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Michael Shuster
Michael Shuster
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June 22, 2010
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Pro
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
psyching 1S vs NZ 2nd seat red in world play. Win 16.
Bridge Accomplishments
2nd O/A 1996 Dallas 2-day Swiss. 3 time USA Junior team member.
Regular Bridge Partners
Sam Dinkin, Alex Kolesnik, Andrew Kaufman
Favorite Tournaments
Fall NABC (MPs all the way!)
Favorite Conventions
Roman Jump overcalls. Direct cuebids showing 2 known suits.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
Infernal Machine Light
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Shuster / Kolesnik
Standard American with Relay
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what is 2 over 1 over takeout double?
When holding a good 1=2=7=3 hand, I'd feel better about the auction when LHO bids 4 if I got to bid 2 over the double than if I was forced to XX. Yes, LHO can make it awkward regardless, but you can be better ...
Transfers after 1NT - 2C - 2D?
I've used 2NT as a puppet to 3. You get signoff in clubs, INV in diamonds, a 4NT INV and one other meaning below 3NT.
what is 2 over 1 over takeout double?
Standard in the USA is NF. However, I strongly prefer either forcing or transfers. F1 prevents you from getting blown out by 4th hand. And having to stop in 3 instead of 2 when you have a constructive 1-suiter isn't a big deal, since you were getting pushed there ...
Liam Milne's bidding problem: KJ8652 --- 64 A9643
Passing 3 is very pessimistic. Some minimum balanced openers offer play for slam: Ax xxx AQxx Kxxx or even a worse fit with more hearts like: x xxxx AKxx KQxx ... although I'd be quite satisfied with +620.
Cute Card Combination
Seems clear to play the 9 from the closed hand. East is very likely to hold the K and won't hold two stiffs. Edit - didn't notice the page forward button. You covered this.
People aren't always going to write down the exact same words. The two explanations are equivalent, why waste everyone's time with a director call?
T-Walsh: responding with a weak Flannery hand
I don't understand the need for a poll. You agreed that 2 shows this exact hand type: 7-9 with 5+ hearts.
2c over major as limit raise or GF with clubs
You can repeat the major to play opposite the limit raise. The ask is probably where you want to GF opposite either. Although it can be played differently.
2c over major as limit raise or GF with clubs
Also, you could use in response to 2: 2 = clubs < 4 controls 2 = LR 2NT+ = clubs 4+ controls Frontloading a control barrier can make slam exploration much better. You still have full symmetric available in both cases.
2c over major as limit raise or GF with clubs
So you can use symmetric relay over it when responder has clubs: 2 - 2 (asks) 2 = clubs 2 + = LR Alternatively, you can use 2NT+ as clubs on symmetric and 2 and 2 for min/max limit raise (depending on whether you want 2 ...

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