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Mike Cassel
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June 24, 2010
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about me

Grow the membership?  How about nurturing the members we already have who are at the bottom of the MP totem pole.  Find out how we can help them better appreciate the game, attend local, regional, and national tournaments.  Let's recast the special events, particularly the GNTs so that newer players learn to play imps and enjoy the difference between imps and matchpoints.  Reward districts who hold club qualifying events for Flight C players.

Our special events could be driving participation to a much greater extent than they are doing.  Live tournament bridge will sputter if we don't engage new club players to enjoy play in a larger venue. It's time for a new grass roots approach: North American Swiss Pairs. Qualify during the Grass Roots Fund month in May and earn the right to play at the fall NABC. The grass roots events, NAP and GNT, should be designed to excite newer players, not just reward those who are already coming to the NABCs


Start the 6K Spingold on Day 2 of the regular Spingold. Structure the NABC+ events in a way that encourages folks to play up.

Lobby your ACBL Board rep to move the 10K event at the start of the Spring NABC to Sat-Sun rather than starting on Day1 of both the Platinum and the IMP Pairs. Bueller?  Bueller?  Hello?  Strive to schedule the start 10K events on day 2 of 3 day NABC+ events whenever possible.

Scheduling a 10K event final that falls on day 1 of a new NABC+ event is WRONG


The ACBL doesn't need a one size fits all policy for team entry fees.  If you want 100% of the masterpoints then you pay your 100%.  A 6 person team willing to receive proportional overall awards, as we do in Swiss team events, can pay the 4 person team entry fee.  We already track the sitouts.  This is not rocket science

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
23imp pickup in Vegas mini-Spingold; a club game this year with a 15 top and no matchpoint score lower than 6 (40%). first time in 35 years of membership with no bottom or average minus
Bridge Accomplishments
Editor for the Gopher Regional Daily Bulletin and weekly Minneapolis Grand Slam Club Bulletins
Member of Bridge Club(s)
D14 GNT Coordinator
Favorite Tournaments
any one with Web Movements and level playing fields
Favorite Conventions
Xfr advances/1MX, Def vs. Michaels(majors), Reverse Smith, 4way 2H/1m, 4way 2C/1M
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
Officer's Club Mentoring Team Card
2 over 1
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Mike Cassel & Barry Purrington
2 over 1
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Ben Kristensen
2 over 1
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Mike Cassel & Harry Sapienza
Forcing Club
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Terry Lijewski mx1920
2 over 1
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Bill & Sue Treble
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Mike&Peter 15May15
2/1 GF
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Mike Kamil Gabby Sherman Mike Cassel
2 over 1
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Please Rank your Top 3 Favorite systems played by you
5533 ? 4444 ? i would have separated standard systems: 4card majors vs 5 cards major openings
Strategy Workshop
CRM "Think New Members"? My profile on BW: Grow the membership? How about nurturing the members we already have who are at the bottom of the MP totem pole. Find out how we can help them better appreciate the game, & attend local, regional, and national tournaments. I have no idea ...
In The Well: Ralph Katz
Congrats on your impending HOF induction. My Q is the flip side of joining Nickell. Would you be willing to share anything of the personal dynamics when a longterm relationship as you had with George comes to an ending? What is the interplay between friendship, loyalty, and "it's just ...
BOD Journal Motions for Atlanta
Has anyone been able to find the "following charts" mentioned below? Item 182-28BR: BSAF KO Bracket Changes A KO event may be scheduled with the first two sessions played as a Round Robin or Swiss to qualify four teams to the semifinals and finals played over the next two sessions ...
Carding Question
Conditions of contest dictate whether I am trying to beat the contract or avoid helping declarer find overtricks.
BOD Journal Motions for Atlanta
I have a lot sympathy for this position. If you look at the overall awards at regionals where there is Gold Rush one day but not the next the awards for the Open Pairs are seriously out of alignment. Unfortunately, SOF, if defined by total masterpoints, has serious deficiencies. There ...
BOD Journal Motions for Atlanta
Ray, I've heard the excuse that it's expensive to have many more preduplicated board sets. Fairness in a matchpoint event seems to be more of an issue for the A/X crowd. Certainly in a more perfect world all events would insure that no more than 30 boards ...
BOD Journal Motions for Atlanta
In the 10 years I have been the GNT coordinator in D14 I can identify many of our district Flight C GNT champions who had either never attended a NABC or rarely did so who are now regular attendees. There are many challenges to the better utilization of the ACBL ...
BOD Journal Motions for Atlanta
I fail to see how offering a 50% increase in the overall award structure for Flight C GNT district finals can have a negative consequence. I fail to see how, under any circumstance, offering an additional bite at an invitation to a national final of a national event, would have ...
BOD Journal Motions for Atlanta
Comments were made at the last BOG meeting about lingering cigarette odor from heavy smokers. I agree that enforcement, if this motion passes, will be a challenge.

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