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Michael Kopera
Michael Kopera
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July 23, 2010
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United States

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Making 4SXX after Al Roth overcalled 1S (Barbara doubled, not Al :)
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Nowhere near enough information.
If North had to make one and only one more bid, 3 comes into the picture. But that is not the case, he can bid 2 comfortably knowing that South (his partner) is still there. Only South, for whatever reason, decided not to bid his hand, so in ...
Assess the Blame
Was wondering that myself, 2- and 4-level seems more than adequate. And 3 unused for some reason?
The Alert Procedures says: "Alerts given after the auction is completed for Alertable [b]calls[/b] above the level of 3NT starting with the opening bidder’s second turn to call." The Alert Chart says: "[b]Bids[/b] above the level of 3NT, beginning with and including opener’s first ...
Believe (hope) this is link to original bidding poll: As of now 37 votes, 1 of which for 2, 1 of which for 3.
North was craven in bidding 2, should have bidding license revoked for 3 months minimum. South's 3 couldn't have been more descriptive, practically called out his hand in both shape and high card structure. North should have realized this, but had already demonstrated cluelessness and remained ...
Could North have bid 3? Sure, but it is not unreasonable to bid only 2 with 6 losers, a hand that need 4 cover cards (ie a hand that is almost certainly going to bid over 2) for 5. South on the other hand has maximum ...
"...would be an overbid..." I disagree, South's hand is already boxed (having responded 1N), South can be confident the K is working, South has 5(!) card support. South's 3 bid could be based on a much worse hand.
Create: General Poll, answers...
Normally there's some way to vote... I don't like 3, 2 (or even 2) would be better.

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