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Michael Beyrouti
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March 20, 2016
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Who screwed this one up?
To me 2 by South looks perfectly normal whereas Pass by North is... quite strange, to say the least.
Who screwed this one up?
Or WGTSOTC (who gets to sleep on the couch).
The Lead-Out-Of-Turn Coup
Semantics, semantics...
Cuebid or natural?
New suit by passed hand (advancer) always shows support for overcaller's suit.
What's your plan for bidding this hand?
The whole problem is created by: "...weak responder will usually pull 1NT to 2M with a 5-bagger." IMO weak responder should pull only with a six card suit.
I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore
The opponents were lucky this time. Next time, they will have the same misunderstanding and the same auction and they will miss a makeable slam. Should you still call the Director?
Open letter to Robb Gordon
By the way, Dinkin and Shuster are featured in today's Aces On Bridge article by Bobby Wolff for the excellent defense they put up in a hand in the Swiss Teams of last year's Atlanta Summer NABC.
Bitterman and Bendure Win Wernher
Felicitations Kamel et Fred! Bien joue'!
Truscott Cards, Cheating and ACBL - you can do better!
me too.
Truscott Cards, Cheating and ACBL - you can do better!
The Society of Bridge Cheats wishes to extend their grateful thanks to Michael Shuster and Mike Ma and anyone else who wishes to contribute to their cause. For the rest of you, stubbornly honest people, you can sleep easy for from now on nothing they do will pass Hammond's ...

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