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Michael Kopera
Michael Kopera
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July 23, 2010
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6 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Making 4SXX after Al Roth overcalled 1S (Barbara doubled, not Al :)
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Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What is 4!H on this auction?
Maybe 3-4, 3-4 as splinters, too? [sarcasm emoticon] These splinters strike me as a "notes" agreement, strictly theoretical, something that has never come up, an example of which has never been proposed.
Howard Sandler's bidding problem: 98754 J654 4 T95
I play similarly, bidding is 2+card preference, passing is no more than 1-card preference (intervenor redoubles with equal length). And, yes, I alert.
Open Sanya Discussion Thread
According to the wbf (use of lowercase deservedly intentional) website, the chairman of the "Championship Committee" is Ernesto d'Orsi. Maybe he would appreciate feedback at
Open Sanya Discussion Thread
No Christmas card for the WBF from me...
ACBL Board to Decide Wagar Appeal
"c. The appeal must be filed within thirty (30) days of the decision of the Bridge Appeals Committee that heard the issue." Interesting timing, indeed.
ACBL Board to Decide Wagar Appeal
Yes, time for a new controversy...
ACBL Board to Decide Wagar Appeal
Are you suggesting something nefarious? The appeals committee (en masse) surely thought they got it right, that a carefully considered ruling was made. I would think they were in a better position to rule than you or I.
NABC housing
My point is that if anyone can do it, it cannot be unfair. Maybe ill-judged, maybe bad practice, but not unfair. EditAdd: another crossed post.
NABC housing
"Am I the only one who thinks it's quite unfair to everyone else that some people..." If it were only some people, then yes, but afaik anyone can do so.
ACBL Board to Decide Wagar Appeal
Made me think of a ruling in a Nationals KO many years ago based on a failure to alert a stayman sequence that didn't promise a 4-card major. Maybe we can go back and look at that one while we're at it?

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