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March 20, 2016
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Bidding recommendations please
First response by North should be 2. For the rest, I would follow David Burn's recommendation.
Play this slam
I would ruff the A to take the spade finesse, small to the queen. Later finesse in hearts and still later finesse in clubs. (Third club on fifth heart.) In 6 hearts, I wouldn't need club finesse.
Incomplete explanation of an alerted bid
Every time your LHO opens the bidding and your partner passes, you should alert and explain that he likes to "come in later" even though he has what it takes to overcall now! That's his style and he's free but there is a tacit agreement that the opponents ...
I love the title. Even more incriminating than ATB. Here, Peg Kaplan, are you happy now? The bashing will never stop here on BridgeWinners, especially when they give you such a bad auction, everybody jumps on the bandwagon. But I think it all serves a good cause.
Win the Wuhan Grand Prix 2 with us
Short and sweet. Belated congratulations.
Who should have taken the bull by its horns?
Did you mean: 200% North, -100% South?
Off Topic: Happy New Year!!
Karen, you're never "off topic".
Maureen Beyrouti's bidding problem: AQJ6 Q75 AT7 754
Hi Maureen. My guess is that you were West. Your partner who opened 1 passed at the end. You got a bottom and you were upset, that's why you published this poll. If you wanted your partner to bid 3 I agree 100% with you! Alas, some ...
SiVY A Story of Youth Bridge Success Part 2
I agree with you, Nick. That's why I am continuing reading the article slowly to appreciate all the details and all the hardwork that was put in to achieve the success that they did. I was only concerned about the general reader who might lose patience after a while ...
I didn't have a good answer
Hey Oren, what you doin' here? I thought you were studying law. All the best for 2020.

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