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March 29, 2011
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Am I Old Fashioned?
Totally right, a suboptimal method you and your partner are both playing will do better than a superior method only you are playing.
Am I Old Fashioned?
You may be old fashioned, but you are right. There has to be a way to correct a 2NT contract--3 may go down but it's not as likely to go down several.
Confessions of a Slowcoach
If nudity is the penalty, I need to teach my girlfriend to play bridge ...........slowly.
Does anybody dislike 2/1?
I do, though do play that 2/1 GF after one of a major in the context of playing a Precision variation, though that's not a required feature of Precision, just what I prefer. Both 2/1 GF and 2/1 invitational or better (as in SA) are easier ...
How wrong was I?
I was taught to leave in partner's penalty double of 1NT even with a 0 count if my hand is flat, running only with a weak, unbalanced hand.
Two-level openings in fourth seat
N-1 is my choice partner virtually has to have at least one trick unless the opponents have made a terrible mistake.
The price of pessimism
North is looking for a grand the moment he hears 1, and the bidding probably ends in 7 even with no relays or asking bids (apart from key card) in our toolkit. Lovely fantasy but alas we aren't playing that system.
Two-level openings in fourth seat
In the modern game, (P)-P-(P) is already low frequency.
What, if anything, do you miss about bridge in 1970?
I don't miss oral bidding, but it gave me a few stories. I played in a pickup partnership in a club in the days when bidding boxes were just coming into use. The club used oral bidding, but management provided a few bidding boxes for the hearing impaired. Which ...
"Systems on" or "Front of card" after NT overcall
This is a useful idea, kinda like asking for a double stop because your shortness tells you a single stop won't be enough unless its something like ace fourth.

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