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Michal Czerwonko
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Sept. 28, 2015
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The Death of Teams
I don't get the idea of running zillion parallel events every day on regionals/sectionals. There should be at every tournament some 'landmark' team events with some concurrent pairs only for 'less sophisticated types of experts' as the HH once gracefully described the RR
Apportion the blame - a missed slam (second try)
This hand was impossible for the given auction
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: A3 A742 KQJ942 4
Lots of jitters, but thank God my choice of 1 has some support
Break In Tempo
It might be a bigger problem that the hesitation brings it to near certainty that bidding anything by E won't harvest -300
Interesting 6NT Play Problem( messed up article)
It's not a question of opinion but probability calculation
Alert after non forcing bid
Richard, do you claim either of the two: i. when in doubt, alerting should be prohibited and penalized, ii. you are never in doubt as far as alerts go?
Break In Tempo
Your answer not only skips the most substantial part of my argument but also resorts to a personal remark
Odd situations
Is xxx a guard?
Jenish Shah's bidding problem: A542 A3 T9 AQ954
I suggest that asking Tony Forrester about his plan after X may be useful to many
Break In Tempo
John, personally I trust you'd alway reopen with this hand. You may even write in on your CC. So what? Partner informed you that doing something is 100% right. Say, you've got 15HCP same shape with AJ/AQ. Now we are in perfectly gray area. Partner tanks - reopening ...
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