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Showing the Jack of Spades
This one is very clear cut. While hand two is arguably better, both are obvious raises provided North has at least xxxx. South obviously fielded the case where he didn't.
Showing the Ten of Spades
These are rather less convincing than the bidding examples. On hand one, a diamond was not a popular choice, but it was a reasonable shot. I've sunk many a 3NT contract after a minor suit raise by leading the other minor--most partnerships just assume at least one of them ...
Ducking Dummy's Singleton
The only cases where flying with the ace is correct are 1. The ace is the setting trick, or 2. Winning the ace enables you to cash the setting trick in another suit. If either of these condition apply, it should be obvious. If not, ducking smoothly will work most ...
Mulberry Bush
How would the bidding go if were were to swap North's K for South's J? The North hand is still worth opening 2 IMHO, but would be a clear minimum, calling for a 3 rebid.
Another question on a director call
Anthony, I do regard your practice practice as highly honorable. You strive to make exactly the sort of claims I advocate, and have honorable motivation. Grasping and appreciating that you will make fewer mistake [i]as a side benefit[/i] is vastly different from claiming [i]for that purpose[/i ...
Another question on a director call
Tom, what I said is the practice of claiming [b]to prevent yourself from making a mistake playing it out[/b] is dishonorable. If you can make a clear, complete claim statement which contains no errors, you have no reason to fear making errors playing it out. If you can ...
Another question on a director call
Claiming to prevent yourself from making a mistake playing it out is IHMO dishonorable. The whole intent of the claim law is to save time by having declarer describe rather than have to actually execute a line a play that uses no more brain cells than avoiding obvious idiocy. Stretching ...
Another question on a director call
Some suggestions: (1) Take care to make an accurate and complete claim statement. (2) If the position is too complex to comply with (1), play on until the position is clarified. (3) If complying with (1) results in a claim statement that you believe opponents will have difficulty understanding, play ...
A clear case of aphasia, and yet . . .
This is a very fair question. I have had a great deal of experience in rubber bridge and Chicago, where calling cards from dummy doesn't happen--declarer reaches over to dummy's cards and pulls the one he wants. In this method of play, inadvertent plays from dummy are treated ...
Elinescu and Wladow win their case against the WBF
The honor they presumptive had before they first decided to cheat.

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