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Michael Bodell
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July 29, 2010
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Project Manager of Silicon Valley Youth Bridge (SiVY)

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Real success in limited national events (1st NAP C, 2nd 0-1500 LM Pairs, 3/4 GNT B, 4th 0-5000 Blue Ribbons) and limited success in real national events (11th national 2-day swiss, 22nd mixed swiss, 22nd 3-day swiss, 26th fast pairs, and other low overalls)
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What's the ethical thing to do when partner misreviews auction?
There are points in time for you to correct (generally after your side has won the auction before the opening lead, or after the hand if you are the defending side). If the opponent turns to you and asks about your partner's 2 call you are of course ...
The Club's Coffee-Housing
That similar technique is good, but at times having the card prepped to go and concentrating on playing it smoothly is itself a change in behavior that can give off a tell.
Escaping after partner opens a weak NT
I agree on the allowing 1NTXX. I like: by UPH/unlimited hand: P - to play XX - values, they've made a mistake we play 1NTXX or a contract or they play X. 2X - non-forcing, either X and X+1 two suiter or one suited with X+2 with pass/correct ...
Escaping after partner opens a weak NT
IMO any pass forces XX is a bad system as 1NTX is often the best spot.
Escaping after partner opens a weak NT
Escaping only makes sense if you have shape, or good table feel that opps will let you off the hook. Otherwise, pass.
Online Bridge Ruling, Psychic or Fail to Alert
While many would xx with the N hand, I don't think it is mandatory with a misfitting 10 count.
The Club's Coffee-Housing
Top cards suggest covering or that you'll run them, bottom cards ducking or that you'll play a higher card from hand. This is true even when it makes no logical sense. In other words a top card/high card engages instinctive (type I thinking) covering, a low card ...
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
8 is fine as a psych from 15-17. 12 isn't (at least if balanced, if 0616 or something it is fine as a psych again).
Is Bridge "Dying" or are the demographics simply changing?
I disagree strongly with the ignore the youth line that you have proposed many times Jeff. The paragraph: With an almost nonexistent advertising budget, and with almost no clue about how to market to "young" people, why are we not putting our resources where they'll do the most good ...
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
Well there are a series of related aspects of this (and I agree with Wayne that the regulations and laws are fundamentally flawed here): 1. What if it doesn't come up very often but would always be the same if it did. I.e., what if I (foolishly) decide ...

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