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Mike Ladd
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Jan. 27, 2015
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about me

I began playing duplicate in the late 60s when you mailed in the .05 fractionals each month. In 1975 my first son was born I took a 36 year hiatus from bridge. My wife and I returned in late 2011 and, boy, things were different. Bridgemates and bidding boxes now exist. Even the scoring system had been altered for non-vulnerable doubles. Bidding pretty much needed to be relearned - especially competitive bidding. Even, more significantly, were all the stratifications and events designed for pl

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Betty Ladd - my wonderful wife since 1968
Favorite Conventions
Specialized Doubles - Rosenkranz, Support, Negative and Maximal.
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Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Open Kansas City Discussion Thread
Unless something strange happens on the final day, this will be only the third NABC to have fewer then 9000 tables going back to 2004. The lowest Spring NABC was the Spring 2008 event in Detroit with 8553 tables according to old bulletins. The current lowest is the Fall 2006 ...
1NT response to 1M open while playing 2/1
One must presume we are dealing with two unpassed hands. I prefer playing 1M-3M as invitational and absolutely promising 4+ card support. For all those voting for 1NT NF & limited, these partnerships allow that jump to show as few as 3 card support. I am not one of those people.
slip of the tongue ?
Is this the same concept if declarer detaches and then places a card on the table after which realizing he effectively followed with the Queen from his AQ suit when defender followed with a King?
slip of the tongue ?
This happened in Europe where the rules may differ from the ACBL where I play. In the ACBL-World's rules and regulations, where is there a reference to a "slip of the tongue" in play? Just wondering.
How Old Were You?
Karen - thanks for the Uncle John's reference. had forgotten the name.
How Old Were You?
Born in Iowa (and then a fan of the Hawkeyes and Forest Evashevski), going to school at Champaign and having Bloomington so close, I know enough to totally spell out the name of the university to avoid confusion.
How Old Were You?
life, in the form of raising children, comes in the way. Much truer for those who never attained any rank in bridge.
How Old Were You?
The age poll remaining is seeing how long people took off from playing bridge for various reasons. As my profile states, I had a moderate 36 year break. I recall "learning" bridge with some friends in high school. We had a plastic table cloth that was placed over a card ...
Is ACBL changing the links to clubs games?
if you use our Unit's page to get to a club's results, you will be disappointed. I did e-mail Ron on the issue. I have bookmarked all my games. They will need changing once I know this is permanent
How Many Hands of Bridge So Far?
Continuing the theme of odd holdings, in a CKO at the Lancaster Regional, my wife and I held all 40 points. And yes, we bid 7NT. We won the match because the other pair bidding the hand had some type of misunderstanding and stopped at 6NT. The other boards were ...

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