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Evaluating the Quality of a Stratification
The quality of stratification might be defined as any of the following: 1) How closely do the percentage of players in each (a priori) stratum match the theoretical ideal of giving section awards to all of the player in the top stratum who are not in the second stratum, then ...
seeking information on ACBLscor's .MOV (movement) files
Can you read C structs? If so, here it the format that I use in the MARSBridge programs for pairs games: typedef struct move_file_def { unsigned char sig [[]2]; unsigned char one_winner; unsigned char num_tables; unsigned char num_rounds; unsigned char num_sets; char desc [[]10] [[]60]; char nulls [[]64]; char sequence [[]37 ...
Settle A Bet
@Tom Precisely! My point is that, if your partner accepts on [u]any[/u] 14-count (including 7LTC, 5-death shape), you shouldn't make a limit raise with the given hand. What I am sure is going to happen is that somebody's partner accepted with a semi-balance 14-count and went ...
Settle A Bet
If you have a partner who will go to game with QJ2 AQJ42 Q32 Q2, you had better not make a limit raise with this hand. If your partners can control themselves after a limit raise with such a hand, it would normally be right to make a limit raise ...
Alert Question
@Linda You talking to me? Be careful, you can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting someone named "Michael". Those who know me call me "Mich" (doesn't rhyme with "bitch") (and I am working on a Karaoke album with that title). You may address me by any ...
Alert Question
With some partners, I carry a pre-alert packet and a simple pre-alert card depending upon what's legal in the event (Switching Monster 2 to Multi 2 and moving some of the hands around between strong majors 2 and moving some of the suit qualities from 2M ...
Alert Question
@Linda: Please don't approve the Basic ("White") Chart unless it allows 2 and 2 to be made on "strong hands" (as is now allowed) rather than on "very strong hands" (as is in the new chart).
One board - two decks
I am sure that the Dealing machine people could incorporate an additional camera and some additional code to make sure that backs were identical. I would be surprised that they haven't already done so on their high end model. (The one that deals a large number of boards without ...
Orders of Protection - American Pool Players Association - ACBL
My wonderful partner in life has suggested that you contact the local news of any location where APA is holding a tournament and explain the situation. I don't think that the APA will want the publicity. Also, APA has at least 4 or 5 corporate partners as advertised on ...
Orders of Protection - American Pool Players Association - ACBL
Mahatma Ghandi was rumored to have said "an eye for an eye and we will all go blind." It probably isn't against the law for APA to exclude the future Mrs. John. It is just dumbass. Being a lower ranked player who is a victim of domestic violence with ...
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