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Deciding Whether a Hand Is Good or Bad
"Good" in this context means that you would jump to 3 if RHO passed. "Bad" is any hand that would respond 2 if RHO passed , but still considers that it should compete with 3 now.
Are you kidding me?
If those are the current regulations - they should be changed. As soon as possible.
"Standard" meaning of advancer's jump after redouble e.g. (1Y) X (XX) ?
Or , with a 5+ card suit , pass and then jump in your suit.
Current Rumours for World Bridge Games 2020
Am I the only one who thinks the dates (and venue) for this should be announced at least a year in advance , and better 2 years in advance ? With all due respect , players may have other plans - bridge related , work related , or family related.
Is this X takeout or penalty?
Takeout of spades , usually with length/strength in diamonds. Strongish hand. 1444 is typical. Not 2425 with 9 hcp. Partner is welcome to pass 1NTX or double 2 if they escape there.
Migrating to 1NT semi forcing
We migrated to SF 1NT , when we found out that we sometimes pass the forcing 1NT response (with minimum balanced hands) and feel that the advantages when we do it , outweigh the "risk" that responder has a 3card limit raise. Even in that case 1NT often plays better than 3M ...
Is 1!c-(Pass)-1!d-(1M)-Dbl a support double for !ds?
We do play support doubles if responder bid a Major , but after 1 response double means : 1. if they overcalled 1 - double shows 4 2. if they overcalled 1 - double shows 4 and a balanced hand (1 would show unbalanced hand with real ...
Natural interference over 2!c strong opening. What is double?
2 - 2X - DBL : Commonly played as very weak (0-3). However , I think , better definition is "very weak and (semi) balanced" , to suggest that opener can freely pass the double if he opened with the 23+ balanced hand. With that agreement PASS by responder is either 4+ , or unbalanced.
Jacoby transfer followed by minor followups
After 1NT 2Red 2M 3m you can play : 3M = fit for m 4m = fit for M and non-min. (min can bid 4M) It is nice to be able to support the minor below 3NT. New suit bids generally show values there , and weakness in the unbid suit without a good ...
Jacoby transfer followed by minor followups
Why not play transfer extensions (transfers after transfers)? Because that requires finding an alternative solution for the hand that would rebid 2NT (5M + invite) , which is a bit tricky and may not fit with other parts of the system.
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