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March 20, 2016
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Play quiz part 1 (trick one play from dummy)
A field day for the heat
In this age where online cheating is routine... the actual lead might have been the spade 2... for partner to ruff. West had UI that partner had a spade void. So my reaction would be: If you want to cheat at least do it intelligently! But cheats tend to forget ...
Anti cheating committee
carreau et sous-coupe was advice given by Franck Multon, not Thomas Bessis.
'Curious hand' said Oscar....
What is unusual is that West, after listening to this auction, did not lead a trump!
Let the cards speak, not the time it takes to play them!
Tempi must be one of those typi that escape spellcheck.
Apportion the Blame
That's because we always pay attention to him.
Ethics re: opening 1NT with small singleton in quasi-ACBL competition
Question deleted.
Just in case...
Very nice article. A beautiful discovery play that would elude most. However, I would have liked to see West suffer in 2 doubled.
New Suit After Transfer Over 2NT Rebid
4 cannot be a control bid since there is no agreed trump suit. So it must be natural. If 4 were a transfer to , then that sets the trump suit and 5 becomes a control bid.
Light Overcall
Is there a way for N/S to penalize E/W in 2?

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