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Mike Gill
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March 16, 2011
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USA II (Junior) in 2006, 2nd in 2017 NAP
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The 5 level belongs to: __________
Isn't playing pass as forcing here one of those agreements that's just way better if your opponents don't know you're playing it before they bid 5? If I know my opponents have to double 5 or bid at unfav, I'm going to just ...
Obeying signals vs being practical
It sounds like the question you are getting at is "should I ever try for extra undertricks if there's some risk of letting the contract make." Assuming I'm understanding the question correctly, I believe the short answer is that if your partner is an expert, you should be ...
Last board of the Spingold
This was quite an incredible last hand for sure. What amused me was that the play developed as follows in 3HX: Club K, winning Club Q, winning Spade A, winning Spade, declarer ruffing Diamond, South's K winning Spade, declarer ruffing low, overruffed with the K Club A, declarer ruffing ...
LO Wins Roth Swiss
Nice work!
You Be The Judge - hand from Wernher Pairs
It's "safe" in the sense that your partner will pick the right strain knowing you have only 5 spades, but that doesn't make it safe in terms of getting you a reasonable score. South doesn't have to be stacked in hearts for double to be the winner ...
You Be The Judge - hand from Wernher Pairs
I only didn't assign south 100% because north could have opened. While this would have led to 5HX probably that seems normal and is a better score. Passing this double seems totally crazy to me. Partner will have a void as often as not to be coming in here ...
Hurd and Wooldridge Win Wernher
Meant to post this after the first win, happy to get another shot. I kibitzed these guys in the 6th session of LM pairs. After a less than stellar start, their third round opponent who was declaring a tight game contract led a club, clearly intending to ruff, but called ...
Tore Skoglund's bidding problem: 6 Q543 8 AKJ8652
A 4-4 fit doesn't rate to play very well unless the clubs are running, and even then it might be tough on a 4-1 break when I'm likely to be tapped at T2. If partner has 5+ hearts, I want to play in game even opposite a minimum ...
Questions about 1N-2!s Range Ask
1) Depends. We prefer to use 3 as asking for 5M over opener's max, but showing and invitational over 2NT. 2) We play this as puppet stayman, which is a fair bit better than 3 puppet. It doesn't allow an X, and it lets responder ...
Bad Timing
I really feel like RHO *should* be 4-7 in the blacks for this 5 to be labelled as "not insane". If he doesn't have that then SURELY he's 4045 with the K. Problem is I can't find a way to make opposite either of those holdings ...

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