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Is this forcing? (Basic stuff)
Kieran extended the discussion to opening 1M with 15-17 balanced. And I responded regarding that aspect.
Is this forcing? (Basic stuff)
That last suggestion is not absurd. For example some people play that 1 -2 3NT Shows (in a 2/1 context) a 15-17 balanced. Which opener judged to open 1 rather than 1NT because of the 5 card major , and\or other reasons. I know at least ...
Is this forcing? (Basic stuff)
Trying to create 3 "non overlapping" ranges ,one of them being a 2H direct response , doesnt work IMO , because there may be reasons for responder not to jump to 2H whatever the range. He may have a 4 card suit , a suit , or support. Unless you are ...
Is this forcing? (Basic stuff)
None of those choices looks at all reasonable , to me. IMO far more reasonable , is to simply play that 2H rebid is 6-9 (or less) , and 3H is 10-11 , wether you play 2H as 3-7 or not.
Is this forcing? (Basic stuff)
The logic behind this seems dubious to me. Suppose you have 4603 and 6hcp. You probably rspond 1H and not 2H , because you dont want to give up on the possible 4-4 spade fit. And then when opener rebids 2D do you really want to pass , because you agreed that ...
Which is more likely for them to balance?
Those who (very reasonably) play X here as penalty (good hand with some diamonds) , might agree to play 2♣ as showing the majors. The reasoning behind this is that if one was not willing to overcall (a natural)2♣ on the 1st round , would he really want to do that ...
2022 WBF tournament location
Is Qingdao the venue for the 2020 IMSA Games?
Ethical, questionable or cheating?
It may well be so with the current rules , and the current playing environment. However , some regard it as a drawback of the current playing environment ,and not a feature of it. If/When the game moves to a more sterile playing environment (electronic or other) it might become more ...
Ethical, questionable or cheating?
To answer your question - this ("we may...") is legal. However , I quite often see players misjudge completely the reason for a hesitation , or some other mannerism. Or , sometimes , when one thinks he noticed a hesitation , the opponent was just thinking about his dinner plans. And one more thing one should ...
Is this 3 club bid forcing or not forcing playing 2over1 using standard agreements
Debbie summed it up very well. Obviously , if one has a non forcing hand with spades and clubs , he can do nothing except bidding clubs (or pass). With a strong hand with spades and clubs other options are available (double , 4C (with a hand like Richard's) , 3H). Even if ...
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