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Mike Edwards
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March 29, 2014
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about me

At one time, probably World Class, now faded into Expert Class because of age and Health issues.


Although I have never played a whole lot, The list of past partners and team-mates  is made up


of many World Class players such as Barry Crane, Paul Soloway, Ron Andersen and others in


that category.  I am not a Pro or a Client. (Maybe Semi Pro). I play with just about anyone from


beginners to players with 80,000 MP. Platinum LM, Certified Director, ACBL Good Will committee,


ACBL Charity committee.

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I know Jo would do the best job she could. I have played with her and on teams with her and I think she would absolutely do the best job she could.
San Diego Director Calls:
$200.00 was the entry for the pair for four sessions. My point is that we are not getting our money's worth. I expect to get a dollars worth for every dollar spent. I wrote about this because of the other article about the ACBL. Oh, and yes, I ...
I am asking a serious question. I did not see a seeding table. Many entries are now purchased in advance, etc. I gave up even asking because I play with a lady who has problems seeing and we need a table with good lighting which is more important. BTW, The ...
One Law for the Rich?
Very sad. Just when I thought that maybe things would improve.
BTW, who is doing the seeding now at Nationals?
IMSA Elite Mind Games
I attempted to watch on BBO but there were no names,etc. It was almost like watching robots.
End of the Road to the GNT Final Four
Excellent article. It does not get any better than playing against a world class team and being in contention. I was commenting and it was a pleasure to watch such an interesting match.
A Round from the Reisinger
Oren: Was barometer in effect with two rounds to go? We were informed that it might not be with two rounds to go.
Open San Diego Discussion Thread
This a late post but who was doing the seeding. There was no table to apply unless I just missed it. I do not ask anymore because I play with a lady who needs a well lit table and it causes problems. But if I did not miss it, how ...
1NT on pass out position
You have to play with the cards that you were dealt. Also, I have found that partner usually has some useful cards opposite my balance when I hold something like three small in their suit.
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