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March 29, 2011
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David Parsons's bidding problem: KQ3 T54 AQ93 K32
Also if partner gambles on leaving the double in, that might well be our best result.
David Parsons's bidding problem: KQ3 T54 AQ93 K32
I'm an advocate of Edgar Kaplan's least lie principle, and that leads me to double. Like Rosalind, I think a negative double at this level should be game forcing. Over opener's 3 I'll bid 3NT, suggesting I wanted to bid 3NT originally, but lacked a ...
YBTD after slow double
3 seems like a reasonable choice supported by the poll and is a LA, but West isn't going to sit for it (but I could be convinced otherwise by a poll), bidding 3NT or 4. 3NT would usually lead to a better result than the table score ...
Patrick Gaudart's bidding problem: QT974 J6 8 KT852
If North South have no bid for a black two suiter and this doesn't meet their minimum standards for 1 I can barely accept pass on the first round but it just has to be 4 on the second, 2 would have to be a better ...
Nicholas France's bidding problem: 5 A7632 KJ84 T92
Reverse the colors and I try 5, at these colors pass.
On an Assumption
I would describe Kit's 3 as inviting 3NT with extras and a diamond fit. But I suspect I'd bid it on more or less the same set of hands.
Your call
Richard's analysis of the [i]actual[/i] auction is spot on. I rather like my analysis of the [i]imaginary[/i] auction where partner opened 1NT. I need to stop analyzing hands before my morning coffee.
Your call
Deleted, misread the auction.
Unusual NT or Not
Much comes down to the range you use. If we're playing Unusual NT "weak or strong" I bid 2NT on hand #2 only at these colors, and overcall 1 with the other two. If we're playing continuous range, pass #2 and and bid 2NT on the others ...
1D or 1NT? My marriage is on the line...!
My new (once married) lady says I look like her second husband and I'm running like hell [i]toward[/i] her.

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