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Mike Bennett
Mike Bennett
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Oct. 5, 2015
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Bridge Player
about me

Married to Joan since 1964 and played Bridge (but not as we now know it) since 1960 when we met at Imperial College. We love playing teams of eight. 

United Kingdom

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Joan, Luiza, Dominic, Clive
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Wallingford, Hambleden,
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Wessex League
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Claim ruling poll
The laws are quite specific about play when a claim involves a failure to state how to deal with a missing trump. Footnote shows _Normal play includes play that would be careless or inferior for the player in question. For this situation normal play is mentioned again. So no doubt ...
4th seat: 2M vs. 1M-1NT-2M
We play intermediate (11-15) with six card suit. Then Ogust applies.
ATB: very round zero
I suspect it was army slang which migrated to estuary English and hence to wider use.
Martian Standard Defense to Big Club
Let us see. Meckstroff in effect says natuaral defences cause me the most grief. The Bocchi and Madala CC says simply 'systems on' for defence to strong one level suit bids. i.e. natural.
Upside down count question
We play as described by Jeff Lehman with one exception. The very rare event that partner leads your five card suit is a problem. I have seen top international pairs on BBO who do not believe their luck and switch. So I lie and pretend I have four. Partner does ...
Play or defend?
Exactly how we would bid it. Also as we would have done 6 months ago playing 4 card majors!
Play or defend?
Deep Finesse says defend on a heart lead. Back to real life who leads a heart when top of a sequence in spades is available?
Delayed spade overcall
Four card spade suit with an assumed fit and a fair share of the points. Probably 16 total tricks and no time to sell out to 2H having the boss suit.
Systems Poll
We call that 4 card minors. By far the quickest way to launch people at club sessions. Because you play 4 card majors there are many evenings you play using just take-out doubles and Stayman. The toys are not used.
Systems Poll
Other. In July Joan and I switched from Benji-Acol to a 5 card major strong NT system using Benji style 2 bids essentially a variant of SEF. I like both systems. I have a soft spot for Modern Acol (Standard English) which gets good results with a minimum of conventions ...
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