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Michael Johnstone
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Oct. 15, 2013
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April 22
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about me

Mediator and bridge enthusiast for as long as I can remember

New Zealand

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Optimum contract at Swiss teams
The problem with the 3 card raise is that opener is now going to reevaluate their hand based on the 9+ card fit. We play that the only time partner can do that is when partner is going to take over control of the bidding - ie it sets trumps and ...
Director Ruling
Are you saying that David isn't appealing?
Plan your play.
If the lead is from J108 then the singleton K will pop. If it is from KJ108 then the J will be ruffed.
Plan your play.
Or from length as well
Youth bridge in Buffalo
Great story and a great initiative. Well done.
He is Gambling
For us 3 would show an extreme 2 suited hand (at least 5-6).
Vintage Precision Opening Bid Question
I prefer opening 2 with 6. However, even when I was playing 2 showing 5, I would have opened the above hand with 1 because you have three strains to choose from and if you open 2 you wouldn't be able to explore a ...
Bypassing 1!D and bidding 1NT with a balanced hand without a major
Either as Nikos says above or use 1NT to show a hand that is suited to play in NT. So scattered honours that you want lead up to. If partner is a balanced hand, she will have more points so it might usually be better placed to have the lead ...
1S--1NT--2C--(X)--XX ??
I don't have support for you and I think we might have 8 tricks in if opener has some support
Teaching Beginners
In New Zealand, our national body, NZBridge, has provided a set of 10 lessons for beginners (teaching 4 card Acol). The first lesson starts with mini-bridge and then progresses from there. The course details can be found here: As you can see there ...

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