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March 29, 2011
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A Modest Proposal
Master points are in fair degree a participation award anyway. Why not encourage playing strong competition and thus improving the quality of competition? A lot of details to work out, but the germ of an interesting idea. Maybe borrow a concept from chess where doing well against stronger opponents is ...
What do you do about this curious explanation
If you think there is any chance they can be educated (I'm skeptical) ask for clarification and call the director if none is forthcoming. But bid 2 in any case.
Tomasz Radko's bidding problem: AQJ63 AJ8542 2 5
I notice the poll is about even. Great poll, it a close decision. AKQJx Qxxxxx hopefully would be near unanimous for 1 and Qxxxx AKQJxx would be unanimous for 1.
Tomasz Radko's bidding problem: AQJ63 AJ8542 2 5
Ah the Flannery On Steroids hand. Clear not strong enough for 1-1NT-2 so it comes down to which eight-card fit do you prefer to risk missing? Here the spades are significantly stronger and may play decently in a 5-2 fit, switch the major suit honors and I open ...
Would you double?
Both hands are about a useful jack shy of a minimum double at neither vul, so I'm going for it favorable.
Soft Question on Bridge vs Chess vs Backgammon
If they use selfie sticks, they tend not to be that smart at [i]life[/i].
Soft Question on Bridge vs Chess vs Backgammon
I'm a rather poor chess player and even I know that's wrong, or maybe Bobby Fischer was a poor chess player. IMHO, he may well have been a poor human being, but that's a different question.
Soft Question on Bridge vs Chess vs Backgammon
Rather depends on why one is picking up the cards one at a time. If the player has normal dexterity, vision, and memory this might be a possible indication, but so often this isn't the case, particularly with older players.
Major suit responses after (1!c)-1!d-(pass)
Another is that I've seldom got a good result with a natural 1NT overcall. Even these days when opening bids can be paper thin, if responder has strength, a natural 1NT can lose a lot of blood.
Harmonizing with (1)-X-(2) is not going to be 100%, as in this case advancer can bid spades at the two level and can jump in spades below game.

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