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Does Meckwell ever sleep on the couch?
There is only one Meckwell.
Does Meckwell ever sleep on the couch?
Dave gets to sleep on the couch for not right-siding the Heart contract. Dave gets to sleep on the couch for not realizing that, if he wants to push on to slam, it should be 6N not 6H. What if Annie has the trump king instead of the A (on ...
Help Needed
Aces on Bridge September 20th. Appeared on his blog October 4th. I think that hand #3 was also written up recently by Frank Stewart. Not 100% sure.
Help Needed
For Hand #2 see Frank Stewart's article "Coroner's Jury" on November 1st. Hand #4 has recently appeared in Aces On Bridge by Bobby Wolff. I'll look it up (on his blog).
Infernal Machine Lite (2021 beta test)
My question was about "with less than 15 HCP". The OP states that 1, 1M and 1NT start at 15 HCP in 3rd/4th. I must be missing something.
Infernal Machine Lite (2021 beta test)
What do you open in 3rd/4th seat with less than 15 HCP and no 5-card suit?
Origin of the Phrase Double Dummy
If you still can't solve the problem you're a dummy!
What do you play at trick three? The rest of the story
Predictable... David you always end up on the couch! (20 degrees F = -7 C for the Europeans and fires raging in California...)
What's the best use of 2NT here?
“Never preempt over a preempt”...what’s the intuition? (If you agree)
Your opponent is saying I want to go down 2 (on average, unless partner can provide some help). It's not good policy to override him and say "no, I want to go down 2". That's how I learned it. I'm no expert. Let's wait and see ...

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