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Mike Lipkin
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Feb. 11, 2013
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about me

currently playing pro after retiring from of several bridge world articles and one book: "Invitation to Annihilation". no national championships but 100+ regional firsts or seconds.  Photo is from a trip to the fabulous Iceland (BTW: "Icemachine" runs a great club in Reykjavik). Resist the treasonous Orange Abomination.

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mike radin; david gurvich; alex perlin
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saratoga; montreal
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Another Reese-Schapiro Hand
Yes, although grandfathered in: P-P-1-P-2-p-2, same thing.
The Burgay Tape
To add my personal synopsis to this thread: Avon has a straightforward very consistent theme. The WBF has diligently acted to avoid controversy, not just 55 years ago, and not just 41 years ago, but even as recently as the past 5 years. As such it seems very contemporary. Also ...
Another Reese-Schapiro Hand
Well, the hypothesis is really one positing amazing psychosis. Swimer would have to accept the captaincy to try to win for SIX players; take time out to travel to Argentina, then find a suspicious event and use it to wreak personal vengeance at the expense of the other four or ...
Another Reese-Schapiro Hand
Here is a natural question for all who doubt Reese and Schapiro were cheating. To this outsider, it seems that the apparently straightforward action of Ralph Swimer: to wit, observe the play, note the fingers, compare the hand records, forfeit the matches and send RS packing is damning. Ignoring any ...
Another Reese-Schapiro Hand
Since we are rehashing the sharp practice of the past, I will add my favorite, personal, Sam Stayman story. I was playing against Sam and his wife Tubby in a 7-board Swiss match many years ago (sorry for a not great memory for dates, but probably mid-1980's). Sam uneventfully ...
Roman Keycard Asking Bid
I do not have a specific agreement but obviously 5 is a grand slam try. Therefore I would bid 7 because whatever partner needs this "unexpected" source of tricks should be enough and allow him to pick the optimal grand.-- Edited to add that I presume 5 ...
Has the statistical analysis been done?
Only a slight excursion, since you mention drury. After kibbitzing two pro friends in February, I saw Drury messed-up at each table. Remarking on this, one of them replied: "I've declared 2 five times this year!"
Priorities for the WBF - Followup
Yu. I would even go so far as to say there have been exactly two attempts at transparency by the wbf: Adam's outreach here and the few times Al Levy has posted here.
Watching Videos of F-N from Opatija
I truly hope this will be fruitful, if only because if a SECOND demonstrable method of cheating is uncovered the EBL can reinstate its ban and force the miscreants to head back to the CAS. This will also force the WBF to put up or shut up.
Crunch Time
In several posts over the last few years, and recently in response to a request by Adam Wildavsky, I have reiterated the suggestion that Giannarigo Rona be dismissed from the WBF. I believe that his presence has been an impediment to the purging of cheaters both worldwide and in Italy ...

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