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Sept. 1, 2015
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about me

Website developer at the EBU. I used to be a fairly serious player and had a couple of successes, but I don't play very much any more.


@mzxclark on Twitter. Also follow @poorbridge if you want old-but-still-funny horoscopes.

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Exploratory Data Analysis of Chicago Club Attendance
The EBU grades individuals, whereas Richard's looking at partnerships. I can believe that people mix between clubs a whole lot more than partnerships do. Worth pointing out that diffusion isn't a binary "this will work / this won't work" situation. If the diffusion in the ACBL is worse ...
Exploratory Data Analysis of Chicago Club Attendance
Are there really only 19 games per week in Chicago?
Bridge Rating Study - Follow Up
That's at the tournament level. We don't grade individual boards. We keep this data for all sessions played, so that we can display a nice green plus or a nasty red minus next to a player's results to show whether they did better or worse than expected ...
Bridge Rating Study - Follow Up
"I have not seen any study about NGS about it." Mean of (actual score - predicted score) = -0.003% Standard deviation = 6.45% Mean of abs(actual score - predicted score) = 5.13% This is since the start of 2019, so entirely a test set. Just under 2 million data points. Mature ...
Bridge Rating Study - Follow Up
I do think you're more interested in the "cool stuff", Richard, than actually getting a system off the ground. And there's nothing wrong with that - some of the tech you've been talking about is fascinating - but people should take your advice with a pinch of salt. The ...
Bridge Rating Study - Follow Up
They get used for seeding, stratification and handicapping to some degree but really the main use is that the members like them and find them interesting.
Bridge Rating Study - Follow Up
What you're talking about is something we call "diffusion". If you have an isolated pocket of players, say a club whose members never play elsewhere and who don't welcome guests, then the grading scheme will assume they have the same average strength as the rest of the population ...
An American and an Acol 3NT opening bid - on the same hand
I looked into this once, and you're more likely to go 5 off in 3NT than to make it opposite a passed hand.
Crowdfunding for New Bridge Organization
Some information here: But basically, you play a few boards in a cafe with a cup of tea and a bun. Then you have a nice walk to the next venue and repeat.
England trials - success for BW members
One thing worth flagging up is how the top four pairs all contained players who are... I hesitate to use the word "young", but certainly young in a bridge context - 40ish or below. And in stage two of the trials it was the top five pairs. Could be the start ...
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