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Michael Xu
Michael Xu
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March 29, 2017
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Bridge Player
about me

I live in Palo Alto.


I am a SIVY and USBF guy.


I am a member of the USA Under 16 team that will be competing in China summer 2018.

United States of America

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Unit 503
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With Harrison
very light when favorable in terms of preempts only
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Bill Bartley's bidding problem: J53 82 75 AQJ984
would anybody consider puppet 3C?
Raleigh Regional
richard, me? :) jk jk jk
Tricky hand?
>then smugly boasting that the opponents didn’t know what you were doing is >I believe smug boasting is one of your traits not mine. Woah there, please no. But I do agree with you (Ian), I don't see any evidence of smug boasting. I think that is too ...
Matchups in the USBC Round of 8
my fantasy bracket is screwed now. I had Michael Rosenberg going all the way to winning the finals. but i'm happy for my partnership coach, Adam Grossack. hope he goes all the way
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: x Qxxx KQJxx ATx
is not AQ of spades a possible holding you can have? 3N should promise a stopper.
How to Attract Youth Players?
that's interesting chris. how do u help them kibitz? personnally, i don't think this is effective. Why? who would want to spend time watching something they don't understand? there is nothing interesting watching guys put cards on a table without knowing what is going on.
Support doubles after 1!d (1!h) 1!s
I think the double as extras is a much better meaning.
Bay Area High School Bridge Championship
Es muy bien article. i'm still salty at Lynbrook for losing by one imp. Also, on pg 4, u said, "He ruffed a spade high, seeing West show out and pitch a club. He then played a heart to the ♥J, East showing out, and led a diamond off ...
Support doubles after 1!d (1!h) 1!s
>One of the purposes of the support double is to avoid situations where there is a 5-4 fit and neither partner knows it I believe you mean 5-3 fit. Also, thanks for asking this. I am also curious.
How to Attract Youth Players?
Matthew, I see what you mean. Games like Fortnite where you can feel the social connection with others make it very exciting. i believe humans are naturally social creatures, and we are attracted to it.

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