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Why does Harvard hate bridge?
"From that viewpoint, nobody really needs a bridge club." How so? Bridge is the common interest. Does Harvard need a Bridge club given it is in Cambridge/Boston area, and with its student population makeup? That is for them to sort it out.
How do you play this double
RR, that is because a sandwich NT showing the other two suits is no different from a X. So if you play support XX, why would not play support X here? If anything, the sandwich NT tends to be more distributional, making the penalty X even less appealing. And what ...
How do you play this double
Richard, comments branch out. That is how they work. Neither Steve nor I are the type who would in response to some question/survey about how to bid given the system replies on the first round of comments with something like "you should play reverse flannery".
0/3 Ambiguity
Shouldn't this be called kick-forward?
How do you play this double
So you won't have 12 - 14. So X shows 15+. If you have 15-17, you have an unbalanced hand, would you X often, and don't mind if they run? Perhaps if you have singleton in partner's M, 4441 or 5431 some such, yes. But if you have ...
Why does Harvard hate bridge?
Peg, that is because it is about identifying the common interest for the group. If I am an international student for Ghana, don't you think I have a need for a student group that I can identify with. Do you think there is a similar need for Americans to ...
How do you play this double
So how is partner going to decide if she has say 6 points? You don't have 15-17 balanced. You may have 12-14 balanced or unbalanced. Or 15 -1 7 unbalanced. If you are unbalanced, chances are you won't be that happy to double them if they run. Which ...
Why does Harvard hate bridge?
Or is it possible that it was turned down because it was going to be an all-Asian or almost all-Asian club? Sigh.
0/3 Ambiguity
Eric, I have no idea what is proper. David Burns pointed out that to play 1430 after 4 KC is not using the benefits of the 4 bid (worse than that actually if this hand is indicative). Nevertheless, if they are playing 4 as 1430 KC, what ...
How do you play this double
Dominic, playing 2/1, you are distinguishing between 12 - 14 and 18 -1 9 NT. Playing Precision, the possible NT range is now 11 -13. If 14 - 15, it will be unbalanced, and not necessarily appropriate to X 1NT. I have no quibble with X as penalty (18 - 19 balanced ...

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