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Michael Kopera
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July 23, 2010
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Making 4SXX after Al Roth overcalled 1S (Barbara doubled, not Al :)
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Diamond Life Master
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ACBL-Land Ruling: Inadvertent Barred Psyche
And if the auction had gone (1)-3-(P)-3 with 3 alerted, but no explanation asked for? EditAdd: I would think an alert would be appropriate. I find it interesting that an alert may or may not be required based on previous explanations. Also, even ...
For those who play support doubles
Let's say for argument's sake that if there are 0 or 2 majors remaining, a negative double is "takeout" and move on to auctions with just 1 major left. 1m-(1)-X Is this double "takeout" (ie s and om) or is it showing 4 (ignoring ...
When I saw that 2 response, I almost fell out of my chair. I was amazed at multiple comments supporting it. Having bid 2, surely 3 should have gotten me out of my fog. East's blame, if any, is agreeing to play with West.
"how about starting with 1 and then bidding hearts later, perhaps with a jump" If the suits were reversed...
ACBL-Land Ruling: Inadvertent Barred Psyche
"Due to that, it seems you should “not alert” when you are supposed to “not alert”." I agree with this, but not with the conclusion. Partner bid an alertable 1, therefore you should alert. Had the 1 been standard by agreement, but partner alerted it (and when asked ...
ACBL-Land Ruling: Inadvertent Barred Psyche
FWIW, if I were to open in third seat it would be with 1, not 1. But if I did open 1, it would be with the intent of not bidding again -- and as for rebidding 1, for many that shows (at least close to a ...
ACBL-Land Ruling: Inadvertent Barred Psyche
"Why did opener alert 1?" Because he was required to. "Clearly, it (1) was not explained correctly since it is natural if opener forgot 1C was forcing." Clearly, the partnership agreement was explained correctly. "Clearly UI applies. Since 1 is not passable in a big format ...
For those who play support doubles
Because no matter what I find there it is still [b]a[/b] definition? Oh, and I don't have a copy.
Open Sanya Discussion Thread
It only seems like there is more than one...
ACBL-Land Ruling: Inadvertent Barred Psyche
"West should continue to bid & alert as was his or her initial thought process when he or she bid." Continue to bid..., yes; continue to alert..., no. The opponents are entitled to know that East made an artificial, negative 1 response.

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