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March 29, 2011
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Fourth-suit (artificial) Forcing
We play that FSF applies in competition if their only non-pass calls are doubles,redoubles, and NT bids: it's off if they show a suit.
Thank you Richard Pavlicek!
Can't help noticing that this hand is ideal for my home-grown Precision methods using 1NT 12-15. 1NT-2-2-4 showing this hand type: 6+ hearts with slam interest, but needing trump help. Then it's off to the races with the actual hand, but we can play 4 ...
The 5 level belongs to: __________
Pass should be forcing only if we have previously bid or forced to game on power--so not here. I'm trying 5. If partner bid 3 on high cards it will have a play, if on shape, it might also be a good save against a 5 ...
Announcement Required?
Alerting negative inferences makes sense, but IMHO it doesn't work in the real world if applied too rigorously. The support double situation is a case in point: alerting everything has the same information content as alerting nothing, and can cause opponents to fail to ask when something weird is ...
All Four Suits
A heart lead won't beat 3NT, either, if they bid it.
Ruling After Failure to Alert
Not explaining the ruling is the second time director didn't do his job on this hand, the first being the ruling itself.
Phil Clayton's bidding problem: ATx x QJT9x AQ8x
You both passed at your first turn, it's their hand. You and pard are both in balancing position (in effect), and you have cards and heart shortness. If you wouldn't bid or double now, when would you? You would have bid or doubled last turn if opener hadn ...
Alerting Question for Our 3rd/4th Seat Opener
That doesn't happen in North America (I agree it should).
Gonzalo Guridi's lead problem: AQxxx 9 Axxx Txx
At matchpoints, a club gives nothing away, and not blowing a trick will at least get us average even when they make four, and will will gain if anybody with their cards misses game, or anybody with our cards does blow a trick. I'd be more inclined to try ...
All Four Suits
3 is pointless at any vulnerability. It tells them how to play the hand if they don't stop off to double. At unfavorable, I would pass, and bid 4 at equal. At favorable, I'd bid 4, but would consider 5 nearer the mark than ...

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