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Mike McNamara
Mike McNamara
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Aug. 10, 2010
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about me

I graduated Johns Hopkins before I was legally able to drink. I earned three graduates degrees (JD, MBA, LLM) by age 25.  I practiced law in-house counsel with the Federal Reserve Bank of NY where I prosecuted enforcement actions against some of the largest banks in the world. I left law to trade equity options on the American Stock Exchange when that was a thing. I have taught university in business and law. My wife and I now own one of the largest bridge clubs in North America where we do the one thing that has a chance of keeping bridge and the ACBL alive, which is to spend our money marketing to and attracting new players and then teaching them to play the game of bridge.   I welcome discussion with anyone who understands the actual business of attracting new members and teaching them to play bridge and wants to brainstorm how to make progress in these areas. 

United States of America

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Bronze Medal - World Mixed Swiss Teams (2010), Winner 0-10K Mixed Swiss (2016), Winner Bruce LM Pairs (2010), Winner NABC NLM Pairs (1995)
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Sylwia McNamara
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Owner of The Bridge Deck (Scarsdale, NY)
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Sapphire Life Master
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Charity games to support ACBL?
I have been saying for years that charity begins at home. Charity is wonderful but not when you can't afford it. With bridge on the decline and the ACBL and clubs facing bankruptcy , the ACBL should be raising money for the ‘Advancement and Preservation of Bridge Fund.” Moreover, when ...
How long should it take?
The answer for most is never. 90% of beginners never make it to duplicate. About 20% don’t have the aptitude. Another 20% don’t enjoy it. The middle 50% wont put in the time it takes to become a duplicate player because they refuse to practice and do work ...
Players moving before the round is called
We allow players to move early and encourage players to leave their seats if the new players are ready to come to the table. So often the extra time is needed. If some players are ahead at least you have a margin for error. If everyone has only the time ...
Designing a better "Ecosystem"
I remember it being called “Secret Sauce”.
Designing a better "Ecosystem"
Advertising absolutely does work as it does in all businesses. Alan Powell wrote up his highly successful methods last year on BW. We copied them and used Internet advertising that attracted 15 tables to our beginner class. It seems that almost no one in ACBL management or on the BOD ...
Designing a better "Ecosystem"
I thought it was pretty obvious with my comments about the death of bridge that all stakeholders suffer without new players and that is exactly what is happening now, but let me spell it out here so it is clear to everyone. Without new players there are no club players ...
Designing a better "Ecosystem"
I wrote up something when we big club owners last met. Maybe someone has a copy. If not, I will try to find it but our main goals were these. 1. A Bigger Voice Ideally we would want guaranteed representation on the BOD but, at a minimum, some real channel ...
Designing a better "Ecosystem"
Jeff One of the things that people seem to be missing here is the power differential. The clubs have no say and no power. People here are advocating a discussion among stakeholders. They don't seem to realize that we have been trying to have that discussion for decades but ...
Designing a better "Ecosystem"
Yes. I think an association is a great start where we can present a unified message to the ACBL. That association may end up being a union or our own league. Nothing should be off the table, but for now an association is a great idea.
Designing a better "Ecosystem"
Jeff, Is this a forum for club owners or not? I have been a Unit President, a member of my District Board, ,an owner of one of the largest clubs in North America, and a teacher recognized for being a leader in North America in bringing in new players. Anyone ...

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