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Michael Hargreaves
Michael Hargreaves
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Sept. 5, 2013
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28 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Canadian player living in Victoria, B.C. Back playing after 4+ years not playing. 3 time Canadian Open Team champion.


As declarer, have gone down 12 undoubled tricks in a slam, and 10 undoubled at the 4-level: clearly i could have either bid or played the hands differently.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
The first time we won the Canadian team a 4 player team....profoundly tired....and then the feeling that spread thru my body after we finished comparing scores on the last segment.
Bridge Accomplishments
3 canadian team championship titles
Regular Bridge Partners
michael roche
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Favorite Tournaments
used to be the CNTC event.
Favorite Conventions
2/1 with relay, but nobody plays it:)
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Is this a Lebensohl situation for you?
To me, the distinction between scrambling and lebensohl is based on whether I need to bid. A typical pair of situations would be: (1) x (2) ? (1) p (2) x In the first, I can pass 2 with nothing to say, so there is no ...
What does double mean here?
Style matters: I think it standard (or used to be) that a 2 rebid by North, with 6=4, would require 'extras', so maybe he holds xx AKJxxx xx QJ109 and is leading a trump. However, the auction worries me since West didn't bid 2N as a scramble ...
Garbage Stayman or Invitational
It means whatever your partnership has decided. Btw, do you mean (54) majors (hence either 5=4 or 4=5) or do you mean precisely 4-5 (usually noted as 4=5)? I suspect that most garbage stayman players use it on 4-4, 5-5, and (54) hands. It is not drop ...
ATB - Slam at IMPs
I don't think that it is fair to say that nobody addressed the club ruff possibility. Henry Sun specifically mentioned it, tho perhaps you were writing your post when his appeared. I did see that I was the only one who commented on 'how' east should move, and I ...
ATB - Slam at IMPs
Sh*t happens...also known as preempts work. West could double and hope that partner bids only 3, so that West gets to bid 4 and hope that partner, with 5=1 shape in the majors doesn't play West for the usual 3=6=3=1 that ...
After a Strong 2C opener: BWS
I do play this. However it denies as much as a side K. Sure it is rare, and sure it consumes bidding space, but it is highly informative and opener can almost always place the contract with assurance....occasionally after keycard. As such it is one of the exceptions to ...
A suit combination - the Board 21 deal
At table 2, I'd just fire back a spade. At table 1, I can't get close to counting 9 tricks without assuming/hoping that some cards sit nicely. The most straightforward line appears to me to be to play for 5 heart tricks, hence I play to the ...
Delayed support or cuebid?
I made the heart suit too strong. How about AKxxx? Or AQxxx. Keycard won't solve the first if we need heart winners (and no losers) for slam, and on borderline hands we may not be able to risk keycard unless hearts are raised. Meanwhile, back at the 5C preempt ...
Delayed support or cuebid?
I'd rather know about our fits. Jxx is not good for slamming, but that's why keycard was invented. Let me turn it around on you. If I bid my hearts, partner raises, and I hold Jxx in spades with slam interest, I think it foolish....almost beyond foolish ...
Do you care?
But we all want to be able to complement partner!
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