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Michael Crawford
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May 19, 2013
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May 7
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Dorn and Mike
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Abelow & Crawford
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Dorn Bishop's bidding problem: J KJ982 853 AJT3
This hand is exactly why it's good to have a BART method over 2c rebid to show hearts in 2 ways. You give up a natural 2d bid, but in exchange you get a good upside. My preferred method is referred as Anti-Bart, where you bid: a) 2D as ...
Michael Crawford's bidding problem: T743 Q3 QJ64 QJ7
Good thinking Gregory, 3D definitely shows both clubs and diamonds. In these colors partner should produce a 5 or 6 loser hand. 4C can at most be a small loss to -400/420, and is likely -1 or making. However if partner has diamonds and hearts, 4 or 5 diamonds ...
Dorn Bishop's bidding problem: --- AT43 KJT9 A9862
It seems to me, you cannot find out anything to make an informed decision. So I will try to show something and take a shot at 5S, and hope partner can read as void. We might end up in 7C or 7H depending upon whether partner does. I would pass ...
Steve Bruno's bidding problem: AK8632 A J42 QT3
It seems that 4N has to be slam try in clubs without a diamond control. But at the table, I would be not willing to risk it. So I just went for the pedestrian 5C. There is also some inference that partner is short in spades, since he might have ...
Dorn Bishop's bidding problem: A KJT74 A2 T9876
There is no right or wrong when it comes to showing shortness with stiff Ace. There are many opinions on both sides of this. Nonetheless, what is wrong is to be inconsistent, and do it sometimes and not others. So, when I have shortness I show it, then the at ...
Dorn Bishop's bidding problem: T82 T7 AQT9 K874
I like the 3C as strong raise, the issue is does it promises another bid. Usually when you cuebid, parter normally expects the auction to not stop on a dime. I can't imagine partner having only 5-4, this promises at least 5-5. With 5-4 you double or pass depending ...
Dorn Bishop's bidding problem: T82 T7 AQT9 K874
I would bid 3d at the table without discussion, but I would wonder what 2S means. It seems like 2S as the strongest diamond raise would be the best interpretation. I guess it conceivable that it is a weak 6 card suit unable to bid earlier. But that is questionable ...
What hand type is 2!d?
Even playing equal level conversion there is no reason to pull 1N with a minimum. So 2D has to be forcing 1 round.
Rule of 2 and 3
That's the fundamental question. Is there a criteria for determining if a preempt is the percentage action. Obviously the old rules don't apply in today's bridge.
Defending a 3NT Opening
I doubt the utility of trying to find a minor fit with 2 suiters. Finding the optimum major fit seems more useful. My suggestion is to use 4c as majors with better or equal hearts (could be 5-5,5-6, or 4-6, and 4D as same with longer spades. It also ...

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