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Michael Kammermeier
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Oct. 8, 2010
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Feb. 12
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bridge player

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Martian Standard Defense to Big Club
Think any TRANSFER bid against the strong club is a serious error. I would LOVE opps to play them if using a strong club. The purpose must be to use as much space as possible as soon as possible with as little information as possible. We use the two level ...
Michael Kammermeier's bidding problem: K42 AJ984 --- Q5432
Please read my earlier comment. Unsure to claim ownership of the hand, when 3 is a quasi game force
Michael Kammermeier's bidding problem: K42 AJ984 --- Q5432
Sorry for that. Was unsure about the procedure
LYON 2017 Videos
Hi friends, i took these means as i didn't t know another. Answers very welcome!
Michael Kammermeier's bidding problem: K42 AJ984 --- Q5432
Addition for solvers not familiar with this bidding method 3H is a quasi gameforce opposite a weak 55 minor hand 3nt is expected on 2155 3055 4h on 1255 0355 4m on no fit 65s
André Marx's lead problem: T84 T642 984 J95
This create arguments. Classical view is to lead dummies "suit" i.e. spades but can also argue that you should look for the most unusual lead!
Catching Cheaters
What you do is complete bowing of statistics. The facts you cite are 100% right but have NOTHING to do with our cheating case. If you have a test for a disease thats 99,9999% right and the disease comes up 1 in a million of course the test is ...
10 weeks
The "do you want to win this way" attitude is complete nonsense! Of course you want to and WILL win by opps making more or less silly mistakes. The level of silliness just depends on the level of the player in case and the loss of concentration. There are hands ...
10 weeks
Misprint Two minor singles of course Thanks Andi!
10 weeks
Nice comment Olivier but does t hit the target. It s not about beheading an innocent bit about the level of proof that is asked for. If you do it with quantum physics you can say the chance that FN put their cards everytime like this for years by instance ...
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