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Michael Kopera
Michael Kopera
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July 23, 2010
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Making 4SXX after Al Roth overcalled 1S (Barbara doubled, not Al :)
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Diamond Life Master
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Larry Sealy's bidding problem: T4 KQ95 876 AKJ6
Does 1 for some unknown reason promise 5? If not, doesn't that only leave 1 answer?
David Goldfarb's bidding problem: AK62 KQ7 A3 AJ87
[b]If[/b] 1N showed this hand, pass now also shows it.
Mark Raphaelson's bidding problem: J QJT KQ87 Q9652
I would suggest that if 1N is not the systemic bid (as a passed hand), it is time to change system.
Mark Raphaelson's bidding problem: J QJT KQ87 Q9652
Trick question? Pass and double the opponents if/when they balance? Guess I'll choose that to avoid unanimity. EditAdd: What is the systemic bid with this hand if unpassed? I'm assuming 1N.
John Cunningham's bidding problem: A9743 964 A6 A95
Likewise, in the spirit of "oh, that is a ".
Blackwood or to play...and
"instead of bidding 3NT, cue bid 4, get the expected 4 response, then bid 4NT RKC" Better still, cue bid 3, get the expected 3 response, then bid 3N natural... A bidding diagram would have been superior to listing the auction.
Blackwood or to play...and
I voted blackwood more unimaginable than natural...
Choice of Spot Card
"we bid on ANY hand strength and EVERY distribution other than some 4-3-3-3 or 5-3-3-2." If the NT opener's side declares, this would seem to give your side quite an advantage on defense insofar as declarer isn't in on it...doesn't quite seem fair to me.
5 card stayman - assess this structure
Most 5-card staymans I've seen allow looking for a 5-card major without requiring a 4-card major by responder -- this version doesn't. What advantage(s) does this version claim over already published versions (to make up for that)?
Act or Not
Off-topic, which is more effective in showing disapproval of a bidding problem presented as a poll, abstaining or not voting at all?

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