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Mike Bennett
Mike Bennett
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Oct. 5, 2015
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about me

Married to Joan since 1964 and played Bridge (but not as we now know it) since 1960 when we met at Imperial College. We love playing teams of eight. 

United Kingdom

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Joan, Luiza, Dominic, Clive
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Wallingford, Hambleden,
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Wessex League
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Lost Power of Double!
When I played in Berks and Bucks county events there was one bidding box that had mainly our usual doubles 'X'but had one 'D' card which was from a European box. I fell foul of a coffee house double after a long pause in an Oxfordshire league of 8 ...
New Coronavirus Forum
In the UK I do not see the 70+s getting our 'get out of jail card' until a vaccine is freely available. That covers most club players and volunteers in our schools bridge program. Fortunately I spent the last seven days on a bridge holiday in Cyprus. Our airline ...
Knoxville Fall Sectional Pro-Am draws 51 tables
My club has a Pro-Am every two months. The Pros and Ams pretty much define themselves under the watchful eye of the organiser. Only Pro-Am pairs may win a prize _ 4 bottles of wine to the first, two bottles to the second and two bottles to the pair closest ...
It Hesitated. Should I Shoot Myself?
His bid was 4S and his partner had taken no further part in the auction.
It Hesitated. Should I Shoot Myself?
About 10 years ago in a league match one of our opponents whose partner had hesitated before passing simply said I acknowledge my partner's hesitation and made his bid. He was a top director in Berks and Bucks so his approach is unlikely to be very wrong. I have ...
Asking out of turn
Our club has grown to 400+ members. The chairman of some 10+ years turned the club which was known to be 'unfriendly' into a club where county players and novices now mix quite happily. Everybody understands that the director is there to help. We are the 20th largest club in ...
Asking out of turn
Were convention cards in view so opponents could consult? If not good luck in calling the director. If we assume we are dealing with a club session and our approach should be sympathetic to those who lack appreciation of some of the laws especially those that it would be in ...
Superior Defense to 2N Opener Showing both minors?
Probably pass and lie in wait.
Superior Defense to 2N Opener Showing both minors?
X both majors equal length, 3C both majors longer hearts, 3D both majors longer spades.
My Grandson
Take him to bridge camp along with any sibling or friend who wants to go. Joan my wife did this with three of our grandchildren. Then be prepared to play with them in local events during school holidays. If practical have family games. When the numbers are right we play ...
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