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Michael Bodell
Michael Bodell
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July 29, 2010
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Oct. 20
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about me

Project Manager of Silicon Valley Youth Bridge (SiVY)

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Real success in limited national events (1st NAP C, 2nd 0-1500 LM Pairs, 3/4 GNT B, 4th 0-5000 Blue Ribbons) and limited success in real national events (11th national 2-day swiss, 22nd mixed swiss, 22nd 3-day swiss, 26th fast pairs, and other low overalls)
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
A better rating system
Yeah, from my work I can access bridgewinners (obviously) as well as my district page and the powerrating page. But I can't access the acbl page. Again, it is 3rd party blocking software (blocking games in this case).
What's in a Name?
If you care about the acronym the obvious one to use is BRIDGE itself. Something like: Bridge Really Is Distinguished Game Elite ? I'm sure people can come up with better ones, but that seems like the obvious acronym to try.
Meckwell Lite continuations
The notes I have over 1-1-1M-2 show that the non-GF actions are pass, 2 (relay - F1), and 2M. All other calls are GF. The 2 sequence covers a number of sequences and then allows the preference to 2M on 2 card support, as well as ...
Looking for consensus
I think there would be more diversity of views if your RHO opened 1 and you held this hand (even more so if you switched the majors). When partner opens 1 and you hold this hand, your bid is very clear.
What's in a Name?
BFF is a good acronym choice. There is already a bridge bff (Bridge Friends Forever) though at I had mentioned that at before. I'm not sure what would be a good name though. Maybe something like "Let's play ...
Greedy B*st*rd in the Poker World
In this case the player in question is involved with the organization that puts on this stream. The player in question pretty much only plays on this stream. When one of the people involved with the stream was traveling and not present this individual did not typically play and the ...
Greedy B*st*rd in the Poker World
It was delayed 30 minutes, so speculation is that he had a special non-public connection that wasn't delayed (and likely that he had someone involved with the broadcast working with him for that).
Greedy B*st*rd in the Poker World
The charts on Mike Postle graph how many big blinds per 100 hands were won compared to what percentage of the pots someone voluntarily entered. The picture is available at The potripper dot is from someone that was cheating in the past at an ...
A better rating system
@Richard, PR isn't just based on gut fell and theory, it actually tests the data. You can see the tests at The latest month data for pairs is and for teams is https://www ...
A better rating system
Richard, the partnership rating versus individual rating question doesn't seem that important to me since: 1. You can do both at the same time. (For instance PR does both individual and partnership ratings, plus lets you see the difference between the partnership rating and the sum or the parts ...

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