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Michael Kopera
Michael Kopera
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July 23, 2010
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Making 4SXX after Al Roth overcalled 1S (Barbara doubled, not Al :)
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Sanya Vugraph: Finals only on OurGame, not BBO
No way....
Sanya Vugraph: Finals only on OurGame, not BBO
Wow. what an idea. If it works for bridge, we can expand it to sports, maybe starting with baseball.
Sanya Vugraph: Finals only on OurGame, not BBO
With the US-China time difference, boycotting is almost a given.
Is this a Psyche
I was able to find a couple of online dictionaries that listed psyche as a variant of psych (and pronounced the same way). The mythical Psyche and psyche meaning spirit or soul are definitely 2 syllables, though neither has anything to do with bridge usage. Since we're discussing alternate ...
Is this a Psyche
Pedantic, but "psych" is one syllable, "psyche" two.
Is this a Psyche
"I wouldn't call it a effect fielding the psych" How can you field a psych if it isn't a psych?
KO hypothetical problem
A swiss (qualifier) is different from a KO, as pairs would be as well. But still appropriate to clear it first.
KO hypothetical problem
I have to disagree with scenario 1. IMHO, when you enter a knockout event, you have committed to playing until you are knocked out, not to some personal availability. If you know you can't field a team at some point, don't enter. If that doesn't seem sensible ...
KO hypothetical problem
"COC appear to require: 'playing bridge to the best of their ability at all times'" I wish I could do that. So do my partners and teammates.
Is this a Psyche
Wikipedia: Psychic bid (also psych, pronounced to rhyme with like) is a bid in contract bridge that grossly misstates the power and/or suit lengths of one's hand. It is used deliberately to deceive the opponents. ACBL: A deliberate and gross misstatement of honor strength or suit length. Seems ...

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