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Mike Bell
Mike Bell
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Basic Information

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Jan. 21, 2011
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46 minutes ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

England international and system geek

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
Spingold semi-finalist. Winner of Yeh Bros Pairs, Spring Fours, Chairman's Cup, England Trials
Regular Bridge Partners
David Gold, Tony Forrester, Michael Byrne, Sarah Bell
Favorite Conventions
Stayman over 1NT, I've tried to come up with something better but to no avail!
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Switch Horses
"Bypassing on a balanced hand is more attractive playing Precision than playing Standard." The counter-argument to the one you present is that, on a weak NT with four spades, it's more attractive to rebid 1 (11-15) than 1 (11-18), as partner is much more likely to be ...
About that demographic cliff...
Glen - parallels with global warming IMO.
English tournament entries
It costs £158 to enter both swiss weekends, or £183 to enter the entire week. £25 seems staggeringly cheap for the midweek events. If the venue at Brighton was proving too expensive, finding a way to raise this figure seems an obvious place to start. Presumably, part of the reason ...
Flipping for Winning
I'm aware of a player being fined in R2 of the Spingold for the exact same offence - a phone in his pocket "turned itself on" and made a noise, in this case when he bent down to pick up boards. Oh, and English was his first language...
Glad I didn't lead a trump now, then there would have been no story.
PASKE Wins Mixed BAM
Three days before you*
2017 Spingold Scoreboard: Opening Round
No, 26-31 are playing versus 76-81, the matches just don't fit on the page.
Forcing or Non-forcing Two-level bids after an Overall?
NF is massively better after a one-level overcall, but merely superior after a two-level overcall. I'm not convinced by transfers here, you need the space to sort out ranges after a good raise, making 2M-1 show the good raise is pretty poor. One partner goes the other way and ...
And then CHO bid 2!D
The title implies you are South, the bidding panel implies you are East.
The 'joy' of crass-imps
You enter a BAM event. Both pairs have average cards, but they combine well and you have a lot of small wins and a few large losses. Was this skill or luck? This factor is relevant at IMPs too, but less so. You enter a teams event. Your pair is ...

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