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Mike Bell
Mike Bell
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Jan. 21, 2011
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5 hours ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

England Open Team for 2020 Euros in Madeira, partnering Ben Norton. I had some success in the US in 2017 partnering David Gold on Richie Schwartz's team.

I live in London with my wife, Sarah - also an NABC+ winner, also playing in Madeira (on the England women's team).

United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Psyching a world-class pair into their 5-0 fit at the five-level in the semi-final of a major KO. Zia was in my seat at the other table and didn't find the psyche!
Bridge Accomplishments
US (all 2017): Mitchell BAM winner, Spingold semi-finalist and "won" a session of the Reisinger final. Non-US: Winner of Yeh Bros Pairs, Spring Foursomes (3 times), Chairman's Cup, Gold Cup, English Premier League (4 times).
Regular Bridge Partners
Ben Norton, Tony Forrester, Sarah Bell
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Young Chelsea
Favorite Tournaments
Spring Foursomes, held in Stratford-upon-Avon
Favorite Conventions
In response to 1C - 1D = 4+hearts, 1S = 5+spades, 1H = neither of the above
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Confession of a Self-Kibitzer
Michal referred to an unspecified period of "time off". How is this inherently lenient? Admittedly it would have come across better for him to frame it as, "in addition to whatever ban is served, I would like to offer to do some community service", but I believe his intent was ...
Confession of a Self-Kibitzer
Given Michal's partner is on the anti-cheating committee I am pretty sure they will already know of any suspicious activity he has observed.
2020 North American Online Bridge Championships
So say Q3 starts at 6pm EDT. Does Q4 have a set start time or can the teams restart when ready?
2020 North American Online Bridge Championships
Default 1pm EST => that's the start time unless the teams agree otherwise
2020 North American Online Bridge Championships
Ah, a struggle for Europeans then. I was hoping it would be up to the teams when they restarted but I guess all the invites are done centrally.
2020 North American Online Bridge Championships
Thanks Chris. Is there a set starting time for subsequent sets? Just wondering how late the matches will tend to finish.
Andrea Buratti plays in Major Alt
- The committee's role seems to be to tell event organisers to avoid specified players who are likely to cheat in their events. - This means that Buratti's presence is arguably nothing to do with them - no event organiser needs a committee to tell them that Buratti used to cheat ...
Andrea Buratti plays in Major Alt
It is unclear to me whether players who said they would withdraw from any event where a known cheat was participating were speaking in anger, bluffing, or merely referring to cheats who hadn't "served their time". I didn't make such a statement myself but I don't hold ...
Andrea Buratti plays in Major Alt
I just lost to this team by 50 IMPs, is it too late to chuck them out and have their results annulled?
Anti cheating committee
Going through 3 leaks information. It is perfectly consistent to think that raising 2N to 3N is the best way to bid the hand, but to prefer to raise 3 to 4 once you are in that position.

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