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Michael Kopera
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July 23, 2010
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Making 4SXX after Al Roth overcalled 1S (Barbara doubled, not Al :)
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"I have here in my hand a list ...."
"So, here, it would be Name of Bridge Organization vs. Bridge Player(s) " Unfortunately, not "would", rather "should". Instead it is Boye Brogeland vs Bridge Players -- to carry the analogy he has appointed himself as Special Prosecutor, he has made an (un)official charge. So, imho discovery is appropriate and ...
2014 Spingold Champs Offer to Vacate Titles
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Catching Cheaters
Thirdly you would need to find 5 experts who had no preconceptions of guilt. With all the "whispers" that might be the hardest of all...
"I have here in my hand a list ...."
"Again, patience prevails . . . " For some, but not for all...
"I have here in my hand a list ...."
"My impression, granted mostly from novels and movies, is that evidence is seldom presented upon arrest. Some evidence must be presented to obtain an indictment, and some more evidence must be presented to a judge to establish probable cause, but most of the evidence is not presented until the actual ...
Catching Cheaters
"I would think the committee is looking at the “hands in question”" What I don't seem to understand is where these hands are coming from, how many of them there are, what time frame they are representing, what percentage of the "hands in question" represent both vs comparable hands ...
Catching Cheaters
That struck me in the OP. There are whispers. Then the whisperers and those who have heard the whispers judge those that have been whispered about. Thankfully, innocent pairs need not worry.
Catching Cheaters
Isn't the committee analyzing the hands, all of them, not just hands that have been submitted to them? Where are these "recorded" hands coming from, if not from the committee? If not from the committee, why wouldn't the committee be looking at all the hands rather than proceeding ...
Catching Cheaters
"If there are 10 deals where their “non-expert” play “didn't hit partner,” the committee definitely needs to weigh that in." Wouldn't the committee have already seen those? And proceeded anyway? It is the committee that is analyzing and asking for explanations, right? Or have I yet again misunderstood?
2014 Spingold Champs Offer to Vacate Titles
"The problem is if they almost never go wrong in this situation: Lead from the tenace when partner has an honor, and lead something else when partner doesn't, then it becomes awfully suspicious." Maybe someone can weigh in on what an appropriate sample size would be, where the % break ...

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