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Michael Xu
Michael Xu
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March 29, 2017
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I live in Palo Alto, California.

I am a SIVY and USBF guy.

I am a member of the USA Under 16 team that won bronze at 2018 WYTC.

United States of America

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Unit 503
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With Harrison
very light when favorable in terms of preempts only
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Do bridgeplayers LIKE conventions?
Conventions are essential to the enjoyment of the game for me. They are undeniably necessary in many cases to get to the right strain and level, and getting to the right strain and level is what makes bridge fun and non-depressing (for me at least).
Kida- A Double Dummy App
I did notice that flaw. That's why I specified: "while playing perfect defense to make it the most difficult or TRICKY for yourself from reaching that trick goal."
A variety of Morton’s Fork
What about a stiff diamond? I haven't been able to preclude that possibility.
A variety of Morton’s Fork
I cannot figure it out.
A variety of Morton’s Fork
I was not thinking about that problem. Now that you mentioned it, I think the problem is when West has Axx and jumps with the A on the second diamond and shifts to a heart. You need the finesse cuz u don't have anymore entries in the club suit ...
A variety of Morton’s Fork
And he would figure out to do that by realizing South had to have the DK for his serious slam try? (Side question: Do you agree with the 4C serious slam try, and if so, do you think it is on the lighter side? Because I wouldn't have KC ...
A variety of Morton’s Fork
Debbie, do you mean winning CK on T1, then having the CA to take the heart hook? Didn't think about that :(
Delayed action after the opponent's preempt
Sorry, I read the auction as 2H-4H. I am no expert, but personally, for what it is worth, I think it would the long spades. Just makes the most sense. Would be interested to hear what others think.
A variety of Morton’s Fork
How would you be able to play diamonds twice and still take the heart hook? You win CA, D-Q, 2 rounds of spades. When you learn of the 3-1 split, I think you have to play another round to avoid going down when the heart hook is on and diamonds ...
Delayed action after the opponent's preempt
1. I don't know if the first auction is real. To show a 5-5 hand with spades and a minor, you can just bid spades and hope to rebid the minor. Some people play that bidding 4m here shows 5m 5 o major (convention is known as Leaping Michaels ...

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