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Mike Baggott
Mike Baggott
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Feb. 9, 2011
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Do Robots Drink Beer?
Maybe, but they definitely Dream of Electric Sheep ;)
Just how bad can a BBO bot be?
Sick just sick. I can see no reason why such basic logic is not part of Bot algorithms.
(North Shore) Sydney – Club recommendations?
Thanks Kieran. Much appreciated.
Mike Baggott's bidding problem: Kx KQ KJxx KJxxx
Thanks to all who responded. SPOILER ALERT. Do not read below if you want to vote and haven't. 3NT Lose 11 4NT getting to 6NT Push 6 lose 2 Pass win 2 7NT makes on a show up squeeze. Preemptor (Vul) held QJTxxxx xxx Qx x Partner is ...
Transfer Convention Card TO BBO
Perhaps minutiae, but to be able to share convention card definitions would be even better than having to transfer and synchronize cards across multiple sites.
Transfer Convention Card TO BBO
Awesome idea Paul. A standard form (in XML) would be great.
Ideas for Improvement in the ACBL
See the above mention of "TableTop" and the YouTube channel "Geek and Sundry". (Thanks Wikipedia) Bridge players (& organizations) lack of knowledge of such is a great indicator of why we do not reach a younger demographic. It is not Wil Wheaton's former role in StarTrek that makes him a ...
We need teammates for the Vanderbilt
With respect, belongs in the Partnership Desk forum. Though I suspect many are not that familiar with this forum's existence. It doesn't seem to have high usage.
Preconceived Notion
Minor typo in hand play At trick 10 South play 4 when West holds this card
Oldest age to become really good?
Malcolm Gladwell based his book on the work of Dr K Anders Ericcson, and Gladwell took a few liberties. The 10,000 hour theory has been criticised and rebutted in the 2014 (?) response from Ericsson

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