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Sept. 1, 2015
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about me

Website developer at the EBU. I used to be a fairly serious player and had a couple of successes, but I don't play very much any more.


@mzxclark on Twitter. Also follow @poorbridge if you want old-but-still-funny horoscopes.

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Automating Swiss assignments
That Wikipedia page brings back memories. The EBU's knockout software uses that algorithm to match up its location-constrained teams. I wonder if it'll ever be used again... :-( I did have some thoughts about extending it for Swiss matching, but honestly I think the naive algorithm is perfectly fine ...
The World's most complete bridge player.
I believe the game of "can I cheat in this position without raising any suspicion" is a more complex and skilful game than the game of bridge itself.
A major fallacy in using statistical methods for identifying cheating
"lets leave the readers to decide" How can they if you haven't presented a single piece of evidence? - My friend was accused of cheating. - Here are some statistical flaws in completely unrelated cases. - Conclude for yourself whether or not my friend was cheating.
A major fallacy in using statistical methods for identifying cheating
I'm not going to comment on your friend's case. I just don't think you're doing them any favours by rehashing this in public.
A major fallacy in using statistical methods for identifying cheating
Lol, why would you post this? I'm glad I don't have friends like you.
Hand viewer for club and Unit Websites?
For something a bit more lightweight than the BBO hand viewer, and which can be run in-browser without an external HTTP call, see this:
On-line teams bridge - can the players be told the score?
Seems your arguments only really apply to knockout matches. Barometer in a league match should be fine, except *maybe* in the final match of the season.
I think they should consider playing these events online, with the teams playing at some home venue together and a trusted moderator babysitting them so they can't get up to anything fishy. If, say, you were to run the European Championship this way then the England teams could meet ...
System notes
"They are not likely to fully understand what they can't remember." I think that's a little presumptuous. I've been playing in a league using a convention card that a friend gave us. I fully understand everything on it, but can I necessarily remember it all? Usually, yes ...
EBU regulations for online bridge
That is the advanced one. The basic ones are the ones you can use to fill out half-tables in clubs, and don't play in these EBU games.
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