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Michael Hargreaves
Michael Hargreaves
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Sept. 5, 2013
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about me

Canadian player living in Victoria, B.C. Back playing after 4+ years not playing. 3 time Canadian Open Team champion.


As declarer, have gone down 12 undoubled tricks in a slam, and 10 undoubled at the 4-level: clearly i could have either bid or played the hands differently.


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Favorite Bridge Memory
The first time we won the Canadian team a 4 player team....profoundly tired....and then the feeling that spread thru my body after we finished comparing scores on the last segment.
Bridge Accomplishments
3 canadian team championship titles
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michael roche
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used to be the CNTC event.
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2/1 with relay, but nobody plays it:)
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win the heart in hand, unblock the spade, cash the top diamonds, run the clubs pitching a heart. That is 1 spade, 1 heart, 2 diamonds and 4 clubs, so we have a 5 card end game and neither opp can keep 6 major suit cards, so I cash the ...
I'm a simple soul. I'd expect to reach 7N by south. If you want an auction, tell us who dealt. On the lead I would win in hand, unblock the spades, cash the minors and play for some combination of hearts always running, spades always running, Q10 tight ...
To rebid 1NT, or not to rebid 1NT, that is the question:
At the risk of seeming to denigrate wide swathes of the expert population, my take is that inertia has a lot to do with many approaches to bridge even in the 'expert' community (excluding the upper echelon of the expert community, where my limited observations suggest that inertia rarely applies ...
To rebid 1NT, or not to rebid 1NT, that is the question:
I have long played that one bypasses a major to rebid 1N with all balanced hands, including after 1m 1. This is in the context of the wide variety of 1N openings I have played over the past 25 years (10-12, 11-13, 11-14, 12-14,15-17 and my current 14-16 ...
Discard Problem
giving this with a hand diagram, rather than listing two hands and expecting us to dart back and forth to follow the play would likely get more answers to the question.
Declarer with an accent 3
You are not being fair to yourself, your partner, your teammates or the field if you won't allow an opponent to make a terrible play. Believe me when I tell you that my partners would much prefer that my opps extend me that courtesy. Note that this is NOT ...
Declarer with an accent 3
I don't see anyone thinking that it is ok to try to take a trick through word-games. It is for the TD to determine whether the call was for a top heart or a top club. The opp is entitled to say: I heard declarer call for a top ...
Declarer with an accent 3
While I am not the least sympathetic to the opps, as portrayed, I do think that the OP should learn from this and, I gather, other incidents. When one has an accent such that one knows that someone may hear something other than what was intended, stop saying things like ...
Plan the Play
It cannot be wrong to duck the spade, on the reasonable assumption that North holds the spade Queen. There is literally nothing he can do that puts me in any worse position that I would be in were I to win trick one, plus I gain a tempo in the ...
Reponder's 2NT after opener bid 1 major and rebid it when responder bids a two over one
I think it to be an error to assume that there need be any 'rule' about who 'takes control'. Indeed, part of the beauty of the game lies in developing the ability, which has to be within a partnership and cannot be done solely by one player, to have constructive ...
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