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Mike Gill
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March 16, 2011
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about me

I'm a recovering astrophysicist originally from Boring, MD (yes, really) who now works doing programming and math. My wonderful wife and I now live in Columbia, MD with our son Trevor, who was born in September 2017. He's adorable and wonderful but so far he's terrible at bridge! In addition to bridge I enjoy entirely too many things given I'm a parent: running, sports, poker, barbu, board games, puzzles of various kinds, piano, cooking and eating (who enjoys cooking but doesn't love eating?!).

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Bridge Accomplishments
USA II (Junior) in 2006, 2nd in 2017 NAP, missed the 2017 Open GNT final by an IMP
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Noble Shore
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mike gill
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Gold Life Master
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An Odd Duck
Oh, nice. I did notice this morning when I checked this that they were all available to me - there's still a note saying that it costs money though. I wasn't sure if I still had some sort of hold-over since I purchased almost all of them many moons ...
1NT-4!s: What is “expert standard” (if anything)?
Agree, this is actually exactly what Noble and I play. I think if you're playing Puppet then this is a substantial improvement but if not then 4 minors invite makes more sense. I think it works even better with 2NT puppet since you can use 1N 2N 3 ...
1NT-4!s: What is “expert standard” (if anything)?
If you're playing 2 as size as or clubs as seems to be standard now, you don't need this as you can already distinguish between light and heavy 6N invites. As such I like 4-4 minors inv to 6m but not 6N
Serious or Non-Serious 3NT?
Right, if you're bidding non-serious on all but your very worst hands then the chances of information sinking your game go WAY up.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: A85 932 K AKJ874
For better or worse I would have bid 3NT
Samuel Pahk's bidding problem: T962 A4 A AK8763
Why can't partner bid a grand after 6? Doesn't it imply 0/2 minor suit first round controls. If he's staring at the AKQ he's going to know it's 2.
New Suit by Responder in Comp Strength
I dunno that "showing nothing" is really the right description but it certainly doesn't show anything extra beyond what 1 already showed
Invitations and Acceptances
I like invite light accept heavy at IMPs. That means you just bid game on your heavy invites. This gets you to game with light invites opposite a real max and gets you to game with a heavy invite opposite a min. At IMPs that's probably not a huge ...
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: 87 AKQ84 AQJ54 6
Our hand could be so much worse so don't we owe partner at least *some* sign of life?
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: AJ863 A43 76 QJ6
Over 3 yes, but definitely not over 2. Would be pretty silly to miss spades opposite 3-card support, right?

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