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I Got Coronavirus Playing Bridge
Did that work with SARS?
WHO and CDC revised guidelines for masks
Did anyone force you to read this?
WHO and CDC revised guidelines for masks
Ray, did you not see the big discussion about masks on precious threads, including comments several times fromJ. Strinberg about how they are worth less than useless according to his expert? The whole point of this Forum is to allow for discussion on Coronavirus without it necessarily Bridge related so ...
There probably WILL be a Montreal NABC
Most of the money ( $4 out of 5) is going to the clubs.The $1 is split between ACBL and BBO in the usual way I assume. Unless somehow people are playing more on BBO ACBL games than they would at their cubs, there is no way ACBL is getting ...
There probably WILL be a Montreal NABC
You can check out any time you like, But you can never leave!'
WHO and CDC revised guidelines for masks
I just dump it into the washer and wash my hands.
The Science of Coronavirus
Steve, I don't know what "independent of viral amount' means. Growth rate depends on attachment rate and then the rate of the virus taking over the cell's protein structure etc. It is natural to think all the rate constants depend on the particular virus. Only the attachment rate ...
The Science of Coronavirus
Paul, yes, but how small is inoculation amount? Orders of magnitude less than that from infection? If you double the exposure, roughly you double the amount. Steve, the rate of inflammation I would assume is proportional to concentration of attached cells, but with a different rate constant for each person.
The Science of Coronavirus
OK, so the rate determining step is the rate of attachment of the virus to cells, after which they can reproduce. And that rate is proportional to the concentration of virus. So perhaps if you breathe in twice as much virus, you will double the rate.
WHO and CDC revised guidelines for masks
And your point is?

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