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YBTJ (and Jury?) - Regional Swiss Teams
Brad, as I commented before, it would have been much better having a bidding poll on what to do with S's hand over 3NT.
A "What's this double?" from the world junior online championship
Richard, Steve thinks his 3 partners are the other 3 people at the table.
YBTJ (and Jury?) - Regional Swiss Teams
I most certainly am not confusing 2/1 with forcing 1NT. N will be shot dead bidding 3NT in a 2/1 auction. A 3 jump rebid does not promise 7 tricks. But if you think 3NT promises 8 1/2 tricks, then you are right about responder's ...
YBTJ (and Jury?) - Regional Swiss Teams
Actually there is a lot of guess. 3NT rebid does not promise more than 7 tricks. S's two bullets make 9, and the "long" suit reduces the probability of a lead and their running 5+ (as Brad repeatedly pointed out). There is no indication that S ...
YBTJ (and Jury?) - Regional Swiss Teams
If N rebids 3NT instead of self-splinter or JS with 7=2=3=1 hand, he wants to take S out f the bidding. I would happily comply as S whether I am in heat or not. The likely hand for N's 3NT is 6(322) with solid spades ...
YBTJ (and Jury?) - Regional Swiss Teams
A S in first "heat" probably should do something other than Bridge.
What Must Be
3 is natural unless 3 denies having 4 hearts.Even then, it should indicate 4 hearts, so our side can play the Moysian fit if appropriate. I can't comment for world experts like Kit, but read Mel Cochimiro's article in last month's Bulletin re danger ...
[ACBL] Open Chart Allows These Bids?
2D = same as (1) - P - (1) - 2D if 1 is natural. X is gratuitous.
What Must Be
I always do something never. :-)
What Must Be
I always knock out declarer's stopper in this situation. Otherwise it is telling declarer where all the other high cards lie.

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