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Swedish Bridge Festival cancelled
A great shame but inevitable! I had planned to go for the 7th year running because it is such a great event and Mikke and his team are so welcoming. Fortunately we didnt book flights or hotels. Please let us have 'dates' foor next year as soon as possible so ...
The 2!c strong opening is annoying
The negative 2H is known as 'heart murmur'. It is also a good idea to put all positives without a 4 card suit through 2D and use 2NT as a positive with 5+ hearts.
Does UI have to be helpful to count?
Thanks Paul for what I have found to be the most helpful analysis. I only suggested a procedural penalty in order to recognise that NS were at fault - I just didn't think EW should gain from the situation as I cant see how they have been damaged.
Does UI have to be helpful to count?
David B:- S bid 2S, believing it to show a high card raise to 3 or more rather than just bid 4H so that we would be in a Forcing pass situation if the opponents bid on. If E had not bid that is what 2S would mean & 2N would ...
Does UI have to be helpful to count?
The mis-defence was clear - E switched to spade after leading a top club. The only suit where a discard on the Q clubs is diamonds and East had Jxx so this suit was unlikely to cost. Does it matter how bad the defence was?
Does UI have to be helpful to count?
2S in 'non-double' sequence is raise to 3 or higher
minorwood - what are your rules if 4m is minorwood?
Deadwood is a clear improvement on Minorwood. Here the 1st step shows 0 keys or unsuitable hand in context, other respopnses show key cards. After 1st step, 4NT is to play but next step forces responder to show key cards. So the asking hand will jump to 5m with no ...
2!C-Multi ?
Like others I have played this method for many years. Of course 2D is better than 2C for wk dia hand but then you cant use 2D for Multi, releasing 2H/S for other hands. My philosophy is 'opening is better than passing' - opps often have ill developed methods. Also ...
Attention: all fans and opponents to Polish Club!
We play Dble as bal 12-15 or v strong and 1D by advancer is Staymanic, so 1M is 5 card suit, nf and 1N is forcing 1 round without a major. We also play an immediate 1D as described by David B. I did experiment with Either or Bids [1D ...
Invitational 4M-5m when playing transfer responses to 1C
I play that going via 1S [opener bids 1N with min bal] and then 2H/S showing 4/5 invitational [and 2C shows 5/4]. With 5+ clubs, we bid 1C-1N and over 2C [min bal], 2H/S again shows 4/5 invitational.

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