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ACBL director fees increase
Ellis, so if they spread the cost by passing the CC fees to everyone, you complain. But if they don't, like in screen tax, 6 people team etc, you complain. So which is it?
Unless 3 over 2 is played as natural and invitational, I do play 3 over 3 as NF if 3 is. It is just one of those awkward hands. Sometimes your survive, somethings you don't.
Can you get to game here?
BOP is the starting point in the evaluation. Of course the more the point discrepancy, the more solid is the starting point. Your comment about 7 affect more the decision as to whether to sit the double than whether to double. In a comment above, I discussed how N ...
Can you get to game here?
Len, balance of points. Say you have 23, are you going to let opponents play undoubled with their 17? Of course, there are times when they can make and your side can't at the level in question, so it is a primary stage decision, with higher stage adjustments.
Not enough aces
This is MP. Partner's 4 has taken the space from investigation abut fitting values. Slam will be a stretch. You have as good as chance of getting a good score playing 4 as getting to a thin slam.
Not enough aces
Really 4 is a t ridiculous bid. If N decides her hand is GF, not that she should, she should bid 4. So 4, given no 3, 4 or 4 implies a 18-19 balanced hand with support, A 4 bid, even wrong ...
Can you get to game here?
If S did not hold the J, the auction ends with 3 period. The question is what S should do knowing their side has BOP.
Nasty preempt
Isn't it one crazy letter since it is the same letter?
Missed Game
It has nothing to do with Precision. Many of us will open 2 with KT9xxx and out white against red. so for full disclosure, we need to out 3 - ? The Precision part only affects what is at the higher end, not the lower end (except for not exceeding 9 point ...
Can you get to game here?
Len, that is why you need a BOP X.

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