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Mike Bilon
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Jan. 6, 2011
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Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: A4 5 KQT85 AKJT7
It would be nice to know the hand in question. Why don't they post them more often after a period of time?
Liam Milne's lead problem: J863 A AQ42 8542
It would be nice to see what the N/S hands were.
Numan Bakar's bidding problem: T9 AT98743 A85 6
Vul against NoVul i'm a little more conservative particularly with missing honour cards. Equal Vul probably 3H.
Danny Sprung's bidding problem: AKQ753 AQ4 --- AK84
At the end of the discussion please let me know what the final contrack was and hand. Thanks and have a great day
Mario Fonzo's lead problem: xx Axxx 987xx Qx
I'm a 'newbe' in these forums. What was the resulting lead and hand?
Yves Lefebvre's bidding problem: AJ4 A KJ94 AT642
I'd reverse over a major response. Partner can decide on the nt level or can use 4th. suit to move to minor slam wit strong minor suit fits.
Yves Lefebvre's bidding problem: AJ4 A KJ94 AT642
I expect to reverse 2D over the major respone. P can decide on the nt level.
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