may need 3 ways to show both of the remaining two suits, but I think that we can also both agree that you don't need 5. I have learned not to try to declare the contract in suits where ...
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