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Jan. 27, 2015
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about me

I began playing duplicate in the late 60s when you mailed in the .05 fractionals each month. In 1975 my first son was born I took a 36 year hiatus from bridge. My wife and I returned in late 2011 and, boy, things were different. Bridgemates and bidding boxes now exist. Even the scoring system had been altered for non-vulnerable doubles. Bidding pretty much needed to be relearned - especially competitive bidding. Even, more significantly, were all the stratifications and events designed for players with a lower number of masterpoints. Living then and now in the Northern Virginia area, I vividly recall games in the early 70 where Kit Woolsey and Steve Robinson were at table1 and before the round was over you would also meet the Kivel's, Cappelletti's, Steve and Peggy Parker, the Gookins, Bobby Lipsitz, Walt Walvick, Henry Bethe and many other stars. Our chances of cashing were only slightly north of zero - but it was fun. My wife and I made life master (500 point style) in 2013 having won multiple Gold Rush events and multiple bracketed swiss events. I passed 1000 points in 2015 and my wife should easily get there in 2016. We are able to attend 6-7 Regionals each year with Raleigh being the furthest away. A couple of club games here can be almost as strong as some Regional Open pairs - we play occasionally in one of them. I thank Kevin O'Brien in introducing me to this site.

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Betty Ladd - my wonderful wife since 1968
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Specialized Doubles - Rosenkranz, Support, Negative and Maximal.
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Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Legal, Illegal, Alert Needed or announce
the suit in mention was 8-5-4. Club games in Northern Virginia are treated a bit more seriously than some places. Not ruthless but very few instances of a pair just having fun.
Legal, Illegal, Alert Needed or announce
very few 8-5-4 holding have ever been considered lead directing. I had not really thought about the disruptive concept. I understand they even have some systemic bids after 3rd seat openers. I cannot totally confirm that fact nor do I know if they have a means to determine if this ...
Legal, Illegal, Alert Needed or announce
FWIW. the suit was three very small
Richard Traxler's bidding problem: QJ84 KJT73 7 972
I presume the 2 voter was thinking Flannery. In the ACBL world, opening a Flannery with fewer than 10 HCP will bring about a rather severe penalty.
GIB double
When you put the cursor over the DBL, what did it say? As I recall, it always says what the Robot means even in the most obvious times. I got to the point I never even made a bid without checking to see what the robot thought it meant.
The Worst Convention Ever
The worst convention is any convention your partner falls in love with and semi-forces you to add to your card. Then they promptly forget it the first AND second time you bid it. At that point in time, it becomes the easiest convention to drop from your card.
Alertable or not?
If you had not previously passed, is the meaning of the XX the same 6+?
Dear Mr. Club Director:
and I suspect it is in violation of ACBL rules
Dear Mr. Club Director:
It almost sounds like you are confused on how Strata rankings are determined. A "C" player could win overall. He also wins both the "B" and "C" strata but he only gets point for "A" as they would exceed and "B" or "C" awards. Essentially, the high "B" and high ...
Open Kansas City Discussion Thread
Unless something strange happens on the final day, this will be only the third NABC to have fewer then 9000 tables going back to 2004. The lowest Spring NABC was the Spring 2008 event in Detroit with 8553 tables according to old bulletins. The current lowest is the Fall 2006 ...

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