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Michael Kopera
Michael Kopera
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July 23, 2010
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about me

Have played professionally occasionally the last few years, would be happy to do so more frequently. I normally play locally (CT, NJ, NYC), but would certainly consider travelling, especially to a Nationals. Send me a Private Message if interested.

United States of America

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Making 4SXX after Al Roth overcalled 1S (Barbara doubled, not Al :)
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ATB: 3NT vs. 4H, matchpoints
OK, we get it, you're right, [i]everybody[/i] else is wrong. Thanks for the illumination...
Should I redouble?
You should explain that he is under no obligation to takeout his opponents' doubles.
ATB: 3NT vs. 4H, matchpoints
"4153 with better clubs is 100% consistent with Wests actions thus far." 4=0=6=3 as well...
ATB: 3NT vs. 4H, matchpoints
[i]Exactly[/i] why was this article penned?
What was the Worst Decision?
[i]Not[/i] my opinion... EditAdd: referring to what David Morris said...
Precision players--without discussion, how would you interpret this?
Breaking in response to Alpha only, not Gamma is how I remember playing it. I've never heard of [i]any[/i] breaks of gamma. FWIW, there are no breaks mentioned in "Precision in the 90s" or "Precision Today". Seems to me the reason to break over Alpha is to ...
What's "standard"
"An agreement that the 2♠ bid in shows extra values is not a sound agreement." Said like fact, imho opinion...
Precision players--without discussion, how would you interpret this?
Without previous discussion, there is [i]absolutely[/i] no reason to do it...
What's "standard"
A bidding diagram even more so...
What's "standard"
So then article question is "what's standard when not playing standard"...

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