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July 7, 2013
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Webber Cup 2016
On the 1st board , I dont like partner's 1NT - I much prefer DBL with that hand. After a DBL you would not miss 4H.
Is your 1NT structured altered if (1) partner is a passed-hand; (2) your 1NT call is an overcall?
It's funny that these days the objection to assigning "Natural" meaning to a bid, is that partner might forget what it means..
Is your 1NT structured altered if (1) partner is a passed-hand; (2) your 1NT call is an overcall?
How about playing (1♥) 1NT (p) 2♦? As ... Diamonds ? (signoff)
Pop Quiz: Which one is Michaels?
Once in a national tournament , LHO opened 1D , pd overcalled 1H , and RHO bid 1C... I decided to accept to be able to support cheaply by bidding 1H. LHO , without apparent difficulty doubled , and RHO alerted and explained that this is a support double showing 3 clubs...
Scrambling 2NT, direct show values or denies them ?
I think the terminology in the header might be wrong. The term "Scrambling" 2NT is used for a 2NT bid which suggests several strains to play in without particular reference to strength. THe term that is imo , more suitable for the contents of the article is "Good/Bad 2NT" or ...
Unexpected Preference
After the bidding started 1D-1S-1NT , couldn't responder show an invitational 5-5 , by bidding 2C - 2D - 3H ?
Israel Withdraw From World Youth Team Championships
Last week an Israeli Triathlon athlete competed in Turkey under the flag of the Internation Triathlon Federation.
I know that most play that 2 rebid by responder shows real support (3 cards) , but I have found that it is sometimes very useful , even when playing 2/1 , to be able to rebid 2 on hands like this , showing a (good) doubleton support , and (probably) no ...
Adjusted Scores - not related to cheating
"Especially at the club level, we cannot penalize people for forgetting what their bids mean." I think it is a positive idea to provide a strong incentive to players at all levels (and especially at club level) to play only those conventions which they are capable of remembering. When a ...
Roman (O/E) Carding
The idea of this ordering is that the "oddest" and "evenest" cards are low cards , so you can discourage or encourage without wasting high spots , that might win tricks.
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