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Michal Czerwonko
Michal Czerwonko
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Sept. 28, 2015
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Adam Gann's bidding problem: xx xx Qx AKQxxxx
If it's a companion hand to ♠AX ♥AX ♦KT9XXX ♣JXX, N successfully committed two serious misbids in one auction
Adam Gann's bidding problem: Ax Ax KT9xxx Jxx
After 3 any bid by partner is forcing without the ambiguity of 3. Also not bidding 3 is useful here as denying fit. Last, by not bidding 3 you bet on you luck that they wouldn't bid more spades. In general, if everybody bids showing ...
Robot meltdown
On the other hand, nobody like GIB to sooth tour ego. With AK6,T53,AKJxxx,9 as S you open an obvious 1 and bid equally obvious 3N after W Robot overcalls 3. Scoring 10 tricks opposite Txxxx,Jx,Q9,KJxx involves endplay in 4-card ending of E ...
Adam Gann's bidding problem: Ax Ax KT9xxx Jxx
What happened to 3 last round?
Robot meltdown
Yesterday GIB held on to a suit the only missing card was the ace thus letting a doubled contract make. These must be programming glitches.
Scrambling after a Redouble.
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: KT73 K83 98 J762
3 bidder apparently was not allowed to reopen with DSI X with a good hand
Worthwhile Gamble
Psyching a weak sequence has little to do with trying to win
Rowland Reeves's bidding problem: x KJTxxx AT9xx x
I hope it's legal in ACBL to bid 4N here as any 2 suits
Michel Beauchamp's bidding problem: KT A T87654 AKT7
Since I'm not sure whether a splinter bid here belongs to a masochist or sadist, I hedge with 4. How about xxx,xxx,A,QJxxxx?
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