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March 25, 2012
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Katherine Todd's bidding problem: A9542 T3 --- AJT872
Misfit, stop bidding.
Any problem with the second tanking?
What would a wink and a nod 5 mean?
Any problem with the second tanking?
I am quite clear I understand the question. A while back I was playing in a club with a very good player. I opened 1 and partner raised. I now bid a new suit, traditional help-suit GT or advance cue. Partner took a long time to bid 3 ...
Any problem with the second tanking?
You've raised one of my pet peeves, and here also a concern about "thinking is a good idea." The concern is about players who bid one bid at a time. Here, 3 is going to be a reasonably common rebid after 3. People ought not tank after ...
Failed attempt for a doubled overtrick
"Always" is a big word, but it seems rare one should risk one's contract for an OT. I see the math, but can't bring myself to do it.
David Carlisle's bidding problem: A432 A A9876 654
Responder might have been hoping for some encouraging bid from opener, perhaps in s or NT. 2 disappointed.
XYZ question
It seems XYZ may be a godsend for those who play WJS, as it solves constructive problems created by having adopted that; but with sound opening values and a quality 6-card M I have likely already jumped to 2 over 1.
Is 3 a typo? Or did North have a brain cramp?
XYZ Problem Hand
To me a 3 jump over 1NT is 4s, 6s, bad hand
Upgrading, disclosure and ethics under the laws of bridge as promulgated by the ACBL (2017)
Well, I have no bid over 4NT for 4-cd M, as no Stayman. Also, no distinction for 5 or 6-card m.
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