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Your call--ethical bidding problem
This question speaks to me because the system isn't that different from what I play with my regular partner, and it is a good month if we play more than 1 session in a month, so these types of mistakes come up, since the auctions are so rare. When ...
Your call--ethical bidding problem
Is this a valid option: Bid 6, and then if 6 makes ensure that the director is called and that there was UI and that the hand should probably be scored as if it was in 4?
Your call--ethical bidding problem
Why would partner ask about heart controls if he's going to stop in game even though I have a first round control? This strongly suggests to me that partner and I had a miscommunication. Without the explanation, I would probably back this judgement by just bidding 6. However ...
Your Precision Opener?
Since I don't play much, ease of memory is important. We play that we bid the shortness. So over 2 - 2N: * 3 - Minimum **o 3 - reask **oo+ 3 - 4315 **oo+ 3 - 3415 **oo+ 3N - 4405 or 4414 **o others, natural and non-forcing (except 4 ...
Should I have pointed out
If by "should" you mean what to the rules say - I'll leave that to others. However, if should is a more hypothetical - what "should" the rules say... I agree with Max. First, when I see someone has dropped something, I have this habit of either pointing it out to ...
Research on Sexism and Bridge: Have your Say
This subthread reminds me of one of my first games at a local club. Most of the players assumed my partner and I were married (my standard response - we are, but not to each other), but this one lady somehow knew we weren't married to each other and so ...
Two questions: one on ethics, one on search of website
Let's assume, for sake of argument, that I asked the question in the proper non-UI form, but it was still unclear to me if dummy had promised 2 or 3 trump. On the very rare occurrence that the opponents' explanations weren't complete and thorough, I assume it is ...
Two questions: one on ethics, one on search of website
It feels analogous to what south did in your post. He was asking to understand how west viewed the hand, not to understand what east has, and you object to that. When I ask, I am trying to understand how declarer views the hand, not to know what dummy has ...
Two questions: one on ethics, one on search of website
I have a habit that I think is relevant to this discussion. After partner has chosen his opening lead, but before facing it, I will sometimes ask declarer about the meaning of some of dummy's bids even though I will see dummy before I have to make any play ...
Leading with the left?
I am definitely NOT ambidextrous. I write, throw, bat, etc. right handed. However, I don't find the difference in holding a hand of cards fanned vs. pulling a card out to require enough difference in dexterity to cause me to strongly favor one way vs. the other.

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