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Mikael Rimstedt
Mikael Rimstedt
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Dec. 7, 2011
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Sept. 21
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Swedish Open Team
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Ola Rimstedt
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Swedish Bridge Federation
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Mikael Rimstedt's bidding problem: 6 A8752 A9753 87
Partners hand was QTxxx, KQT, Q9x, Ax. Dbl would often lead to problems on this hand while 2H/2S would probably lead to 4H
Mikael Rimstedt's lead problem: KJT75 QT6 AJT K6
With / / it wasn't hard to make. With any club it was possible but hard to make the contract.
Mikael Rimstedt's lead problem: KJT75 QT6 AJT K6
No, rdbl would show points
ATB - aggressive slam bidding
Not really. I know partner could very well have 5-4 in majors but there’s a few hands with 6-4 you decide to show it as one-suiter instead. So usually partner has 3 only when (54)31. With that hand I would Pass 4. But same bidding before ...
ATB - aggressive slam bidding
A stayman doesn’t require four hearts so there’s more hands than that. With the 5-4/4-5 I stated smolen was available in the article.
ATB - aggressive slam bidding
Thanks for all the comments. On the actual hand I was North and here is my own input: First of all I was about to quote Marion's first sentence. I want to see who wouldn't open North's hand 1NT. For me it was absolutely obvious to open ...
Mikael Rimstedt's bidding problem: J984 --- AKJT6 T753
I was waiting for a comment as Braig's. If I double 1 here I will be afraid that my partner will expect me to have 1-2 hearts. Only time I don´t is if I have exactly a 5440 shape (or a weak hand with 55 in minors ...
Dennis Bilde is 2017 Player of the Year
Well done!
ATB - Missed slam
Sorry for a bad explanation of all the bids. We have to bid 4 to show 6-4 without showing any tempo in the bidding. 4 would just be a transfer bid (on 4) to show either slam-force or To Play 4.
Mikael Rimstedt's bidding problem: T962 Q754 J7 AK8
On the actual hand partner had KQx, AJxx, Kx, QJxx so 3NT was slightly better since you´ll make when Kx of is on-side. But if you swap K to A 4 is superior.

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