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Mikael Rimstedt
Mikael Rimstedt
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Dec. 7, 2011
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13 hours ago
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Swedish Open Team
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Ola Rimstedt
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Swedish Bridge Federation
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Dennis Bilde is 2017 Player of the Year
Well done!
ATB - Missed slam
Sorry for a bad explanation of all the bids. We have to bid 4 to show 6-4 without showing any tempo in the bidding. 4 would just be a transfer bid (on 4) to show either slam-force or To Play 4.
Mikael Rimstedt's bidding problem: T962 Q754 J7 AK8
On the actual hand partner had KQx, AJxx, Kx, QJxx so 3NT was slightly better since you´ll make when Kx of is on-side. But if you swap K to A 4 is superior.
USA2 Wins Bermuda Bowl
Fantastic win by a fantastic team! First I got beaten up by the European champions in Budapest last year(France) then getting beaten up by the World champions in Lyon this year(USA 2). I´m really not suprised these were the two teams competing for the world title. Thanks ...
CAPLAN Upsets STRUL in Spingold Round of 128
Very well played. It's amazing how it never gets old watching all these superstars on BBO! I've been watching most boards that's been played on BBO and one who impressed me alot was Ralph so I asked myself if he ever does any mistakes? But then I ...
NICKELL Wins Vanderbilt
Congratz! Well played
2016 World Youth Championships medallists
It is Sweden's first team-medal in the Junior category.
What do you continue with?
I found this shiftproblem quite intresting. Partner had xxx, Axx, Axx, T8xx and false-carded in trick 1 so I could find The shift. Too bad it was a speedball so I didn't have time to analyse the whole hand fast enough. But my spadeshift resulted with +200 anyway ...
"Fisher-Schwartz call for WBF investigation" from NewInBridge
I can only speak for my friend who told me this after the incident. The story was like: Lotan were about to go to the bathroom. When he was standing, Hult asked him if he could leave his phone which was visible through his pocket. Lotan than slammed The phone ...

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