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This article is about two boorish if world class players. It has little importance to most of us outside feeling good about joining in the condemnation. Roger's comment is about something much more important. Read the line "Some of them often write about ethics on this very website while ...
The law won
Kit, Thanks so much for putting an authoritative opinion on good/bad for Precision.
The law won
Kit, right, once 3 is pulled to 3, it should be crystal clear assuming partnership is clear that 2N nominally shows both m. Note that Precision does not lend itself to the usual good/bad 2NT treatment easily (even if it is wanted) because of the need to ...
The law won
Kit, as I commented several times, this is one case one can have the cake and eat it too. 3 and 3 are as you say competitive and natural. 2NT is nominally both m, but opener can convert responder's 3 to 3 to show the ...
The law won
Buddy, se earlier comments by Alexander Woo and me among others for Hand 1. To summarize 1) Imps is different, 2) You do not know they have 9, In fact, they may just have 7, and 3) You may only have 8 (Dave hand 1 is worse because he said ...
Faulty BBO
No, that was not what happened. They said they did not ask. But it didn't matter, I typed something in for the sake of it, and the yellow pop up changed to a white one. Usually I could get rid of the white on by clicking on the white ...
The law won
Kit can give you the definitive answer. But if you want a low level opinion (way lower than you), here it is. If you care that much about game going hand, play 3/ as purely competing knowing they have 8 card fit. Bid 2NT ostensibly as both m ...
Faulty BBO
I have a different kind of pop up. I get an "Explain" pop up for a bid I already explained. And I can't get rid of it, nor can opponents. So I have a pop up covering up dummy, and I can't see dummy's cards nor can ...
The law won
Alexander, so they can just barge in a 2 bid, and you have no way to penalize them? The 1NT bid is very descriptive, 8-11 points, at least 7 m cards. If you have 2 , most of the time you have a straightforward bid. X, 2NT (both m ...
Faulty BBO
Or was it "All By Myself".

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