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Michael Christensen
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March 22, 2012
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Jan. 11
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Can Now Win More MPs in Bracket 2 (or 3) than Bracket 1 (ACBL).
You are being overly dramatic, the only way that a bracket 2 will pay out more than a smaller bracket 1 is if there is near parity in their master point totals. If bracket two is filled with teams that have nearly as many MP as Meckwell, than yea, I ...
Michael Christensen's bidding problem: QT94 AJT42 J95 7
You have help suit game tries, but not short suit.
Michael Christensen's bidding problem: QT94 AJT42 J95 7
Yes, partner will have 4 hearts ♥
Michael Christensen's bidding problem: AKQxx KTxxx K Qx
Should perhaps change our treatment, not many fans of it here :) With this hand, my worry was that if hearts is the right strain you are forcing yourself to the 3 level and the auction has proceeded in a manner that greatly devalues your hand. You have minors on your ...
ACBL Providence BoD motions
47 tables.... Wow our district flight C team representative last year won out due to being the only team to show up.
Michael Christensen's bidding problem: KQxx xx xxx 987x
I don't believe it makes sense to treat 3 as merely obstructive here, it should be invitational to game. Opponents already know what they will compete with if they choose to compete, no reason to shut them out with a competitive 3. 3 feels more like ...
Michael Christensen's bidding problem: KQxx xx xxx 987x
I've already shown club tolerance by passing 2, 2 was pass or correct back to clubs, which implies good clubs tolerance. Being raised in would suggest that I not only hit partners 2nd suit but that he has a very nice hand in context of the ...
What's happening to the ACBL?
I thought the absurd hand hog penalty failed. As for allowing Monaco to play, I think long term the drama of not letting them play would be worse. Yes, a less regarded team would not have gotten this consideration. Favoritism I suppose, but it is favoritism favoring good bridge, competition ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: x AKxx Kxx AKQTx
I voted 3S, it shows my strength and I don't want to lie about my club length when I have decent diamond support.

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