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March 29, 2011
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Opener's two-level "reverse" after a 2/1 GF
I abstained because I don't think 2/1 GF should apply in 1-2 auctions. KS didn't use 2/1 GF in 1-2 auctions either, but I have a structure that handles this auction as GF well. The difference is the availability of the 1NT ...
Common game Board 8 (02/18/19)
Last 3-3 fit played was after 2(Precision)-2, and I guessed to pass with 4=3=1=5, I've never played one at the game level except by getting passed in a cuebid or Texas.
Meaning of this 3!S bid
Doubler may well have only 3 spades, so 3 = values for 2 but five+ spades makes some sense, leaving 2 as exactly four spades. I rather prefer 1NT as lebensohl over a takeout double. This resolves the ambiguity at a lower level: (1)-X-(P)-2 ...
Problems with a strong 2!c Opening Bid
John Montgomery's Revision Club uses NT bids by responder to 1 SAF in some sequences to show flat hands with three kings and little or nothing else. He call this the Magi Convention.
Who was more at fault?
Barring the wildly unlikely/impossible scenario where [b]every[/b] other table bids and makes the grand, 6 making 7 always outscores 7 making 6.
how many spades?
5 the first time is reasonable but failing that I pass.
Dutch Spiral
Partnerships who play the increasingly popular 2/1 with 1 as clubs or balanced and 1 unbalanced can do better. T-Walsh covers the 1-1M hand type. For the 1-1M sequence use [url=]transfer rebids ...
Dutch Spiral
Could this be used after Precision 1? Opener only promises 2 diamonds (sometimes less, depending on the Precision variation), his long suit may well be clubs.
Bake Yourself a Multi Defence
That's what I'd assume without discussion playing in a jurisdiction where the multi is allowed. Simple and reasonably effective.
1NT or not?
Maybe ACBL needs a new pre-alert: "we are not Walruses".

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