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How do you play this double
Default is support X if you are playing support. With my Precision partners, it is a non issue that it is support. With 2/1 partners, I found it was so difficult to explain to them why X should not be support here, I gave up. With non regular partners ...
Adrenaline Hangover
Just recently I screwed up on a similar hand. I was in 6N after opening 2, and my LHO preempted 3. I should have checked the first before touching , and if I did, the J would have dropped singleton, and I would have an easy squeeze ...
(1!D) precision can be 2+, 3!D and 3NT overcall
1) At least one of 2 and 3 has to be natural. 2) if 2 is not natural, 3 should be or vice versa. 3) Both natural are OK, but one should ask there is a better use for one of them.
i don't understand this, if you cheat by yourself, then it is not really cheating, because it is not done as a pair? How do we know if the individual who changed scores or whatever had not been doing it forever, but finally got caught? I am fine with ...
Why does Harvard hate bridge?
I do know a little about university politics, ever since I was student and over the years. I must say picking a fight with another group because they were approved and you were not is not a good strategy. Since this is decided by the UG council, find out who ...
Style Poll
Craig, we need a box the says we are playing BT Rule.
Style Poll
Craig, if you are playing the Blue Team Rule, it will be way below 50%. :-)
Style Poll
John, there are two issues. 1) How to evaluate a hand in response to TO x, and 2) what is the minimum evaluation points to jump to 2M. If having a 5 card suit is worth more than 1 extra point, that is fine and people can argue about that.
where did east-west go wrong on this hand
The lead may be far from obvious, but the switch after S takes a is not. W has no entry to dummy without losing a or playing herself.
Double of an "either/or bid"
Cornelia, I disagree. The weakness of those unspecified suit(s) is the advancer does not know what the suit(s) is/are. You do not want to let them have a free go at finding it out. Here, if you don't have a way to right away know if ...

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