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Sept. 28, 2015
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Nikolas Bausback's bidding problem: AK4 --- AKQ32 QJ864
Because of difficulty of showing minor hands after 1, 1 for many P expert players is 11-20ish (you may still throw all balancedish with 5 18+ in 1). Personally, I prefer this approach
Club policy legal?
That's an offer to play, not a psych
ATB Common Game hand
3 was misguided - N could never imagine finding a full fit. Note that desperate attempt at 3N by S didn't make much sense since 3 either showed substantial extras or a hand far apart from notrumpish.
Club policy legal?
In what sense 3-3N extends a psych? It's an offer to play 3N, if someone inquires, 0 to below slam try in terms of HCP. How about including this basic bridge knowledge in teaching bridge? You've got Ax,Axx,xxx,KQxxx, NV vs V and partner opens ...
Club policy legal?
By extending Ray's particular logic, sacrifices should be banned since they are not honest attempts to make the stated number of tricks. They instead are aimed at impeding opponents in scoring their honestly earned games or slams. Utterly disgusting.
Club policy legal?
Thank God poor Zia had to go through his ordeal only in online communication
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: Q92 A654 KQ2 KQ6
Alternatively, it's less likely to see raised eyebrows upon a loss of six than upon a loss of ten
Rate North's bidding
Hard to tell without knowing more about NS system. 2N as raise somehow limited choices, and the final pass opposite 3rd hand noise doesn't seem to be horrid
Treatments over 1NT with 5-card major
Steve, 'partnership preference' for maximizing the info leakage with the use of a tool designed to minimize such leakage made my day
Anthony Pettengell's bidding problem: KQT54 32 T AJ875
Nothing comes easy. If you lose inference that partner denied fit, you end up with second guessing. That's exactly what P attempts to get rid of. To me it's a healthier sequence with Axx,AQTxxxx,Ax,K to bid 2 first and then show long s ...
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