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Michael Feeney
Michael Feeney
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April 11, 2017
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July 29
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Terrible Tempo
Playing against a married couple in a sectional tournament shortly before the abolition of the stop card, I remarked that the stop card my RHO had produced on the auction 1-1-2 was unnecessary. RHO's answer: "I had to let him know I was reversing!"
ATF, no not THAT ATF. Assess the futility.
Assuming it's matchpoints, west may feel that 5-of-a-minor (with the field in 3NT) is contracting for a bottom board regardless of how many tricks it brings in, and therefore, having missed the opportunity to play in NT, gives 6 a shot. I find 3 and the lack ...
Make the Overtrick
See if the 9 drops doubleton from RHO when we win the first in dummy, unblock clubs and win a second in hand. If so, hook the 10.
Major Disagreement with NT Interference
White on white balancing seat with both majors, I like to get in the action 4-4 even vs strong NT
Why does Harvard hate bridge?
In 2011 or so, my roommates and I started the Harvard College Cribbage Club. Getting approved was a breeze. As I recall, the Office of Student Life at the time provided recognized clubs with a nominal amount of yearly funding, which I think we hoped to use for beer money ...
Legal or illegal?
If East balances, is South at that point authorized to "know" that North may have psyched the 1c call (because of the pass at his/her second turn)? For example, if EW proceed to reach 3NT with seemingly balanced hands, is it a psychic control for South not to double ...
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: KJ7xx QT8x --- K943
I bid 3d at my first turn.
Are very light openings against the spirit of the game? Are they a form of Psych in 21st century clothing?
I like Steve's points about teaching above. Regulations that ostensibly protect beginners/intermediates probably do them a disservice in the long run. Learning to cope with (and sometimes punish) opponents who use aggressive or unsound methods is part of the game. As a relatively inexperienced player myself, I find ...
David Sackett's bidding problem: QT9 K94 K53 KJT2
I'm opening a club and passing partner's response.
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