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Mike Becker
Mike Becker
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Oct. 24, 2010
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23 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Listening to Star Spangled Banner on podium after Bermuda Bowl win in 1983
Bridge Accomplishments
ACBL Hall of Fame and all that goes with it
Regular Bridge Partners
Aubrey Strul, Warren Spector
Favorite Tournaments
Vanderbilt and Spingold
Favorite Conventions
X of STR NT shows S+another; 2C=C+H, 2D=D+H
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Grand Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
New Name for this Forum
I like the reorganization very much. This better fits how things are done.
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
Yesterday I stumbled on many comments about my father and Dorothy Hayden in this thread. Here's the 709th comment in a thread whose 708th comment was on January 8th. I don't expect it will be seen by many people. I was saddened and surprised to see Bobby Wolff ...
A different Eligibility Question - ACBL Discipline
1. There is a big difference between more than 90 days and 90 days or more. 1 day! Is three months more than 90 days or less than 90 days or 90 days? Does it depend on which three months are used and/or if it starts at the beginning ...
Senior USBC seeding from 2020 on
Among other things decided -- Keep the old senior seeding points but decay them until they disappear.
A different Eligibility Question - ACBL Discipline
Yes they were from the ACBL and incorporated into our CoCs. The Old Appendix P. You are right, as usual -- the above paragraph was last used in 2004 CoCs. I have nothing after 2004 that uses the word, "probation" in any document. So the Current General CoCs are on the ...
A different Eligibility Question - ACBL Discipline
I mostly agree. History: 2000 CoCs 1.e. below = more than 90 days (not 90 days or more) and this wording carries thru on docs in my archives thru 2012. ***However -- this pertained to when a player was to play in the WBF event rather than when a player was ...
A different Eligibility Question - ACBL Discipline
"A player not in good standing can play in ACBL events other than the NAP and GNT Unit level or higher competitions." A confusing sentence. I think this means a player not in good standing cannot play in unit GNT, NAP, + Regionals + NABCs, but all other unit level competitions are ...
Poll #3: Restrictions on Player Who has Qualified for Two Events
So the vote was 17 to 13. Good to know. Thank you. Would have been better to know earlier.
Poll #3: Restrictions on Player Who has Qualified for Two Events
I see 16 Yes to 22 No and one "other." By the old rules, Board members can vote, whether they play in USBCs or not (or whether the TAC Chair has authorized them to be voting members even though they don't play in USBCs) Two of the yesses are ...
Poll #3: Restrictions on Player Who has Qualified for Two Events
I heard that the BoD vote was 4-3. Since the ITTC vote was not close, I don't understand why we are making a rule change based on 1 BoD member's swing vote rather than the 36 member TAC or the larger ITTC group. (Other than the BoD has ...

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