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Michael Rosenberg
Michael Rosenberg
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Dec. 25, 2010
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3 minutes ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

I am a full time professional player, and have been so since 2004 (before that, I was semi-professional). I play in all the Nationals, a few Regionals, and do a little online teaching. My wife Debbie is also a full-time professional. We have a son, Kevin. I have two daughters, Ivana and Jahna, from a previous marriage

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the 1994 Rosenblum
Bridge Accomplishments
Winner of Rosenblum, 1998 Par Contest, 5 US Trials, Spingold(2), Vanderbilt(2), Reisinger(2), More
Regular Bridge Partners
Zia Mahmood, Debbie Rosenberg, Chris Willenken
Favorite Tournaments
World Championship(any), US Trials
Favorite Conventions
KeyCard Blackwood, Transfers, Jacoby 2N
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Protection ?
Kieran: "I suspect that a partner who bid 5S and wasn't paying me well would be playing the rest of the session opposite an empty chair." That is the type of sentence that gives professionals a bad name. I would hope that, if the Director were called, you would ...
MI in Montecatini
John P" "the laws presume misexplanation rather than miscall so unless additional evidence comes to light (and it may have done) then the Directors should assume East gave the wrong explanation, with all that follows. The onus of proof is on the pair, not the opponents." That may be what ...
Protection ?
I know it when I see it?
MI in Montecatini
"what do you want E to say if he has no particular info but thinks may be his partner has made a mistake?" The question is WHY does he think it? It's not right that East A is 100% confident his partnered remembered, and acts on that basis, while ...
King please or Jack please? ;)
Ok, So we don't know how many hearts E has (if right-side up, must be Q5 doubleton). But West cannot read the 5. So, next question, do they play Smith? If not, it may be that West is scared to play a second heart. what fascinates me most about ...
MI in Montecatini
Yu: "E does not have to tell N that he thinks now W messed up and he is going to pass. " The question is WHY does East think that? Whatever East knows about the answer to that question, North should know also - with the exclusion of the hand East actually ...
King please or Jack please? ;)
What is their carding? East played what is actually the lowest heart (though West does know this). It seems relevant to know before proceeding.
Looking For a Brilliancy from Montecontini
"will this comment be flagged?" Only if you ask....sort of the same as 'can you pass that bid?'
Protection ?
Alan F: My suggestion was what I think the Law should be not what it is. I see that flagrant 4 bid as a "0% play". So the opponents always lead the right Q (assuming that lead is reasonable). I see two basic advantages yo this method: 1) It ...
The Worst Convention Ever
"4 was an ask for this pair. If you make 5 Super Gerber, you can't bid clubs to the 6 level." Not necessarily. You could play 4 thru 4 as transfers to the 3 other suits.

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