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Mike Dorn Wiss
Mike Dorn Wiss
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March 14, 2011
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Writer
about me

Author of "Shadow in the Bridge World" and "How NOT to Play Bridge - The Bridge Seminars of Professor Gaston Gitane-Gauloise"


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Yukkin' it up at the Hawaii Nationals with Jim McAvoy. Salad days sectionals in Waskesiu, Saskatchewan with Earl (Hog) Knipfel, Ken Robertson, Pat Boyle; Dr. Bill (Luke) Lucas. 7 Fucking Hearts Doubled hand vs. Fred Gitelman.
Bridge Accomplishments
Once managed to count to 13...
Favorite Tournaments
Penticton, Palm Springs (Rancho Mirage), Seaside, Hawaii, Bangkok
Favorite Conventions
"Flowers" (Fit Jumps), Hello
BBO Username
Wisskers. M_DornWiss (Formerly O_Bones)
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Ian Rowlands's bidding problem: J8542 KQJ652 K T
Anything but 'Pass' is an "RCA Victor" bid - bidding to hear your "master's" (your own) voice.
Small Sectional Swiss Team Event
Jeff has a good point. Perhaps a solution would be to award monkeypoints in a similar fashion as is done with chess ratings. If one plays a higher ranked team and beats them - even in a short swiss match, they should get more points than if they beat a lower ...
Small Sectional Swiss Team Event
Tim, I concur. It is bad enough that certain petty personality types complain, but worse that the money-grubbing ACBL cowtows to them, afraid that not to do so would drive entrants away. The complainers are basically old fuddie-duddies whose egos attach an unrealistic importance to the acquisition of monkeypoints, a ...
Small Sectional Swiss Team Event
If you think this kind of turnout sucks, wait about twenty years (or less) when the vast majority of ACBL members will have croaked of old age.
Jason Feldman's bidding problem: AJ QJ Jxx AKQJxx
There's a lot of good players choosing each of the three reasonable actions - Double, 3NT, and 2 - so clearly there is a certain degree of validity to all of them. In my simple bridge world a double followed later by the bid of a suit shows a single ...
proofredaers wanted!
I prefer to eschew obfuscation.
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: AQ5 AKQ63 943 63
This is hardly a "problem hand". Opening 1 is clear, as starting 1NT with two open side suits is unpalatable. Rebidding 2 after a 1 response is just as clear, as it is the least of the "misdescriptions" one can make. Rebidding 3, although fine on ...
Philip Calder's bidding problem: JT6 KJT AKJ64 J9
There is a mild case to be made for doubling initially with 4=3=5=1 or 3=4=5=1 rather than choosing a 1 overcall, but with only three card support for both majors combined with a great five card suit double is completely wrong. Should ...
Smolen after an opening 2N?
Passing is jocular. Just bid 2/// (your choice) and then when you correct the mis/underbid to 3 partner is barred. (For those getting their ethical shorts in a knot I'm just being jocular again.) Leonard is correct. Use 3 Staymouse and pass ...
Dorn Bishop's lead problem: AJ3 543 Q97 AJ96
Just wondering. We're finally getting a picture of the hand you can't remember. We now know declarer was 2=3=3=5 minimum with Qx?xxJxxKQTxx. She (can we concede declarer from your comments was not a "he"?) didn't have any beyond the ...

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