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March 20, 2016
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DD - A Useful Exercise
4 lead?
Without regard to the actual deal
After voting for a club lead, I regretted it... even though I see Sylvia Shi's endorsement above. Craig Biddle threw me off track by the way he phrased the problem. This is not a lead double. This is a rare but true penalty double. Partner knows they won't ...
Can it be penalty?
Raise first? Major first?
Isn't it the case that the inverted minor usually denies a 4-card major? But that's an aside. While it's true that North can see a diamond slam the minute his partner opens 1 I would not suppress the major, even and especially when it is 4 ...
Partner passes out of turn
Perhaps we should replace the word "comparable" with "consistent with" (the withdrawn call).
Partner passes out of turn
Let's say the opening is 1 by offender's partner and let's say that his partner (initial offender) now bids 4. Is that a "comparable call" (to pass)? If you prefer, let's say the first response is J2NT and responder eventually takes it to 4 ...
A Suit Combination. Who is right?
No one has mentioned the intrafinesse... And I am surprised that Patrick Laborde, the man I call a walking encyclopedia, hasn't chipped in yet...
Dark Ages Bidding for Beginners?
While there is such a thing as Stone-Age bidding (strong twos for example), the Hardy list given in the OP conflates things and is misleading. With all due respect, I disagree with Hardy on points 1, 5 and 6. SAYC and ACOL are not "Stone Age". It's misleading and ...
Dark Ages Bidding for Beginners?
So is 2/1-GF: playable but not perfectly. I find nothing wrong in teaching SAYC. It's a first step towards learning 2/1. I taught bridge for 20 years. Most of my students are club (duplicate) players and most of them converted to 2/1 after a few years ...

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