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Mike Bennett
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Oct. 5, 2015
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about me

Married to Joan since 1964 and played Bridge (but not as we now know it) since 1960 when we met at Imperial College. We love playing teams of eight. 

United Kingdom

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Joan, Luiza, Dominic, Clive
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Wallingford, Hambleden,
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Wessex League
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Bridge is a sport. What else? by José Damiani
Based on the assumption that Bridge would not be classified as a sport by the man in the street the European Court of Justice ruled against the EBU in the case where they sought exemption from VAT on competition entries. They allowed that individual countries could grant exemption on grounds ...
BW 2/1: 100% GF?
Since I do not play 2/1 I abstained. But I would comment that 40% have an out and of the 60% several prominent players, who say 100% forcing, have an out when they play it. Surely simple is Standard American.
Fail to alert, the ruling and what wold you have bid?
The experienced pair are not looking at matching CCs. If E has the version showing a normal raise and has bothered to read it you cannot invoke this clause about protecting themselves.
Bid or Pass?
How many had to contend with an intermediate 2H opening?
Bid or Pass?
At my table my 76 year old junior partner would have opened 1D.
Bid or Pass?
This hand I open 2H. We play 11-15hcp in 4th seat.
Public statement from and myself
The tournament regulations say all entrants must be members of an NBO. Which NBO has Fantoni as a member?
Director's explanations on comparable calls
In the recent past the EBU produced a series of on-line video shorts explaining various rulings. I hope that they will produce a series on the comparable call to back up the workshops available last summer. Even among those who attended a workshop there is a general lack of confidence ...
Responding to opening 2!D showing 18-19 balanced
But see Bocchi and Madala who play 2C as 18/19 balanced and 2D game force. Their CC from Bali 2013 can be found on Ecatsbridge. That would be my choice.
Statistical Models for Testing Illegal Communication
Surely it is now time for the WBF to determine if AOC has the competence to hear and rule on such arguments. If the answer is no then they must withdraw from the Olympic movement. I hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth from across the channel where they want ...
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