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Michael Kopera
Michael Kopera
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July 23, 2010
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Making 4SXX after Al Roth overcalled 1S (Barbara doubled, not Al :)
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Diamond Life Master
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Open Vegas Discussion Thread
Maybe the ACBL should consider a zero-tolerance policy...
Macchi withdrew down only 52 IMPs at the half
"should be prohibited" Very likely to be moot...
Should table result be adjusted?
This is further complicated by the fact that psyching 2 Flannery is disallowed. South's hand certainly looks like he forgot, not that he psyched, but doesn't that allow one to get away with a psyche if it can be made to look as if a forgotten agreement ...
Should table result be adjusted?
"I still don't understand why do you claim the Flannery 2 opening is artificial+conventional and not natural+conventional." Like Ed Reppert has said, there is a move away from conventional and artificial being (almost) interchangeable (but old habits die hard, ugh). Fine, Flannery 2 is natural ...
Should table result be adjusted?
"A convention is a bid or call that, by agreement, conveys a meaning not necessarily related to the denomination named..." 2 Flannery clearly relates to s. Is there anything in Dean Pokorny's questioned opening that relates to another denomination? Is anything other than s guaranteed? Not that I ...
Should table result be adjusted?
Since it shows 4, 2 is an artificial bid. ACBL, anyway.
That's DOPI
It is just something that originated long, long ago when there were only 4 aces, imho the idea then was that double showing 0 was the most discouraging call. As the fifth ace came aboard and 0314/1430 as well, no adjustment was made. Even now playing D0P1, one has ...
That's DOPI
One of my pet peeves, "double is the first step" is backwards (second nature to use pass=first step for relayers, and blackwood is a relay after all). Let's say the agreed trump suit is s, you've blackwooded and an opponent bids 5 over that. Your intent ...
That's DOPI
I play RKC steps (0314 or 1430) over 4N, key steps (0,1,...) over exclusion and base my interference responses accordingly.
Polly Siegel's bidding problem: AQx QTxxx 9xx Ax
Easy playing Flannery. What, we're not playing it?

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