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Dec. 8, 2011
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The Best Falsecard
I don't agree with the 2H rebid at all. There are plenty of hands where partner has 5D to an honour and is short in both hearts and spades eg 2=1=5=5 shape, 5D is cold and we end up defending 3 or 4S.
Muppet Stayman and the Big Bang Transfer with Five Hearts
I have played 2NT-3D; 3S and 2NT-3H; 3NT as showing 5-2 and 2-5 in the majors for years and it works well. Yes you give up playing exactly 3M but I haven't found that a loss. 2NT can be off-shape so often these days that assuming 3NT is fine ...
Signalling on discards - what's the best plan?
A small point, but we didn't know we were getting 2 discards. Our first discard was after dummy led the second round - we hadn't seen the Ace and Jack at that point. Yes we could deduce that as low in the King is odd. But if declarer has ...
Claim - How would you rule?
I agree with this. What about this wording though?: "I will take Ace-King of Hearts then give you a spade"? To me, because of statement regarding the last trick, strongly suggests he actually did mean “K-A of hearts” even though he said "A-K of hearts"
Claim - How would you rule?
Turns out Sylvia's feeling was correct. I have just had it confirmed from the director that the actual statement was: "I will take Ace-King of Hearts then give you a spade" which because of statement regarding the last trick, strongly suggests he actually did mean "K-A of hearts". I ...
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: K73 --- K8743 AQ974
Everyone mentions the downsides of 2NT going for anumber (which is a real concern), but no one mentions the upside of our +750 (5mX) when we hit partner with a minor - and why wouldn't we - he/she has just denied a weak 2 in a major and is now ...
Steve Moese's bidding problem: Q6 KT84 853 A974
I think passing with 9 working HCP is a far worse than bidding. I assume that new suit is forcing (as a cue bid shows 3+S), so chose 2C. All on my own (again). Don't mind 1NT.
Bid Your Bid: Facing The Young Expert, Part 1
You guys are all far too tough on 1S. At these colors, 1S is an automatic bid for aggressive players. My 2nd choice would be 2S, not pass! I agree - don't like 3S. 2S showed your minimum. Over 3D, 3NT seems normal. No reason to believe West's 2NT ...
The Mysterious 7!D Bid
I have default agreements with my partners. Interesting there is a strong geographical bias down under. Unusual new slam bids after agreeing a suit are either 1) an offer to play (New Zealand) or 2) Asking 3rd round control (Australia).
Bidding problem: Three-suiter over SAT
I thought double of 4C = take-out of hearts (not clubs), was standard expert treatment? It generally allows you to enter auction more safely as either West or East will bid 4H and let you off the hook if it was a mistake to enter auction.
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