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Michal Czerwonko
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Sept. 28, 2015
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Critique this convention
I like game tries in 3N; exchanging information whether the opener would accept game invitation with long or long in the responder's hand looks like unwarranted friendliness to defenders
Critique this convention
Ian, Just in case, I didn't refer to your post but to "but no way to get out into a minor at the 2 level."
Adam Grossack's bidding problem: 4 Q74 73 AJ76532
If you think there is a problem, open this hand at this colors 4/5
Chuck Messinger's bidding problem: 6 AK73 AKQ AKQJ9
The frequency of X is surprising given that the same bid should be made with balanced garbage like Qx, AKx, AQxx, AKJx
Critique this convention
This ever important concern about stopping in a minor at the two level shows up again
Rasmus Maide's bidding problem: A7 KQT42 K86 AQ5
If they new that I'm endplayed at trick one and many others, they wouldn't run from 1NX
Which is better as trump, 5-3 fit or 6-1 fit with semi-solid suit?
Another riddle is what KQJ10xx in a weak hand is called?
Usual Kokish sequemce
It's actually better than I imagined
Usual Kokish sequemce
That's why it's a problem
Usual Kokish sequemce
I bet C$10 that bidding Bwood with the other hand made much of bridge sense
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