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Does multi go for more numbers?
I tend to agree with Mr. Rosenberg (not overly formal, you just can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting someone named "Michael" or with a last initial "R"). On one hand, opponents won't overcall your 5- or 6-card suit when opening a natural 2M as they ...
Legal Agreement or not?
In the ACBL, you can have whatever agreement you like even on the current General Chart, if anyone opens 2 or higher, so, the agreement, if properly alerted and disclosed would be legal. In the EBU, most responses are legal provided the opening bid is legal, so, this agreement ...
Ruling question regarding an unalerted jump cuebid
Cue bids are mostly "self-alerting". This means that no one really expects the bid to be natural and therefore people are expected to ask or check the system card (or system notes, if available).
Best use for artificial 2NT opening
I pay it aggressively 5-4+ in the minors usually with 4-10 HCP, but with proper LTC for vulnerability (more like 1-7 1st FAV and maybe as good as 8-12 third seat unfavorable), I do this even in a semi-natural 2/1 system with weak 1NT. Natural 2NT is so preemptive ...
What is wrong with the Montreal Relay?
What's wrong with Montreal Relay? The fact that you are not using 1 as a transfer to hearts !
Delayed Alerts: Theory and Practice
I often have to make delayed alerts because of unusual control asking sequences ("San Francisco", for instance). At the intermediate level, I sometimes get director calls because people confuse "delayed" alert with "failure to alert". There are even some experts that think that you are supposed to post-announce 1430. The ...
When do the World Championship Qualifiers increase in number to 24?
22 teams gets you finished with the RR phase in 7 days (3x16 each day). 24 teams gives you either a late start or an early finish on one day. You could expand to 25 teams and play 4x12s (in 2 24-board sessions because of the odd number of teams ...
What are the benefits of UD Attitude, Standard Count?
I play SCUDA and I live in the Bay Area. The best reason that I play it is that even count situations with a discouraging attitude are easier to read (and impossible to mess up). It also works best when you use upside down ORIGINAL count. Since, with most partners ...
Bidding systems without forcing opening bid
I play a system that TECHNICALLY has no forcing opening bid but has two that are rarely passed. It features a semi-forcing 2 opener that shows rule of 23 with both majors (except could be just one major, if nearly game) and a multi 2 (Weak with one ...
28 Board RR + bonus: GNT politics
It's the same number of boards. You only make up 42. That will require two sets of some kind (at least, if, as is common, your boxes only go up to 32 or 36). Play the white set of boards numbered 1-8 at table 1 where NS1 and EW3 ...
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