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April 16, 2014
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Who Will Direct the Directors?
Vassili..sorry... Your explanation was not as you stated. The word "usually" was not used, not at the table, nor when TD came to the table to take the facts. No one here called you unethical player ( or did I miss something ?). You just forgot to tell me your agreements ...
Elke Weber's bidding problem: T9652 9865 KJ7 Q
I dont believe in undiscussed artifical 1NT-openings...if partner want to show clubs,he should open clubs and not 1NT. For me ( sorry) this 1NT opening is &%$&§/&%$§.....but I am not sure what is more worse...the opening or the 3 Club bid.... Or you need the agreement, that 1NT ...
To Sabine and Roy
next day I met the Chief-Scorer from WBF at the airport. He told me the following: errors are flagged to the Scorer! for the last day the "normal" Scorer was not available, cause he needs to go home 1 day earlier. Seems no other scorer was available. So the Chief-Scorer ...
To Sabine and Roy
after phoning with the Chief-Scorer I need to change some facts, which I understood wrong! He was only there on round 8, 9 and 10 ( not 6) There was allways a Scorer in the room! unfortunatly in round 7 there was a problem to be solved at the BBO-tables and ...
To Sabine and Roy
not correct. I saw it first time when this was published here. At this moment I was at the airport ( about 2 p.m. sunday) and the Chief-Scorer was sitting on next chair to me as we both saw the message!
Poland should not have played in the Bermuda Bowl.
Championscup is coming middle of november... I often saw the argument that Poland had not enough time to check if BZ are guilty or not and therefore played in the BB. and now? what about CC ?
Congratulations Poland
and unfortunatly for them - like germans 1990 in Geneva- they will hear all their life: "was this win really correct?"
Extremely Happy Not to Play in the Bermuda Bowl!
"It's very sad to read comments about us saying we must have known they were cheating." You are experiencing the same situation now as we did not too long ago - the German team was facing very similar comments in relation to the case of the German Doctors. Good to ...
Elinescu-Wladow update
Ron, in the mind of Jeff it seems all teammates from Wladow/Elinescu are guilty. Myself and Joerg Fritsche stated as formerly teammates the opposite, but Mr. Sapire is not tired to repeat his opinion, that he "is amazed (to put it mildly!)". what you think: would Mr.Nickell know ...
The opening leads (part 2)
Hey Dean, sorry my english is not at best. please tell me again in other words what statement you want to hear from me? I really dont understand in the moment:) but wanted to answer when I understand:)
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