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March 29, 2011
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Awkward responding hand
Tough hand, South needs to find North with at least one diamond and a club stopper. Further it is best if he can induce North to declare, in case his clubs are Kx. Very likely if North is void in diamonds, no game makes and 3NT goes down a lot ...
BBO Censorship?
posted in error--ignore
The Hand That Made 8!D Illegal
A bid of more than 7 has been illegal since the dawn of contract bridge. The 1927 laws said so, with the same penalty as now: the bid is cancelled, and both members of the offending side must pass throughout the auction. This provision was adopted unchanged from the auction ...
QUC - continuations after other opening bids
This series of articles didn't receive the attention they deserved (including by me) when they came out. QUC is an interesting variation on AUC that appears to have some useful improvements. Varvel's An Unassuming Club is in my opinion the most enjoyable variation of the Polish Club family ...
Penalty For Cheating
Thank you Giovanni, and apology accepted. I see now that you bore me no ill will, and I in turn bear you none. Your general observation is quite true with regard to certain posts I've read during the extensive discussion of similar topics in recent years.
Penalty For Cheating
Giovanni, you are reading something into my post that I never suggested. I assumed a fair and accurate adjudication prior to conviction. I was primarily stating my belief what the appropriate punishment is and mentioned a possible mitigating factor that might reduce the imposed sentence post conviction. Of course pleading ...
Chess champion Emanuel Lasker
Diogenes, you can put out your lamp. Ian is your honest man.
Penalty For Cheating
Premeditated collusive cheating presumptively earns the bridge bridge death penalty: a lifetime ban. Mercy may be appropriate for first offenders who fully and freely confess, but this is purely grace: no cheater has a right to it. For the most egregious long term cheaters, a lifetime ban is not enough ...
To BBO: Please eliminate UI from insta-actions
Excellent article. For serious play, there is no question this is the right idea, the only question is the details of implementation. To my mind, asserting that the software should allow bullet action is similar to asserting the software should allow revokes and insufficient bids. If the software [i]can ...
Response Structure after nebulous 2!C over 1M Opening
Andrew Gumperz has an excellent article: in which he gives a good structure for 1M-2 clubs or balanced. If you are willing to deal with the increased complexity/artificiality in exchange for better description, I recommend Ed Herstein's structure: ...

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