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Mike Doecke
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March 26, 2012
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Club UI problem
Pass is definitely a logical alternative for me. 4S is super wide ranging on this auction (maybe 3-15 HCP?) and the opponents could easily be cold for slam.
What a play by Maksymilian Chodacki
"Always cover the 6 with the 9" might be a bit tough to sell. Matt bumped into the declarer today and mentioned the hand again. Maksymilian's first comment was that he regretted his misplay! He should've led the S4 to the S7 - can't afford to waste that ...
Conceal the Spot
I played 2NT as a puppet to 3C for a while but felt that it was only effective against weaker opponents that hadn't discussed a defense. To counter Kit's main point, the frequency of a G/F 2-suiter is low. This is especially true when the 4th seat ...
Way to Recover
Long time reader, infrequent contributor but still loving your column. Many thanks for writing it! It's especially refreshing to hear from a top level player that is willing to share some failures along with the triumphs. Re: this hand, I'm an experienced strong club theory-crafter and can appreciate ...
Liam Milne's bidding problem: AKQJ72 J9 T874 8
Well done with the problem! You do clarify that 2D is usually a 5c suit, but I think you need to go a bit more in depth into the rest of the methods to get meaningful results. E.g. I answered based on the assumption that you play 2C* as ...
Bridge Cheating Scandal - A New Cheat
I think the joke has gone over your head Jim ;)
A satisfying hand
Maybe i'm missing something, but if Heart's did start 6/3 and RHO discarded 2 hearts (on the run of the diamonds) you can just keep an extra spade in hand, and play spades. At most you'll lose 3 hearts and the SA.
Mitch Towner: Poker and Bridge Winner on Same Day
Automatic call, Not close.
The Wife and I
Sounds like your wife is becoming quite the bridge player :)
1N - 3C as Minor Suit Stayman?
The continuations I prefer are: 3D = Shortage ask. 3H/3S = Natural, good 5c suit. 3NT = To Play. No interest in either minor. 4m = Suit setting slam try. Having 3D available as a shortage ask is the main thing that makes this method playable.

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