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Michael Shuster
Michael Shuster
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Basic Information

Member Since
June 22, 2010
Last Seen
9 hours ago
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Bridge Player

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
psyching 1S vs NZ 2nd seat red in world play. Win 16.
Bridge Accomplishments
2nd O/A 1996 Dallas 2-day Swiss. 3 time USA Junior team member.
Regular Bridge Partners
Sam Dinkin, Alex Kolesnik, Andrew Kaufman
Favorite Tournaments
Fall NABC (MPs all the way!)
Favorite Conventions
Roman Jump overcalls. Direct cuebids showing 2 known suits.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
Infernal Machine Light
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Shuster / Kolesnik
Standard American with Relay
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Takeout Double ATB
Right. The same 9 tricks that 3 promises.
Takeout Double ATB
Fact Instead Of Fiction: A True Report on the Denver Regional
Once Gary thought there was no reason to pursuit the matter, that should have been the end of it.
What are your agreements?
I don't think its a good idea to jump to 3NT there to deny a stopper, since NT hasn't been bid yet. Maybe 3 ought to be puppet.
What are your agreements?
No. Because NT hasn't been bid yet, responder cannot ever afford to bid an artificial 2NT unless they also hold a spade stopper. We use 2NT here as Michaels, to only wrongside the NT when it is unlikely we belong there anyways. By the way, I'm not a ...
Takeout Double ATB
Well, no one covered themselves in glory. 3 over 1 seems easy. Still, 3NT over 3 seems just as easy and a bit more obvious. I don't blame West for bidding over 5, but East should have bailed in 5. So it looks to ...
Should I have called the TD?
Well, my BS detector went off. Your opponent was lying to you.
What is partner looking for?
Because he'd otherwise need to bid 5 to raise, preempting all slam investigation.
What is partner looking for?
I can't imagine 4 was natural here - it should have agreed clubs. As once responder zooms past 3NT to bid 4 he must either have a terrific suit or a slam drive. I don't see slipping into a new strain after that. So 4 should ...
Double Dummy problem from BBO practice
I see it now - you can't ruff clubs to hand though on the 8 lead, you have to ruff hearts or you promote the trump trick anyways.

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