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Mike Becker
Mike Becker
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Oct. 24, 2010
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Sept. 13
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Listening to Star Spangled Banner on podium after Bermuda Bowl win in 1983
Bridge Accomplishments
ACBL Hall of Fame and all that goes with it
Regular Bridge Partners
Aubrey Strul, Warren Spector
Favorite Tournaments
Vanderbilt and Spingold
Favorite Conventions
X of STR NT shows S+another; 2C=C+H, 2D=D+H
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Grand Life Master
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USBF conditions of contest issue
There is only one #1 team. Not one #1 team one way and a different #1 team another way. I agree with Peter that seeding rank should be determined by the PPs that a team earned to get their deep bye, if there is a deep bye. Seems pretty clear ...
Format for USA2 Round of 64
FYI - my 4-eligible-player team has earned a R16 bye, but will not use it (Aubrey and maybe others not playing)
Meckstroth Elected to Hall of Fame
Congrats to Jeff. Everyone on this ballot deserves to be in the HoF, based on comparisons of their records to the records of those who have been elected. Sorry another one or two did not get in. Unless the rules are changed, these people are unlikely to make it into ...
Withdrawal from an Open Trials team - GCOC change proposal
Hi all. Long time no type on anything. We have a rule where, if you enter a USxBC you do so with the intent of representing the U.S. if your team wins. That's not relevant here, but the spirit of it is relevant -- re: W/D in the ...
Becker Wins Reisinger
Our team qualified 5th. Top carryover was 3.81. We had 1.5 and scored 14-15.5 = 29.5 on a 27 ave to win! 31 is an incredibly low score. The last two Reisingers were won with 34 and 33.5
Official Spanish Team Statement
Back in the day, Ronnie Rubin and I played a relay system with a big club and limited openings. After many years, we evolved into psyching 1M at F.V. in 1st and 3rd position. When it happened more than occasionally, we put it on our convention card and (I ...
Seeding in the World Bridge Games
The 2016 Supplemental CoCs say: The Teams are divided in groups, formed according to the criteria and procedures established by the WBF Management Committee and effected by the Wroclaw Championship Committee appointed by the WBF President. According to an insider I was told the following: Neither the "Management Committee" or ...
Seeding in the World Bridge Games
It's silly to seed the field using only one or two recent events. Good performance should be measured over years of play. The WBF MP method, which decays by 15% a year, measures performance over many years, accenting recent years, and is indisputably (IMO) a better method than basing ...
Seeding in the World Bridge Games
Sabine: Like you, I wrote as a player. At the time (and until I read your well written postings), I did not know such a letter should be submitted thru my WBF rep. Anyway, I would have thought this to be a mere technicality. You and I have some stature ...
Seeding in the World Bridge Games
After the World Bridge Series ended in 2010, I wrote a letter to the WBF on the running of the tournament. Many topics were covered, including seeding and rules. At that time, the seeding method used in the Rosenblum was based on WBF MPs. The letter can be found at ...

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