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Michael Hargreaves
Michael Hargreaves
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Sept. 5, 2013
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51 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Canadian player living in Victoria, B.C. Back playing after 4+ years not playing. 3 time Canadian Open Team champion.


As declarer, have gone down 12 undoubled tricks in a slam, and 10 undoubled at the 4-level: clearly i could have either bid or played the hands differently.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
The first time we won the Canadian team a 4 player team....profoundly tired....and then the feeling that spread thru my body after we finished comparing scores on the last segment.
Bridge Accomplishments
3 canadian team championship titles
Regular Bridge Partners
michael roche
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Favorite Tournaments
used to be the CNTC event.
Favorite Conventions
2/1 with relay, but nobody plays it:)
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Strategy at Swiss Teams (20VP scale) vs. IMP Pairs?
VP imps: say you need to be net 140 imps over the course of the day, roughly equally distributed. If you are on a good team (and if you are not, you probably are not winning), then you can count on your teammates to contribute about half of ...
responding to 1NT overcall
Years ago, in our neck of the woods, many of the better players adopted the notion that after partner opened 1m and RHO overcalled 1N, our 2m 'raise' was a weak takeout for the majors. We called this Kokish. Then Eric showed up at a tournament and either he or ...
What is you plan?
Nothing is perfect but I cannot imagine not immediately showing both majors. I do not have an invitational bid that accomplishes that, so I am going to force to game. Doubling is insane: it should show ownership of the hand (which obviously forcing to game does as well) but more ...
Continuation after minor suit reverse
I play ingberman, so 2 is a warning: it is either natural and gf or it is artificial and denies the ability to force to game. I also play meckwell in response to 1 opening bids (but not 1) so if it is natural it shows a ...
Bidding grand at the club
I strongly suspect Sims was discussing total point scoring, and in an era where bidding was, to be kind, primitive. I have at least one bridge text by him, and I can assure you that you wouldn't fare well these days playing his methods.
ATB-4/5 level decision
While I think that South erred on defence I don't think it was by suggesting a club return per se. Leaving aside the possibility of a club lead, which actually works out badly but that is not a solid argument against it, I do think that he ought to ...
Bidding slam at the club
If it were truly 50% (and suit contracts notionally on a hook are always less than that if only because there could be a ruff on opening lead), that would be my measure. See my comments about a grand: I think it wrong to alter one's bidding (especially to ...
Bidding grand at the club
I tend not to think in those terms during the auction. When contemplating a grand, on some basis other than 38 combined hcp, I tend to count tricks. If I can come to 12 'sure' tricks and at least one good chance for a 13th, then I bid it. I ...
Default/catch-all bids in constructive sequences
I agree with Adam. As a general rule, when no call fits my hand, I make the cheapest of plausible alternatives, in order to maximize bidding space, and to allow partner to clarify. Here, 2 is no more confusing than it would be after 1 2, where ...
ATB-4/5 level decision
I truly do not like the splinter. It misdescribes the hand since it is essentially a 6 count opposite the expected Axxxx. In my partnerships we have 3N for this hand: too good to bid 4 and not good enough, in terms of defence, to splinter, with a splinter being ...
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