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Mike Gill
Mike Gill
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March 16, 2011
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about me

I'm a recovering astrophysicist originally from Boring, MD (yes, really) who now works doing programming and math. My wonderful wife and I now live in Columbia, MD and are expecting our first child in September of 2017. In addition to bridge I enjoy entirely too many things given I'm about to be a parent: running, sports, poker, barbu, board games, puzzles of various kinds, piano, cooking and eating (who enjoys cooking but doesn't love eating?!).

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Bridge Accomplishments
USA II (Junior) in 2006, 2nd in 2017 NAP, missed the 2017 Open GNT final by an IMP
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Noble Shore
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mike gill
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Silver Life Master
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Road to the GNT Final Four, Semifinal Q2
Not sure - unfortunately the vugraph archive for this quarter was somehow overwritten by the first quarter so both quarters show up as the same boards.
Mike Gill's bidding problem: xx KQJ9x Kxx KTx
* This was not in Precision, though I think this is a normal minimum opener unless maybe you're playing EHAA * I think 2 would survive partner's 2245 13 since he should raise 3 to 4. The bigger worry is a 2245 18 where he thinks we have ...
Mike Gill's bidding problem: xx KQJ9x Kxx KTx
I happen to prefer this style, particularly in an unfamiliar partnership, because I think it really simplifies a lot of sequences that would otherwise require lots of experience/judgment/artificiality to sort out. I could certainly be convinced that a top-level partnership with lots of experience sorting out major suit ...
Road to the GNT Final Four, Semifinal Q1
Thanks, glad you're enjoying. I wonder what the difference ought to be between those sequences. Certainly partner could bid 5NT with + planning to correct 6 to 6, or with just spades looking to choose between 6 and 6NT. I agree that 4 then ...
Road to the GNT Final Four, Semifinal Q1
Road to the GNT Final Four, Semifinal Q1
I think the squeeze line is interesting, and I will admit to not giving it much consideration at the table, since it requires the finesse. I'm not 100% on exactly the right way to do vacant spaces but giving West 6 known cards and East only 1 feel wrong ...
Road to the GNT Final Four, Semifinal Q1
Nevermind, this works the same as 4-2 if you play for the drop.
Road to the GNT Final Four, Semifinal Q1
I mean everyone makes mistakes and I'm the first to admit I usually give my opponents too much credit, but a) my opponent was Meckstroth and b) it's seems really farfetched that he would need to cover? Am I really trying a Chinese finesse at Trick 3 in ...
How do you play this at IMPs
I should also say I'm pretty confident I wouldn't have thought of this at the table, and it's pretty crazy. I think it's only in the running since everything else seems so unlikely to work.
How do you play this at IMPs
I think the main possible gain is when the suit is 3-3. Can West really be sure that I have a singleton after seeing his partner's 2? What if I needed 3 club tricks and held Jxx? I happen not to think Kxx AKQJxx K Jxx is quite a ...

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