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ATB grand slam with missing ace
The auction would have gone a lot smoother with S XX the X, completing the transfer. Then bid 3C, followed by 4C over 3D. Now N has a choice between 4S and 5C. If 4S, KC by S would get them to 6S. If 5C, S bids 6S.
ATB - High Level Decision
misguess? How any points do EW have between them?
what does this bid mean
Once S made a second bid, he does not have a sub minimum response, why would N invite with 18-19 instead of just bidding game?
What do you bid over 1 NT ?
What was OK in Reese's time is not OK now. And we know act Reese thought about ethics anyway. Bridge is not like soccer. Players are expected to police themselves. If we insist on a a soccer analogy, it would be Maradona's hand of god. That was cheating.
What do you bid over 1 NT ?
"pass 'with the air of someone going to their own funeral' " is cheating.
ATB - Matchpoints
2 serves its obstructive purpose. What would 3 serve after 2? After a negative X, it does do something.
ATB - Matchpoints
I doubt N would put in that crappy 3 bid if 2 was bid.
Mike Ma's bidding problem: x QTxx KQ9xx Axx
I agree with you 100%. And even if with , I don't see how bidding 2 so that partner knows you have some values makes it more difficult to bid . With the present hand, clearly it is suicidal to make up for not bidding earlier and have ...
Mike Ma's bidding problem: x QTxx KQ9xx Axx
My partner thinks his 4 hearts is an impediment to bidding. At the other table they overcalled 2, so E had to pass. Now advancer bid 2N !, and W allowed himself to be shut out.
Mike Ma's bidding problem: x QTxx KQ9xx Axx
Something like xx, Kxxx, x, KQxxxx

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