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Michael Deverin
Michael Deverin
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March 16, 2014
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Dec. 12, 2019
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Bridge Player
about me

Bridge self evaluation: average+ (just like 90% of us).

Bridge philosophy: have fun, but work to get better. Some players dislike "gizmos", but to me, new agreements (if they prove worthy) may be standard conventions of the future.

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Laurel D.B.C. (MD), Severna Park D.B.C. (MD)
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Hunt Valley Regional
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Bronze Life Master
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Seeking information on Refurbishing Aluminum Boards
The boards are holding up just fine. They were sturdy and remain so, even after boiling with vinegar and heavy cleaning. I think I also used fine steel wool to shine'em up before the final soap and water washing before painting. While it's labor intensive, I had the ...
Seeking information on Refurbishing Aluminum Boards
I too would rather not re-paint, but I do not believe a Sharpie will adhere in a permanent fashion.
Seeking information on Refurbishing Aluminum Boards
A few years ago, I refurbished a set of aluminum boards – quite dirty, hard to read, shoddy backing. I stripped the felt off the back and thoroughly cleaned each board (removing the original paint). Once clean, I repainted. My methods may not have been the best, but the results were ...
Limit Raises and Spiral Scan
Either "singleton" or "void" should be in the list. If opener is not looking at an ace in the short suit, it's a potential lost trick. I also have issues with the sequencing. Suitability Sequencing: Place important questions at the head of the list in priority order, because, if ...
Limit Raises and Spiral Scan
Thanks for your short description of mini-splinters and trump cue bids. It appears fairly easy to implement and fun to play. For me, though, it would involve changing the meaning of too many bids.
Limit Raises and Spiral Scan
Most of your comments simply do not apply to this article. Here, opener is always "asker" and responder is always "teller". Responder will have either one or two key cards; no more, no less. "Priority order" for side-suits has no meaning, since neither partner has bid a side-suit. In example ...
Limit Raises and Spiral Scan
Now I see! You're afraid that 3 will be passed! Of your three choices, a 4 splinter is the only one that says "heart shortness", which (after support) is the primary feature of the hand. To you, does the 1NT+4 option show 4+ support and ...
Limit Raises and Spiral Scan
My inspiration for the article is an old monograph on "The Useful-Space Principle and Transfers of Overcalls" by Jeff Reubens from the Bridge World. 1) Indeed, the target is tiny. 2) I don't think it is clear-cut that serious players would shy away from a limit raise on Example ...
Limit Raises and Spiral Scan
I do like the word "easy". Perhaps you might send me a thumbnail description of your methods.
Limit Raises and Spiral Scan
Again, I'm not surprised it has a prior name. Thank you for letting me know. (Still, I think that 'substitution method' is a pretty good description.)

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