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Michael Christensen
Michael Christensen
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March 22, 2012
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Michael Christensen's bidding problem: J63 J97 JT4 K654
Update auction, missed a pass
Michael Christensen's bidding problem: Txx x Jxxxx KTxx
I tried 1, I think I was wrong, I just wanted to confirm it. For actual results, partner had a balanced 22 count with 5 solid hearts and 2 dead spades and trotted out 2N, which I passed. Making 2 for a zero when you can score 140 in ...
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: KQ43 A97642 A6 4
Pass - I am not committing to the 3 level unfavorable against opponents that are at minimum near game level in values with a 6 card suit headed by A9. There are so many hand that South can have that would instant double a 3h bid and profit massively. I will ...
Any Way To Tell?
Why 4 instead of 3?
ACBL-wide Charity Game #2 April 25, 2018
Out of curiosity, are the district and ACBL overall MP awards in addition to what were received at the clubs, or in place of?
Michael Christensen's bidding problem: KQJ96 Q543 942 8
So it is a broken auction, partner can not know I have 4 hearts, thus the bid can not be forcing from their perspective, but I do have 4 hearts, so clearly partner is way to strong to bid a non forcing 3S. So east psyched is the most logical ...
Michael Christensen's bidding problem: A4 KJ6 84 AJT965
That is a very reasonable belief about partners hand and the entire point of the question, was 5H a logical alternative. And if your double had actually meant a single suited hand, I suppose your comment about never partnering with me would have some merit, though still not a kind ...
Michael Christensen's bidding problem: A4 KJ6 84 AJT965
At it's heart, this is a UI problem. Your agreement on Double is in fact penalty and upon hearing that explanation, how does it color your further actions. At the table South Passed. I felt at the table that south without UI would have doubled and the poll so ...
Michael Christensen's bidding problem: KQJ96 Q543 942 8
So this was a new one to me. To me, the auction looked impossible, the auction clearly suggests that partner is short in hearts, so partner must have a very strong hand to justify their off shape double, so how could partner be to weak to accept my constructive spade ...
I don't see any line that picks up both minors being held by RHO, best I see is a double squeeze, going to one of the minor kings and back to the spade and playing the last heart.

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