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Mike Dorsel
Mike Dorsel
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Feb. 11, 2014
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June 20
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Bridge Player
about me

1990s: Juggled work & bridge with limited success.

2000-2012: Focused on family and actuarial, investment, ALM & risk mgmt career.

2013-2014: Resumed bridge activity.

2014: Not enough time to play well.  I concede.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
First Regional Flight A pairs win.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winning Regional Open Pair events with two different partners.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Charlotte Bridge Association
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ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
The Future of Bridge?
The analogy of a drug dealer giving a "free taste" comes to mind. The ACBL is a business, one the needs to attract/hook new members, and keep them as long as possible. Concentrating on the elite is not the way to make that happen. Frequent intermittent reinforcement (much like ...
In the Well: Eric Rodwell
Thanks again Eric. You and Jeff obviously know each other very well. There must be times when you "feel" something about a hand, having nothing to do with agreements, especially when playing without screens. How often are such "hunches" right, and how do you deal with these situations? Are you ...
In the Well: Eric Rodwell
Thanks Eric. Your response regarding shapely hands and LTC makes perfect sense. How about for balanced hands? Does a more structured approach to valuation help when deciding whether to treat a hand as 11-13, 14-16, 17-19, etc? How about when deciding whether to treat a hand as a minimum response ...
In the Well: Eric Rodwell
Thanks Eric, for participating in The Well. Love the book and am chewing through it slowly. Given your development of a highly structured system ... When it comes to hand valuation (pre-competition), do you take a more intuitive or quantitative approach? Is it more art or science? Do you and Jeff ...
A Thin 4!S Game
It might seem strange, but it is possible to point out that the conditions-of-contest did not involve any ACBL-like restrictions without chiding the asker for a potentially limited perspective.
Candidate for a world record?
Most cards held by declarer in the suit led at a NT partial ... ? Declarer holds something like: Kx Ax KT987643 A ... ?
Simplified Advanced Hand Valuation (Core Card Count)
I have performed an additional regression to those referenced above. This yields an R^2 of 96.8% between (CCC-HCP) and (KnR-HCP), across all variations in AKQJT9 content in suit lengths from 1 to 5 cards. The intercept was materially zero (<0.02), and the coefficient of the regression was ...
Simplified Advanced Hand Valuation (Core Card Count)
Another key point (that I should have made earlier) is that after using this approach for a while, one's reflexes become better. Controls look better than quacks, pushers take on more meaning, and concentrations look better than scattered strength. After counting my HCP and looking at the overall texture ...
Simplified Advanced Hand Valuation (Core Card Count)
Thanks Mike. You bring up some good points. The suit quality adjustment (SQA) is clearly the most complex part of the calc. Luckily, when one has a 4432/4333/5332 hand, the SQAs are frequently immaterial to decision-making. These balanced hands are also the ones where you/partner are tending ...
Scott Needham's bidding problem: AJ9 AQJ 84 AQJ76
A 19.8 simplified KnR makes it a "bad" 20 in my book, so yes to the upgrade.

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