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Does a 2!c response to 1!d opening deny a 4+ card major?
Chris, the difference between inverted m raise and 2/1 is that one is LR+ and the other is GF. Now if you use flip flop (jump to om is LR of m), and play 1m-2m as GF, then I firmly believe there is is no reason that that should ...
Sioux Falls NABC
Bidding from the couch... again
I do not like using "they" for singular pronoun, so I try to randomize the use of "she" vs."he". But i guess there is restricted choice consideration there.
How Do You Play This Redouble and This Pass?
Of course, if they know that your system allows XX as a two way bid, they will also adjust.
Splinter in Opener's Suit?
It is a strange system where responder has to jump to show 3, taking up gobble of space.
How Do You Play This Redouble and This Pass?
How does opener know advancer was going to pass the X?
Splinter in Opener's Suit?
There is a big difference between Q'ing partner's suit and splintering. When you Q, partner has no idea if it is shortness or a top honor if shortness is possible. When you splinter, there is no ambiguity. There is no reason why one should not splinter in partner ...
Bidding from the couch... again
Re: 4. Isn't it obvious? You have no way of confirming for slam action other than 4. Your 3NT already denies distributional hands with (long suit hand is possible).
Squeezed in 3 suits --- at trick#2 ??
Stefan, did the you threw suggested you had a honor, either by showing it or denying it depending on how trusting or suspicious declarer is.
Splinter in Opener's Suit?
I always think about alternatives. Are there other ways to bid it if it is not used a certain way. There is an easy way to support , bid 2 ( I do not play that to show Hx), and since i also play Precision, fast arrival by responder is ...

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