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Michael Shuster
Michael Shuster
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Basic Information

Member Since
June 22, 2010
Last Seen
5 hours ago
Member Type
Bridge Pro
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
psyching 1S vs NZ 2nd seat red in world play. Win 16.
Bridge Accomplishments
2nd O/A 1996 Dallas 2-day Swiss. 3 time USA Junior team member.
Regular Bridge Partners
Sam Dinkin, Alex Kolesnik, Andrew Kaufman
Favorite Tournaments
Team Trials - best playing conditions ever
Favorite Conventions
Roman Jump overcalls. Direct cuebids showing 2 known suits.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
Infernal Machine Light
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Shuster / Kolesnik
Standard American with Relay
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Charlie Chen's bidding problem: T9876532 2 65 T4
I don't suppose I'm allowed to open with a low Fantan?
Brian Zhang's bidding problem: KQT852 QJ963 2 A
Here, I'd play 4 as a good raise to 4. Partner doesn't have that, so the question becomes whether slam is ruled out. I think so. Any AK A with AK would be a good raise for me. What about 5-level danger? Partner could easily have ...
Brian Zhang's bidding problem: AKQT9832 43 --- 875
I'd ask for an undo. Obvious misclick.
A two-fer
6 IS pretty great... I'm figuring it over 75% on any lead.
Matchgame: Double Trouble #2
Michael: 1) I'm giving these rules as simple recommendations for juniors, but 2) It falls under the "In some partnerships..." rule, and I mention that "Our side bid diamonds and then excluded hearts and spades." That satisfies the "three suits bid or excluded." It would also satisfied David's ...
What is your call and plan?
I initially voted for option 1, then realized partner was a passed hand - it makes a huge difference.
Matchgame: Double Trouble #2
So I vote penalties on a lot of these doubles (as to what I think makes sense to me) but what I also do is start our discussion of doubles with "Undiscussed doubles below 3NT are not for penalty." And then outline a few exceptions, such as 1) It is ...
Brian Zhang's bidding problem: J7 K8732 Q654 64
I was taught early on that at MPs, you should never pull partner's penalty double to a minus score. I don't expect 4 to fetch, so I pass and hope to take 5 tricks in spades.
Undo or No undo ?
Hand diagram mode fixes this.
Finn Kolesnik's bidding problem: 7 AKQ92 AKQ2 A74
Have play for game opposite a balanced zero count, so 2 seems indicated.

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