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Mike McNamara
Mike McNamara
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Aug. 10, 2010
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Feb. 4
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
Bronze Medal - World Mixed Swiss Teams (2010), Winner 0-10K Mixed Swiss (2016), Winner Bruce LM Pairs (2010), Winner NABC NLM Pairs (1995)
Regular Bridge Partners
Sylwia McNamara
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Owner of The Bridge Deck (Scarsdale, NY)
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Sapphire Life Master
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Honolulu BoG Meeting Summary
Are you in a retirement part of the country? If not, what is your secret?
Honolulu BoG Meeting Summary
That is not what I said. I said that any teacher who has recruited over 100 players in the last few years has the relevant experience and success to guide the ACBL and other recruiters, yet none of those people are in charge of setting recruitment policies for the ACBL ...
Honolulu BoG Meeting Summary
What a surprise!! Table counts down, membership down, and more lossses. The big club owners, who are actually on the front line marketing to new members pand teaching them to play bridge, have said that this would happen for 25 years if the ACBL didn’t brand and market the ...
REACh has worked for us. We saw a definite increase in tables. We like the fact that players can opt in to pay for it rather than charging the clubs. Althoug, the ACBL should eliminate the $20 charge for clubs. Even though it is de minimus, it is still an ...
questions for club owners
1. Unit 188 - worse less useless, actually detrimental. They mark up STACs and host events that put us out of business those days. 2. $50 but that is New York. 3. Both free and pay advertising. 4. We run every single special game we can. We find that none of ...
BoG Committees
This thread is entitled BoG committees. Are there BoG Committees? Is so, what are they?
Will This Forum Become More Than an Exercise in Herding Squirrels?
Kevin. What you suggest has a much higher likelihood of happening than I would have thought just a few years ago and we will see if it comes to fruition, but before it can the rant must happen and then real actionable requests must be made of the ACBL. Then ...
Club Discipline
Alan Powell hit it right on the head. I guess it is similar for big NY/NJ clubs. 1. We as the owners handle long run discipline issues. The directors are expected to handle the situation in the moment and report incidents to us. We handle chronic issues. We have ...
Four Table Mitchell?
We were just discussing this very issue this weekend. As games continue to shrink, what movements are there out there that allow players to remain stationary as in a Mitchell but still keep it to no more than 3-Board rounds for 20-21 and 24-Board movements? The hesitation Mitchell was suggested ...
We have had success with LBIAD. We have advertised through Groupon and others and even offered it alongside The Longest Day to get it in local papers for free as a community event. We run it just prior to the start of our beginner classes so that players who like ...

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