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Mike Gill
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March 16, 2011
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about me

I'm a recovering astrophysicist originally from Boring, MD (yes, really) who now works doing programming and math. My wonderful wife and I now live in Columbia, MD with our son Trevor, who was born in September 2017. He's adorable and wonderful but so far he's terrible at bridge! In addition to bridge I enjoy entirely too many things given I'm a parent: running, sports, poker, barbu, board games, puzzles of various kinds, piano, cooking and eating (who enjoys cooking but doesn't love eating?!).

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USA II (Junior) in 2006, 2nd in 2017 NAP, missed the 2017 Open GNT final by an IMP
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Noble Shore
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mike gill
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Silver Life Master
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Todd Holes's bidding problem: 96 AQ AKT9 AKJT5
I would have opened 2 and rebid 2NT
FP situation? If not who should bid 5?
I agree it's normal to bid 4 with 6-5 you're worth another call, but some 6-5 hands worth a bid are doubling 4 - maybe the most defensive 10%? Partner is going to pull with 3 spades unless he has defense and missing a 6-2 isn't ...
FP situation? If not who should bid 5?
Haven't we sort of already implied a void (or at least a lot of extra offense) with 4 instead of doubling over 4. I think partner will often pass the double (and I think it's completely clear here to pass even with 3-4 in partner's ...
FP situation? If not who should bid 5?
Wouldn't you bid 4 with this hand if the spades were KQJT instead of AKQ? That hand feels like a non-forcing pass to me so it seems like this hand with an extra offensive and defensive trick has to at least double.
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: QJ3 QJ5 Q986 AQJ
If were playing bridge I think the downgrade has a lot more merit, but we seem to be playing all white matchpoints instead.
Mike Gill's bidding problem: KQJ 8 KQ75 KQ985
Sure but that doesn't mean you have to make it when presented with new options?
Mark Chen's bidding problem: Jxx AQx AKQ8x xx
Opener has no idea that the opponents are going above 4 and his partner could easily not know which minor to lead against 4M
Danny Sprung's bidding problem: T7 A862 JT6542 5
Well, we agree that if your opponents are going to treat any 3rd seat preempt the way a bull treats a cape it will be more effective to preempt on hands where we know they're going to get overboard. You must be playing different opponents than I, and I ...
Danny Sprung's bidding problem: T7 A862 JT6542 5
My preempting in 3rd seat announces that I don't think our side has game. This is not the same as announcing to the opponents that I think they have game. I know they do on this hand but they categorically don't. In fact, if I'm going to ...
isin Kandemir's bidding problem: QT86 765 QJ983 3
Partner can't double again with random balanced minimums - you don't keep announcing the same values twice. Now we have a double fit and roughly half the deck and are letting them play 2. Like, say, AJxx xx AKxx xxx where we're on a King-finesse through the ...

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