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Michael Kopera
Michael Kopera
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July 23, 2010
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Bridge Player
United States

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Making 4SXX after Al Roth overcalled 1S (Barbara doubled, not Al :)
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Diamond Life Master
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Can you break up a partnership?
"What do you bid with x, Kxx, AQJxx, KQxx on the above auction?" 3? (Presupposes you couldn't respond 2 instead of 1)
Can you break up a partnership?
I always thought of Walsh as left coast.
Should this hand bid?
Plenty of cases where bridge players subsequently became options traders, any examples of options traders who subsequently became bridge players?
Improving the Weak Notrump System
"Gee Michael I assumed my suggestion would be interpreted as two alternatives for how to play 1NT." Gee, I assumed my smiley would be interpreted as just kidding... I'd be happy if it were all legal and so commonplace that everyone would know how they want to defend it ...
Improving the Weak Notrump System
"1NT could be strong or a two suited take out" Keep everybody guessing :) Just saying the original examples are straightforward, defending the Fantunes approach not so black and white since the 1 response can be more than one hand type.
Improving the Weak Notrump System
Like Andrew Petrick noted just above, sometimes the 1 response doesn't show one specific kind of hand, rather it can have any hand pattern without a 4 card major.
Director's Board Adjustment (Failure to Alert)
"Suction is most definitely an unusual method for which one needs to prepare imho." A question of timing, I guess. I take the view that since the opponents can play [b]any[/b] defense whatsoever to a conventional 1, that preparation should already be in place. A consequence of ...
What is the "standard expert" treatment?
"I guess what this issue comes down to is frequency." I would guess the frequency of the 3 offered choices to be close enough to zero to be called zero. Pick one and hope it ever comes up...and both partners remember.
Improving the Weak Notrump System
"two-way Stayman seems to handle one frequent hand type well." If that were true, it would be true no matter what the NT range. It is not uncommon to use the 1N-2;2R-2 for that kind of hand playing (regular) stayman, so that is a push. Being able ...
Director's Board Adjustment (Failure to Alert)
We're all guessing about the non-offenders' actions since they weren't posted. I could guess why the details weren't posted, but there wouldn't be any more point to that than guessing about the non-offenders' actions.

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