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Mike Nelson
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March 29, 2011
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May 21
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Who's crazy ?
I know no one abides by this rule today, but I was taught "preempt as high as you dare at your first turn, then shut up (unless partner invites or forces you)." BTW, when defending against a big club, amend that rule to "preempt one level higher than you dare...."
Why would anyone want to do this?
All of the above.
Your Precision Opener?
I think the (4-3)=1=5 shapes are what makes Precision 2 frequent enough to be viable (though still rare). Also, Precision 2 is only really useful in conjunction with a 2 opening that promises six cards. If we are going to open 2 with various ...
Your Precision Opener?
To me, this is worth an upgrade to open 1; but if I didn't deem the hand good enough, 2 > 2.
My apologies
Anyone can act wrongfully--it takes an honorable person to admit it and apologize for it.
I'm Still Alive
The deceased Larry Cohen always seemed to me to be so tragic (but not in the sense of deserving sympathy): a truly excellent player who couldn't bear that he could not win them all; and who destroyed himself by trying to do the impossible--winning them all can't be ...
Double Trouble -360 ATB
South has a clear 1NT rather than double. But North is about a King light, and if he properly passes, South can't make his mistaken penalty double.
About Polling Players (II)
Absolutely superb! The exactly right way to go at tournaments (where polling is feasible). I would love to hear about helping club directors make better judgement rulings when adequate polling is not possible.
ATB: -710
With the East cards, I bid 4 in my sleep, don't care about the scoring--there is just too much chance it makes. But if my partner bids 3 with the East cards, I'm not swinging the axe with the West cards.
Poor pair game movements
The Seal Beach club I mentioned was one of two in Seal Beach Leisure World--an ABCL sanctioned club in one clubhouse (they did play Howells when appropriate, their games were usually too big to need to), and an unsanctioned club in another, where this incident took place. No rent was ...

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