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Michael Shuster
Michael Shuster
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Member Since
June 22, 2010
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3 hours ago
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Bridge Pro
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
psyching 1S vs NZ 2nd seat red in world play. Win 16.
Bridge Accomplishments
2nd O/A 1996 Dallas 2-day Swiss. 3 time USA Junior team member.
Regular Bridge Partners
Sam Dinkin, Alex Kolesnik, Andrew Kaufman
Favorite Tournaments
Fall NABC (MPs all the way!)
Favorite Conventions
Roman Jump overcalls. Direct cuebids showing 2 known suits.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
Infernal Machine Light
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Shuster / Kolesnik
Standard American with Relay
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Your verdict
It is West's obligation to ensure that South is aware of the alert. So it is going to be a problem for West, too.
3NT - perhaps this is where Jim is heading
Frivolous 3NT has its own issues. It is a useful convention, but it must be measured against how often you want a natural 3NT after a major suit fit. My usual rule is that it only applies in a known 5-4 or longer major suit fit or for a known ...
3NT - perhaps this is where Jim is heading
You won't often go wrong with an agreement that 3NT is never artificial.
Your verdict
Do you not entertain the possibility that West did not properly alert 2? South thought it was natural. He claims to have alerted it, but does not say South acknowledged the alert and South later bid as though it was natural.
Your verdict
He says he alerted South, but it seems that South might have been unaware of the alert when 3 was bid. As a director I would like to determine if West failed to ensure South was aware of the alert, in which case I would consider a PP on ...
Floyd McWilliams's lead problem: J975 JT543 Q6 J5
This auction isn't a likely one to bid 1NT without a stopper, as he is bypassing both majors and the club raise in order to volunteer to take the NT. That just isn't going to happen on an anti-positional diamond holding.
Floyd McWilliams's lead problem: J975 JT543 Q6 J5
The answer is not the Q. If you're going to lead a diamond, the six is the card. But it is ONE and you appear to have the majors under control, so I'd just go with the heart.
Michael Kopera's bidding problem: K KJ76 A87 AJT96
There exist various competitive methods that handle this shape.
Another Ruling
"Penalties. Either wants a heart lead, or has sufficiently strong clubs to think you are going down on any lead" Is a different explanation than, "Calls for a heart lead." Opposite "Calls for a heart lead" we use very specifically defined doubt showing XXs. Opposite an ambiguous double we don ...
Another Ruling
I use those sets of agreements. XX shows doubt whenever double calls for a specific lead. It is less prone to accidents than most XX agreements, and the accident here occurred as a result of MI.

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