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Oct. 15, 2015
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March 30
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Not everyone thinks 2001 a Space Odyssey is a great movie(1)
Starship Troopers was a travesty compared with the book and left out a lot of the excellent social commentary that made the book so good.
Sportsmanlike dumping???
I would REALLY like to hear what Boye says about this!
Partners all flaked out for Orlando NABC - Anyone want to take over a 3-bedroom Condo (Friday to Friday)?
Sometimes the timeshare companies (like RCI here) have exceptionally good deals on short term sales offered to members. This purchase was one of those. I suspect that the unit in question usually goes for more than $200 per night.
Partners all flaked out for Orlando NABC - Anyone want to take over a 3-bedroom Condo (Friday to Friday)?
I paid $280 for the week and it will cost about $75 to transfer it, I think. However, I will take $250 if it is deemed reasonable.
The biggest insult
Having a partner's girlfriend yell "Don't disgrace yourselves" as we left for a tournament.
EBL Convicts Fisher-Schwartz
As portrayed in the excellent movie "Eight Men Out" (reputed to be very true to the evidence) Shoeless Joe Jackson actually played exceptionally in the Series (doing everything he could to win the games), but was banned because it was believed (by Commissioner Kennesaw Mountain Landis) that he knew teammates ...
Cheating and Human Nature...
And of course, the crossword puzzle matters somewhat pale when you consider SCRABBLE, with the ridiculous "dictionaries" of questionable "words" used by nearly all players, even for tournaments I am told.
Avoiding Trouble
“Always cut cards” – Manuel Garcia O'Kelly Davis. Somehow I did not suspect Ed Reppert of being a Heinlein fan. Wyoming Knott
Daylight robbery in Reno and my first Platinum point!
While these were not quite my first Platinum points (got a few in Phoenix in 2013) I was thrilled to collect almost 30 in Reno with low overall finishes in the Lebhar IMP Pairs and the Jacoby Swiss. There is nothing more satisfying than playing against some of the best ...
Right to Counsel
I often joke that 90% of the lawyers give the other 10% of us a bad name. Clearly this is not accurate as to percentages, but, at least in the US, the percentage of lawyers who give no reverence to "justice" is quite substantial, and these are often the most ...

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