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Michael Bodell
Michael Bodell
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July 29, 2010
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Project Manager of Silicon Valley Youth Bridge (SiVY)

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Real success in limited national events (1st NAP C, 2nd 0-1500 LM Pairs, 3/4 GNT B, 4th 0-5000 Blue Ribbons) and limited success in real national events (11th national 2-day swiss, 22nd mixed swiss, 22nd 3-day swiss, 26th fast pairs, and other low overalls)
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To Show or Not To Show?
Right, I have a similarly contrasting view. If you are playing a normal duplicate with all or nearly all boards in play at once and slowly progressive results, I say don't show the results. If instead you have a barometer set up, I like when the results are shown ...
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
In practice, very few events play with the limited chart. It was designed for really new comers, like 0-5 and 0-20, with even the 299er (or 499er now) games getting GCC. On the one hand, a even simpler chart for true novices could make sense. But on the other hand ...
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
@Ed, "a la Hardy" came from James's post immediately above it "How about saying 2/1 a la Hardy or Lawrence is OK, as well as Precision as described in Precision 101 or Precision Today".
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
I for one appreciate the precision of the proposed wording of these new charts. Vague and not well agreed upon things like "a la Hardy" are much harder to understand, regulate, make rulings on, expect consistent rulings, etc. Although the other thing that would be helpful was updated case law ...
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
It is legal due to the opening bid section. "An Artificial 2C or 2D opening bid that is Strong and all responses thereto".
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
The intention here is that any hand that would be legal as "natural" is legal. In addition, any card that would be legal for an natural 1nt opening is legal. So it could even be 1 if the 1 is only allowed when one of AKQ and the rest ...
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
Ping, many people play a strong club system that would be legal here. I'd go so far as to say based on my experience most people who play strong club systems in the acbl would be legal to do so here (well if you ignore perhaps some upgraded 9 ...
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
Right, this has traditionally been a division point in some of the ACBL charts. Game forcing transfers (or any other artificial game forcing) is allowed, presumably because it is "your hand" and so your opponents are less likely to be damaged by needing to be in the auction (and certainly ...
Improving the Seeding Process
It would be nice if everyone had access to the information through nice public APIs from the ACBL. :)
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
Overall the chart looks good to me, assuming you want a restricted/novice chart. I guess one part that I'm not sure is clear is if this would allow a wide ranging preempting style. For instance, could a natural 4M opening be on both weak hands (say QJ-eighth and ...

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