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Mike Dorn Wiss
Mike Dorn Wiss
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Basic Information

Member Since
March 14, 2011
Last Seen
Feb. 22
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Bridge Writer
about me

Author of "Shadow in the Bridge World" and "How NOT to Play Bridge - The Bridge Seminars of Professor Gaston Gitane-Gauloise"


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Yukkin' it up at the Hawaii Nationals with Jim McAvoy. Salad days sectionals in Waskesiu, Saskatchewan with Earl (Hog) Knipfel, Ken Robertson, Pat Boyle; Dr. Bill (Luke) Lucas. 7 Fucking Hearts Doubled hand vs. Fred Gitelman.
Bridge Accomplishments
Once managed to count to 13...
Favorite Tournaments
Penticton, Palm Springs (Rancho Mirage), Seaside, Hawaii, Bangkok
Favorite Conventions
"Flowers" (Fit Jumps), Hello
BBO Username
Wisskers. M_DornWiss (Formerly O_Bones)
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Defining Bridge
Bang on, Richard, and feel free to romanticise the past - it WAS better. My upbringing in the game parallels yours. I delighted in playing in the strongest games I could find, and was happy being the weakest player on a team until the day came when I wasn't. Ridiculous ...
Defining Bridge
"The ACBL is our NBO, what are its goals? " The ACBL has only one goal: to make money through the sale of monkeypoints.
Settle A Bet
A LR = 10 to a bad 12 points. That hand is an ugly "pancake 9". Only a bean counter sees 10. (K&R rate it as 9.15, handing it the fraction for the presence of the T.) It is a clear raise to 2, intending to accept any ...
Mike Dorn Wiss's bidding problem: 7 AQ63 AT AQT965
Apparently 4 = One suited Major; 4/ = That Major and a minor, at least 5-5. In this case the other minor can be problematic.
Yuan Shen's lead problem: Q743 T9875 K6 T9
Since declarer showed both a fit and jumped to the slam when hearing of the control I considered a lead, but I think it more likely to find 's 5=3=1=4 'round the table. If partner has the K we may score two natural ...
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: x Kxx JTxxx AKQx
That would be ludicrous on the first but I concur on the second where I meant that the 's were Ax, just the flip flop of the first holding - both of them holding 9 HCP where it is correct to start with 1.
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: x Kxx JTxxx AKQx
3 is my first choice. At the worst partner must hold something like AxxxAxxJTxxxx or even AxxxxAKJTxxxx, or KxxxAxAxTxxxx. Wherever he is going clearly NT is not his interest. I am unsure if we are to play at the 5 ...
Mike Dorn Wiss's bidding problem: 7 AQ63 AT AQT965
Mike Dorn Wiss's bidding problem: 7 AQ63 AT AQT965
Here then is the complete story: I was asked about this hand by an advanced player who played it partnered with a multiple National event winner. At the time I was presented it I was not told about the alert as the player wanted to know my opinion had one ...
Mike Dorn Wiss's bidding problem: 7 AQ63 AT AQT965
Since, Diamond - like you - I am in Thailand full time right now, rolling a doobie is not an issue, as even that can get a person a stay in the Monkey House. I have developed instead (and for the first time in my life) a taste for beer for a ...

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