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Are penalty doubles a thing of the past?
1) I think it depends on whether 1 is forcing. If it is, the P here should be forcing since your side is basically forced to 2 anyway if opener passes. Given that, it would seem penalty would make sense. If 1 is NF, then TO seems ...
What do you expect from partner?
It is not against the law to bid 3 with 3 if opener has doubleton spade, since they are guaranteed to have 8 spades, and your side has at least 8 hearts, or if responder has 4 spades, then he will have 6+ hearts.
What do you expect from partner?
Any time opener has 2 spades, she is not going to let them play 2 on basically any hand with 4 hearts and many with 3 hearts (more automatic if MP). Why let them bid 2 and then bid 3? Bid it now.
San Francisco NABC Reservations Now Open
I think ACBL needs to compile a list of the nearby brothels for people contemplating going to NABC.
This isn't "Just bridge"? USBC Appeal #2
Jonathan, so what is direct 3 vs. relay then 3 when they open 2 and partner doubles?
This isn't "Just bridge"? USBC Appeal #2
"Fast shows a stopper". What does that mean? Of course 3NT over the X shows stopper. But what other fast auction shows stopper? 3 directly opposite the X? I hope not. 3 directly? The confusion is this auction is that there are several auctions and how they are ...
Montreal Relay with 0 Clubs?
Bruce, you are right about Precision 2.
San Francisco NABC Reservations Now Open
Food is definitely not something to worry about in SF.
San Francisco NABC Reservations Now Open
Strangely until a few years ago, SF hotels were far more affordable than NY or Boston. I was staying in nice Union Square area boutique hotels for $50 and what is now the Whitcomb Hotel on Market Street for $70. But now you can't get anything for less than ...
Montreal Relay with 0 Clubs?
Interesting, it seems Precision 2 is not allowed in Basic(+) unless it promises a 4+ second suit. Nor is Precision 1 promising 1+ .

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