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March 29, 2011
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Assign the blame - 3NT failing while slam makes
Qxx just won't be enough to stop spades by itself, I try 3 to ask for spade stop, and partner bids 4 with his stiff spade.
Another ATB
I could [i]maybe[/i] see opening these cards 4 in third seat if the partnership plays light first seat openings, as the chance of slam opposite a passed hand would be less than the chance of a successful spade sac by opps. But in first seat, 4 ...
Should this pass be forcing??
My suggested rule for partnerships anywhere short of world class experts: Pass is forcing if and only if one partner has bid or forced to game [i]on power[/i].
Use of UI
East might have been thinking "slam invitational values", forgetting that what he said would be interpreted as "(game) invitational values."
Marching Towards Goofyville
Field protection does not appear in the current lwas and never has.
Unnatural One-Notrump Overcalls
Bob thank you for easily memorized system of advances over raptor! I look forward to trying this. I agree with you that passing flat hands that would have bid a natural 1NT is a good trap for the respond on air crowd.
Grand Slam missing the Ace of Trumps - ATB or just Bridge?
North-South made reasonable guesses in a crowded auction and guessed wrong. That's why people preempt. Far less imps/mps are gained by keeping opps out of makable games/slams than by goading them into unmakable ones. I have far less sympathy for the famous disaster in an unobtructed auction.
Sometimes I don’t believe the results on a board.
I remember a hand where partner passed my Precision 1 with a seven card club suit and a zero count. Of course 7 was what we were cold for. We did get one matchpoint, another pair bid the grand but misplayed it. We won the game that night ...
Trial Bid after 1M-2M
1M-2M-3M trump quality game try con coexistto a degree with 1-2-3 stop if you only bid 1-2-3 stop with good enough trumps that partner can't have an acceptance.
What do you need to bid 2!h here
The quality of the heart suit is important, bad splits are guaranteed. I would be more liberal on suit quality overcalling 2, as splits may be bad, but not sure to be, opener might be balanced.

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