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March 26, 2012
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Aussie Youth NPC and Mini No-Trump Advocate :D

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Dodge a Bullet
I disagree pretty strongly with Kit's position here. Even if a call is 'instructional' you're still obligated to describe what hand partner might have to bid that way to the best of your ability. This includes all the explicit and implicit partnership agreements relating to that call and ...
Restricted choice?
Completely unrelated to this hand, but I have huge sympathy for the error of taking an assumption and turning it into a fact. It's probably my biggest failing in card-play and I would love to see the idea turned into a book!
Restricted choice?
I think David's plan to play spades first is an improvement - even just on principle. Once in a while East will show up with 2 spades (you would play for drop), and its also not impossible that they have 5 small spades (you would hook). You also gain an ...
Restricted choice?
I think the 1S vs 1NT decision is a lot more interesting if you assume the 1D was natural (and potentially lead directional). In that case, I'd lean pretty heavily towards 1S, just because of the diamond pips. Its easy to imagine a tight 3NT contract starting with a ...
Restricted choice?
Andrew didn't include it in the initial post but this particular E/W pair leans heavily towards tactical 3rd seat openings, especially when NV. In fact, RHOs hand on the actual deal included neither the A or K of hearts. (T96 98753 AQJ4 Q). If they had held a ...
Phil Markey's bidding problem: 6 KQJ2 A52 JT642
Strongly agree that the main factor should be the opponents but I also think the format (relatively short butler matches) makes a difference. Early in a set, or later in the set if we were leading, I'd lean fairly heavily towards passing. However, I've been following Phil's ...
Couch surfing
This kind of circular logic creates an interesting legal/ethical situation. The bottom-line is that I don't think South is obligated to divulge their methods until you explain the meaning of redouble. If N/S has an agreement that pass shows 'no preference' over a strong redouble, and as ...
John Newman's bidding problem: AQJ9752 84 K4 J7
I don't play much poker these days Bob - gotta get my fix at the bridge table...
John Newman's bidding problem: T43 A72 AJ52 K73
Why should partner settle for a 5/3 heart fit when they have a known 5/4 or 5/5 diamond fit? It's a part-score board and the opponents are about to compete in spades!
John Newman's bidding problem: T43 A72 AJ52 K73
I've never had this auction before :) I think partner has shapely maximum passed hand with diamonds, hearts and tolerance for defending. Perhaps x Kxxxx QTxxx Ax. I'll bid 4 which hopefully sends the message that I have a good hand in context and want partner to choose ...

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