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FP situation? If not who should bid 5?
4 shows 6-5 or more shape. S should double with his strong hand and it is clear for N to take it out to 5 with so many black cards.
Jack Spear's bidding problem: A A32 A432 QJ432
X of 1N, takeout of spades.
Double shot ?
Fair play, absolutely. So are the rules and fortunately so, since for me the position against double shots doesn't even make a lot of sense, suffering heavily from a case-to-case hindsight bias.
Double shot ?
No not at all. It is for much more extreme things.
Double shot ?
N can bid as he sees fit, and everything about the opponents' explanations and the auction is authorized informaton to him. But he will lose his compensation for a likely illegal 4 bid, if his action is a serious error, wild or gambling (which is surely not the case ...
Charles Frith's bidding problem: KT973 A Q53 QJ93
No, 6 would surely show a heart control, not ask for one.
TD decision: I'm still scratching my head
I agree with looking on concrete auctions, It could however be difficult, when it is still early in the bidding. A simple way to slam starts with 3 - 5 splinter. South has a very strong supporting hand opposite precision with hearts, and north has all good working values ...
TD decision: I'm still scratching my head
Nothing technical wrong with the ruling, but I would estimate 6 making much more than 20%, but surely not 100%. For me, east has a clear trump lead from T98 with his diamond strength/length. After that N has 2 possible lines. 1. Play A and to set ...
Which bids do you NOT agree?
Disagree with double of 4N. No reason to help them scramble (although they didnt quite take advantage as it went). Pass then double is my choice. 4 and 4N automatic, 5 very bad (panic) - should obv pass.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: AQJT AKQ7 JT853 ---
Because 2 doesn't show anything about hearts, it is fourth suit forcing. 2 then spades shows a strong raise but still not anything about hearts.
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