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March 29, 2011
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Do YOU play any of the "Worst Conventions?"
Check out IMHO, Kokish doesn't combine well with 2 double negative at all, and Eric Kokish never intended to use it that way.
Do YOU play any of the "Worst Conventions?"
MUD if partner wishes - there's no genuinely good lead from xxx anyway. Gerber directly over 1NT/2NT when we haven't bid a natural suit. Stolen bid in 1NT-(2)-X when 2 has no anchor suit [b]only[/b]. I have perpetrated step responses to 2 ...
Trick 12 Decision
I love your structure after 1-1-1. We've been using XYZ in this sequence, but your methods are clearly better. You give up the ability to play NT, but gain by getting to the right minor suit partial. The latter is far more important when opener shown ...
The Worst Convention Ever
In most of my partnerships, 4 is Gerber in these sequences ONLY: 1NT-4 2NT-4 2-2D-2NT-4 (?)-1NT-4 if we play systems on Basically directly over a natural NT opening or opener's natural NT rebid after an artificial forcing opening and an artificial negative response ...
The Worst Convention Ever
STOLEN BID DOUBLES (all caps deliberate) as played by novice/poor players in my experience refers to 1NT-(?)-X sequences only. IMHO, this is tolerable in the 1NT-(2)-X case if 2 has no anchor suit, and even then it may be sub-optimal. The other examples with ...
Whether East can open 2 or not is a partnership style question. But how the h*ll can West do less than inviting with 14 points and four spades? 4 from West would be immensely less wrong than the blasphemy against the bridge gods he actually perpetrated.
Thought processes?
Playing CC Wei/Goren/Reese style Precision where 2 on 5+4M is normal, this is 1 opening. Three-suited hands without 5M open 1 (or 2 with a diamond shortage).
Do you stay or do you go?
A serious underbid to even think of passing even at matchpoints. I'd bid game even if I were in a coma.
What do you think?
A tendency to respond very light need only be disclosed in response to a style question (disclosed honestly, not "just bridge"). If, however, the (explicit or implicit) agreement is that a non-forcing opening is never (or virtually never) passed should be alerted IHMO.
The Best Convention Ever
Fourth best leads date back to whist, long predating any bidding convention.

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