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Assign The Blame
Henry, the 6 (7 according to Lawrence) is based on you having 17 points. If you have 30 points, can you assume partner has 6?
Assign The Blame
17, 18 who cares. This hand is a 2 opening with 3 more tricks (from ) than a blah 2N following 2. If partner bids a negative 2 to your 2 opening, are you really going to rebid 2N?
Assign The Blame
Timo, I am not saying you will make game, and I really don't know what the chance is given the Leb bid. But if 3 can be as weak as 17, how can partner judge what to do? Wha tif partner is xx, Qxx, Jxxxx, xxxx, a hand ...
Assign The Blame
Timo, whatever 3 is limited to, it is certainly NF. And that is a bid E cannot afford to make even if that describes his shape best. I don't know what 4 is, but it is definitely, not this hand. Change K to a x, which would ...
What is this double?
If doubler has (43), it is wrong to compete to 3 if opponents only have 8 trumps and only partially right if they have 9. By unilaterally bidding instead of bringing partner in, advancer is just gambling. And that is not even considering doubler may have 3325.
Odd situations
What if the bidding went 1 - 3, and you have 3 unbid suits? If you use current count for number unbid suits (only ships that have not sailed count), there is never any ambiguity.
Odd situations
I have no idea what you are saying. We both agree 1 ask - 2 show. The question is when it is 1 and when it is 2. You want to include suit that has sailed. I only include suits that have not sailed. Neither is easier to remember than the ...
Odd situations
It is just as easy to remember that it is unbid suits between the present bid and 3NT.
Odd situations
On hand 1, if you can't bid 3 to ask, what will you do with 3163 and xxx in ?
Odd situations
What if you have 3163 with xxx? Now 3 is out.

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