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Michael Fosse
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Aug. 16, 2015
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April 20, 2017
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about me

I gave some lessons without being sued so I guess I am not as bad as my partners think.

United States of America

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Great sportsmanship at the senior trials
Jeff, Florence King (RIP) wrote "Golf was invented by Scots too old and feeble to throw telephone poles around." It has nothing to do with the discussion but I still like it.
Great sportsmanship at the senior trials
My personal opinion is that it is a should at Teams but a must at pairs where it can affect the field as to who calls director and who doesn't.
I want to do the right thing, but what is it?
I think unless you have 2 clubs you hve to bid some number of clubs.. I could accept 3nt on AQx at pairs but otherwise you must bid as if partner has KJxxxxxx or such. BTW we allow breaking Koskish to show 4441 good hand with 4+ controls by bidding ...
What do you think of this?
That's fine sven in BBO where we can undo back to where i wanted to dbl a bid that sounded natural at the time. I enjoy playing a very artificial system at times, so this isn't sour grapes, but I feel that part of playing an artificial system ...
Fantoni Nunes
Have your trial if you want, but the most important person in this, their boss, fired them! He didn't suspend them pending a trial. I wonder if anyone else will hire them, regardless of their "Presumed Innocence". I once talked to a client that hired Sion after he was ...
Fantoni Nunes
in One of the threads here Steve W. made a good point that "People do not start cheating when they get to the top, the cheat as a way to get to the top." I may be paraphaseing
Fantoni Nunes
please tell me that was an intended pun and not a mistype Louis!
Fantoni Nunes
Folding Maps is an art..
Fantoni Nunes
Arno, FN are not legally innocent. they are legally presumed innocent. Even Ted Bundy was presumed innocent. It is how the system works. After all, O.J. Simpson was found Not Guilty, but nobody ever thought he was innocent, or that he was going to hunt down the REALLY killer.

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