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March 29, 2011
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What is Cue
My preferred agreement: 1. A bid of the enemy suit (whether it's natural or quasi-natural) when no call but pass has occurred after the initial enemy action is a cue bid. 2. Any other bid of any enemy suit is a cue if and only if a) an enemy ...
What Does This Bid Mean?
A manufactured reverse never crossed my mind, with 3=3=6=1, I'm bidding 2, 3, 2 or in some rare cases (playing 2/1), I might gamble on 3 on the previous round. Maybe too many years playing Precision on my part, where a ...
Continuations after Minorwood
I prefer Kickback, but in the Minorwood auction given both 4NT and 5 are signoffs, 5 is the queen ask, and 5 is the king ask as in Kickback. In the analogous club auction, 4NT and 5 are signoffs, 4 is the queen ask and ...
Demanding revoke correction
There is the remote possibility that neither defender revoked but the board is defective.
Mindful revoke
I agree, the ideal would be for DB to admit to the revoke and enter 3NT-1 and for the opponents to call the director and ask for 3NT=. Director will sort it out and be astonished that neither side wants to gain an advantage they consider unfair. BTW, I don ...
Mindful revoke
I have to disagree, ultimately ethics (should) define laws in the wider world and in bridge. I agree that this does not justify contempt, condescension, or condemnation [i]towards others[/i]. But it very much affects how I relate to the man in the mirror.
Revoke Question
I long for the simpler days when all revokes were two trick (unless your side didn't win at least two tricks on or after the revoke trick). You paid your penalty, got a bad board. and [b]learned to pay attention[/b]. IMHO, the new attitude for rectification and ...
your comment is needed
I generally do only if it accompanies other honors, but I usually won't lead the ten itself unless stiff or doubleton if it's my highest card in the suit.
Which Slam Is Best
Notice North is at least a queen shy of his bid, and if he had Q never mind K 6NT rolls home.
Your thoughts on whether Alerts or Explanations are required or should be required or voluntarily should be done
In a club where I am a regular, the other regulars might as well wear signs. At tournaments, this would only apply if you had met them before and they had done something or several things that clued you in.

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