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Michael Botwin
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Nov. 29, 2015
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about me

Becoming more active again in bridge after years of playing very little.  Diamond Life Master splitting his time between NYC area and Las Vegas.  Not a total mad scientist, but I do prefer strong club systems, although I will reluctantly play "2/1" (technically a treatment rather than a system IMHO).  If you're a serious yet festive strong clubber or otherwise think we might be compatible at the table, shoot me a PM.

Currently fooling around with MeckLite as written up in Dan Neill's Standard Modern Precision.  Also playing Ken Rexford's MICS system in one partnership.  Interested in Granville and Burn's new "MOSSO" system.

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What Kind Of Team Tournament Would You Like To See?
And EDT is UTC-4 (not plus), PDT is UTC-7 (not plus) :-)
Response Structure after nebulous 2!C over 1M Opening
No July tournament from Reynolds Team Matches
"...a requirement that all participants are required to implement a screen mate video session..." Does this mean Zoom? Skype? Some propietary video-conferencing software? "...later rounds will implement an "over the shoulder" camera..." This may be a bit problematic for some. My understanding is that webcams have been tough to come ...
When partner opens 1NT and you are 5-5 in the majors...have a sensible system, guys
Many partnerships play an immediate 3 response to 1NT as 5/5 majors, invitational, or 5/5 majors invitational or better. That gadget works well here.
Takeout X strength/shape?
What hand type would be expected in an auction that proceeds 1–(2)—X? I think for most, this would “show” four hearts and a desire to compete (I say “show” because there might be some strange hand with a really good three-card holding in hearts and longer ...
Reynolds Team Matches- Changes in the Conditions of Contest
In my first round match, I set up the first segment with no kibitzers allowed. As my table finished much earlier than our counterparts, my pard and I were frustrated by having to sit and wait for the results to be displayed. For the other three segments, I set it ...
Reynolds Team Matches- Changes in the Conditions of Contest
David, I think you're looking for this:
Alert required?
There's a pair in my neck of the woods who play some sort of weak NT opening with the typical 12-14 range, but can't have both four card majors. They announce and alert.
Countering Unusual Methods
"We designed this system to negate a bridge professional's experience advantage....". Tom, could you expand on this a bit? I've seen your system writeup. In what way might your system specifically negate a pro's advantage as compared with other "funky" bidding systems (Precision, Polish, T-Walsh, F-N type ...
Introduction to MOSSO: MOsca with Standard Spade Openings
I'm not one to necro old threads, but thought it better than starting a new one. Anyone interested in giving this system a try? Obviously given current conditions, would have to be a BBO experiment; fwiw, I'm in ACBL-land, so if we ever wanted to go beyond BBO ...
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