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Critique This Auction with Satan
My current methods use 3 as a direct response for "slam curious with spades and a minor" or 2NT for "Slam curious 3-suited" and 2 for "Slam curious with primary spades (and I will be surprised if we play in spades)".
Critique This Auction with Satan
The problem is that Responder has to either evaluate her hand as slam curious (about a card short) and decide between calling it a 3-suiter, spades and a minor, or just a spade hand or decide that the hand is worthless hand with primary spades. I have methods built into ...
Bridgescore+ in San Diego
I hope to have MARSBridge "Bracket Magic" out before the new year. Buy an entry and get an entry number. Enter player numbers in BridgeMates or web app. Enter a no play or pass out in the dummy round on the BridgeMates, if you have only 4 members. Enter anything ...
Is playing the same boards in a pairs event important?
Playing the same boards is important (when you consider the alternative). The movement that you cited is the one that has been used for years and only requires one board box. You can put 30 boards in play and have 9 pairs play only 24 of them or you put ...
It depends, of course, upon your jurisdiction, because alerts are jurisdictional. My reading is that the the WBF would not require an alert, if this shows club length regardless of the implied strength. In the ACBL, if this bid is forcing, it requires and alert. If the bid is non-forcing ...
The Bracket Size Adjustment Factor
Compact KOs and 4-round slow attrition ("Dutch") team games would bring it back. I tend not to play on Bracket Two (or second rate bracket one) teams not because I don't enjoy mixing it up with the pros, but because many of my partners don't have the sophistication ...
@Mark Raphaelson: No, you simply make a forcing bid that you don't expect to be passed. If you make a forcing bid that you expect to be passed, you have violated disclosure and probably have an illegal agreement. The WBF Guide to Completion explains that you know more about ...
Partners of people who psyche more than once a month know the type of psyche that their partners will pull. If you know, for intance, that your partner will pull a 1-level opener on a good 5-card suit with nothing else and will pass a forcing bid to reveal it ...
The Bracket Size Adjustment Factor
I've proposed a form of slow KO that I refer to as "Dutch" teams since I was told that they structure events this way in the Netherlands. I will go into the concept, if anyone is really interested. The point of the Bracket Size Adjustment Factor is the fact ...
My "Big Idea" for Bridge
We need 46 minutes of video per hour show. We could even get by with 21 (for a half-hour show). 12 skins hands at two tables with the occasional comment "on board 4, both tables bid to the obvious 3NTN+2, so the skin carries over to board 5." We ...
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