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Mike Dorn Wiss
Mike Dorn Wiss
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Member Since
March 14, 2011
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May 21
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Bridge Writer
about me

Author of "Shadow in the Bridge World" and "How NOT to Play Bridge - The Bridge Seminars of Professor Gaston Gitane-Gauloise"


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Yukkin' it up at the Hawaii Nationals with Jim McAvoy. Salad days sectionals in Waskesiu, Saskatchewan with Earl (Hog) Knipfel, Ken Robertson, Pat Boyle; Dr. Bill (Luke) Lucas. 7 Fucking Hearts Doubled hand vs. Fred Gitelman.
Bridge Accomplishments
Once managed to count to 13...
Favorite Tournaments
Penticton, Palm Springs (Rancho Mirage), Seaside, Hawaii, Bangkok
Favorite Conventions
"Flowers" (Fit Jumps), Hello
BBO Username
Wisskers. M_DornWiss (Formerly O_Bones)
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Michael Christensen's bidding problem: A4 KJ6 84 AJT965
"...if your double had actually meant a single suited hand..." "1nt - 15-17 X - Single suited hand 2H - Transfer" I DID think the initial DBL. showed a 1-suited hand, because - silly me - I was told so. Since you were apparently the one who "found" the 4 bid I can understand ...
Michael Christensen's bidding problem: A4 KJ6 84 AJT965
Lovely. What the hell was 4 all about? Simpleton that I am I actually thought partner was 1=5=6=1, and was sniffing out a red eight card fit, something like xATxxxKQTxxxx. I preferred 5 to 5 since a ruff may have ...
In The Well: Chip Martel
Who are your fave science fiction authors overall and what are your five fave titles?
What's partner trying to signal ? - Part I
And less need to underlead it as that will be 10 tricks. That leaves a , whence declarer, that dirty dog, turns out to be 2=2=5=4 for 10 again and I get to see partner's raised eyebrow whilst scraping the egg off my face. Fuggit; I ...
What's partner trying to signal ? - Part I
Oblique Smith is irrelevant, and count is pointless. If partner has the K and declarer is something like JxQJxAQxxKxxx it is imperative that I cash the A to beat the hand. If the royals are reversed I will look silly underleading my bullet and letting this ...
Thomas van der Hoeden's bidding problem: AT8 T7 AQ73 AQJ6
This is not a problem. I "shot my wad" with my initial Double. I have nothing to add, such as an extra K above the two level values, or a singleton along with a fourth . Further bidding is "RCA Victor", bidding in order to hear my own Master ...
Phil Clayton's bidding problem: Kx x AKJ9xxxx xx
I play 4th seat jumps after three passes as constructive (similarly after an opener on my left and two passes), the primary objective being to get to 3NT when partner can count an advertised number of tricks in my hand. A two level jump would show a six bagger and ...
Say No To Cheats
I am unfamiliar with the "Handy Hand", but I'd like to see all the cards and try to understand where declarer found the 6NT bid holding ?,?,xx,Kxx when 3,4,Pass came to him.
Say No To Cheats
Mr. Pascal - In response to your three "Do we...?" questions, yes, we do indeed agree. Where we disagree (and for me most vehemently) is with your next statement "Do the currently in vigour (I presume you mean the secondary connotation of the word 'legal or binding force' and not the ...
Say No To Cheats
My understanding of this discussion is that Mr. Pascal advocates that a proven first-time offender who has been banned for a period of time be then allowed to return to the game probationally after serving that time under the proviso that if there is a second offense banishment would be ...

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