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March 29, 2011
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Key Card Blackwood
I think the best hand for key card is the one with more strength in the side suits,especially kings.
Cheating case on Hearthstone (another card game)
Agreed, this would stop a lot of unsophisticated cheating in it's tracks. There are lot more stupid cheats than smart ones. BTW, there are more stupid honest players than smart ones as well.
What does this double mean?
"You have the high cards, I have the clubs. He stuck his neck out, here comes the axe!" I would expect doubler has a minimum opening a club stack behind the bidder. I wouldn't be surprised to see dummy broke with a club void. LHO is gonna bleed like ...
game vs slam flip psychology
Also, most player underestimate the equity value of a part score. Jean Besse estimated as high as +220 for a partial of 60 or more at game-all, a [b]lot[/b] more than at duplicate. Rubber isn't imps, and partials are the main reason. Chicago is closer to imps ...
game vs slam flip psychology
But the equity value of advancing the rubber is included in the calculation of the percentages.
Steaming tendencies part 2: part score vs game
S. J. Simon stresses this even more than the game vs. slam decision, as it so much more frequent that adds up to more money over time.
steaming tendencies
If I'm losing heavily it's for one of these reasons or a combination: 1) I'm unlucky today 2) I'm outclassed today 3) I'm playing badly today All of these reduce the chance I'll actually make a theoretical 50% slam (or any 5O% event).
How to explain weird bid by partner without providing Unauthorized Information
(posted in error deleted)
Statistically, What is the Best Opening Lead in a World Pairs Event?
I'm a US American and a beer drinker. To me Bud or Miller Light taste like they've been drunk before, and Coors Light like its been drunk before twice. So if the offering is Bud or Miller, I'll lead 7. If Coors, I'll lead 7 out ...
How do you play this double
Support X should not apply to a natural 1NT overcall in the sandwich position. Opp stuck his neck out, now if you have the cards, swing the axe already. Now support X of an artificial 1NT is fine.

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