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Mike McNamara
Mike McNamara
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Aug. 10, 2010
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22 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Bronze Medal - World Mixed Swiss Teams (2010), Winner 0-10K Mixed Swiss (2016), Winner Bruce LM Pairs (2010), Winner NABC NLM Pairs (1995)
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Sylwia McNamara
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Owner of The Bridge Deck (Scarsdale, NY)
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Sapphire Life Master
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Designing a better "Ecosystem"
And there is the reason that bridge is dying. Check the numbers. Nearly all of the Bridge players coming to the ACBL are coming through clubs. Without those players and club sanction fees the ACBL would be out of business tomorrow.
Designing a better "Ecosystem"
Without the big clubs you have no ACBL and no bridge. The ACBL isn’t marketing to anyone or teaching them to play. Meanwhile our club is among the leaders every year in new players. So, is your solution to just kill bridge? Unless the ACBL wants to spend the ...
Designing a better "Ecosystem"
Are you a club owner? We own one of the largest clubs in North America. We have no other job. This is how we put food on the table, pay the mortgage, and will send my son to college next yea. We are within a 10 mile radius of three ...
Designing a better "Ecosystem"
We have been considering a new option. We looked at our NLM game the other day and saw that 13 out of 18 pairs were brought to bridge and taught by us in the last 5 years. If we had never sold them an ACBL membership and indoctrinated them into ...
Designing a better "Ecosystem"
Yes. Clubs do all the work to teach new players and then the units and districts take them away to play at tournaments and the ACBL collects the money on memberships and sanction fees. If we were doing it over there would be no units and districts for sure and ...
Learn Bridge in a Day - our experience
We have had years of many successful LBIAD. First, we charge on $50. We don’t care; we just want new players. Second, we only do 10:00 am to 3 pm and that includes a 45 minute lunch, which we serve. We also serve breakfast and coffee. Third, the ...
Would this bring in new players? Please comment per our conversation Mr. Moese
I ran the School Bridge League for a year. We had a corporate sponsor in Jet Blue and the winners won tickets. Creating school leagues drives the schools to have teams to compete. The problem was exactly what you identified, lack of volunteers. I told the head of the SBL ...
We've Got It Backwards - Costs are Turned on Their Heads
The funds to support growth are already within the ACBL but they are squandered and/or unused. First, The ACBL raises millions of dollars every year for charity and then sends the money out the door with no return on that money. Charity begins at home. The ACBL should not ...
Honolulu BoG Meeting Summary
Are you in a retirement part of the country? If not, what is your secret?
Honolulu BoG Meeting Summary
That is not what I said. I said that any teacher who has recruited over 100 players in the last few years has the relevant experience and success to guide the ACBL and other recruiters, yet none of those people are in charge of setting recruitment policies for the ACBL ...

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