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July 30, 2013
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May 27, 2019
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Unusual Ruling.
is it possible the original case was somewhat different? Suppose the 4 heart bidder believed the double and he ran to 5 diamonds. No UI assuming opener kept a straight face and now the the opponents were damaged by the MI and the ruling makes sense. As presented, the director ...
Kokish Precision
Clubs, diamonds and hearts already bid, mostly too late to worry about rightsiding.
Way To Go Gavin
Every pro sports owner wants to buy a championship, not just bridge! Only in bridge must the owner actually play to claim his trophy. Congratulations to all of USA 2 and congratulations to Mr. Fireman both for putting together a successful team as well as playing.
If it Hesitates Shoot it.
Perhaps I miss understood the options but I meant as a bridge judgement, pass is not cLear but as an ethical question pass is the only option.
ACBLscore Update
Unfortunately, new windows software usually means three keystrokes are replaced by 6 mouse moves, 6 clicks and 3 keystrokes followed by a pause as bloated windows UI turns a 5 year old computer into molasses. I’d still be using the DOS version of ACBLscore if Bridgemates supported it. Its ...
Skip Bids; To Warn or Not to Warn
in reference to Greg's comment above about the documents linked to the codification being "currently in effect", several things in chapter 12(of what I don't know) are not current. 15-18 NT non-announcements and 1997 law elections are certainly not "current". How can we be certain of anything ...
Skip Bids; To Warn or Not to Warn
Even though this document is on the ACBL's web site, it is clearly out of date. References to 1997 law elections and no announcement for 15-18 no trumps don't belong in a current document. Duplicate Decisions(2008) contains what I thought were current regulations: The ACBL has authorized ...
Higher ACBL Fees for Non-Members
Aren't tournaments priced to make money? Won't they make more if attendance is higher? Shouldn't we welcome non members for the contribution they make to the whole and not extort additional funds from them because they do not have the good taste to join us. The tournaments ...
"Already Made"
Playing with a partner known for his paranoia (and conspiracy theories), we came to a table with the boards already dealt. Two magics slams bid and made later, along with post mortum analysis that seemed to have logic jumps I couldn't follow left me thinking "these guys are good ...
5 recent BW comments on ACBL technology
la jolla bridge does a great job of combining ACBLscore output with hand records and dd analysis. The resulting html will give individual summaries, too. Our club chose to spend money on bridgemates, not a dealing machine so hands are entered into the ...
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