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Mike Dorn Wiss
Mike Dorn Wiss
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March 14, 2011
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9 hours ago
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Bridge Writer
about me

Author of "Shadow in the Bridge World" and "How NOT to Play Bridge - The Bridge Seminars of Professor Gaston Gitane-Gauloise"


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Yukkin' it up at the Hawaii Nationals with Jim McAvoy. Salad days sectionals in Waskesiu, Saskatchewan with Earl (Hog) Knipfel, Ken Robertson, Pat Boyle; Dr. Bill (Luke) Lucas. 7 Fucking Hearts Doubled hand vs. Fred Gitelman.
Bridge Accomplishments
Once managed to count to 13...
Favorite Tournaments
Penticton, Palm Springs (Rancho Mirage), Seaside, Hawaii, Bangkok
Favorite Conventions
"Flowers" (Fit Jumps), Hello
BBO Username
M_DornWiss; Wisskers. (Formerly O_Bones)
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What the WBF is going on?
More Firesign Theatre: "You can't get there from here." - "Roll another bomber, Catherwood, and leave it on the side table."
One of us is deluded(maybe both)
A cogent comment, Mike. On one of my BBO "handles" (yes, I have a few) I state in reference to my own abilities in the game: "I am a simpleton, but only in a room of world class players." I am - and well-known world class friends of mine concur - an ...
Is this bid alertable.
Kit - If your agreement with Fred is that after opener's 2 rebid 2 is a relay to show a minor invite what then are a direct 3 and 3 in your system? Not playing Flannery opener of course might have only a doubleton club. What ...
Avon Wilsmore's lead problem: AJ6 AT2 KT96 987
With the 's stopped on my left (KJ?) it is likely partner's are relatively weak. He is therefore going to be holding some minor suit values. I am not about to pickle his holding with a pedestrian 9 lead and therefore choose a Rusinow 9 (the T ...
EOC case in Orlando - view from the peanut gallery
All my bridge viewpoint has to do with is the zero or ten VP rule, and how I feel about it. In life my "civil disobedience", or viewpoint as it were, has to do with weed, and not VP's. I have been contentedly protesting THAT sucker for over fifty-four ...
EOC case in Orlando - view from the peanut gallery
Peg - Without getting into the old saw that "rules are meant to be broken" I am aware that rules both good and bad, both right and wrong, were written by Man, and are therefore - fortunately rarely - fallible. I happen to disagree with any bridge establishment (NBO) rule that would award ...
EOC case in Orlando - view from the peanut gallery
John - You expect correctly in your first example. If the two teams behind me stub their dinks by both getting zero VP's because they sat in the same direction that is their mistake and they should indeed pay for it. If they were both awarded 10 VP's to ...
EOC case in Orlando - view from the peanut gallery
Let me get this straight: Your team finishes a Swiss leading the field (and my team) by 9 VP's; my team and the one we are playing in the last match screw up and sit in same direction and thereby have no results of comparison. Now you think we ...
EOC case in Orlando - view from the peanut gallery
Wee Willie was right; to paraphrase him, this appears to be a great deal of ado about not too much at all.
Declarer play instantly at T1--"ive got no problem im thinking about the whole hand"
Drew - I concur in your wish that a significant trick one pause should be protocol. However, you have hit one of my personal pet peeves (e.g. - "So-and-so gave 110%"). This is like saying "Infinity plus one". 100% is ALL.

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