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Mike Passell
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March 16, 2011
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too many to mention
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a few
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passell lynch
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Gabay and McDevitt Win Mixed Pairs
Great win
Failure to Alert
According to the player he called the director when he was alerted by a very ethical player before the dummy came down and said he would have bid 1 spade knowing his partner was Short in diamonds and had a likely fit. I agree he might have bid anyway but ...
Levin and Weinstein Win Platinum Pairs
Great win for a great pair
Failure to Alert
The facts are they didn’t rule 3no trump down 1 they split allowing the 2 hand s holding 25 highs to play 5 clubs down 1 half the time and 4 clubs making the other half. The chief director was not apprised of the fact that the player holding ...
LEVINE Wins Senior KO
Both of you are correct. We play transfer Bart our auction was 1 spade by me 1 nt by Marc dbl. I bid 2 clubs he bid 2 diamonds. We never discussed if it was on in competition. The funny thing 2 diamonds in the 7-1 fit was down 2 ...
LEVINE Wins Senior KO
I don’t think this occurred Richard
LEVINE Wins Senior KO
That I hoped the finesse was on. Thought it very likely as an aggressive lead was called for whatever happened I liked my great partners bid as he knew I probably had 3 major suit cards
USA2 wins d'Orsi Seniors Trophy
Congratulations to all. A total domination from start to finish
Open Lyon Discussion Thread
Sabine has it exactly nailed. Lyon is undoubtedly the perfect setting for a World Championship. Great food great hotels among the friendliest people I have met. The playing area is fantastic . The WBF rule not allowing full disclosure after the screen goes up is nonsensical. We are used to full ...
Who Will Win the Venice Cup?
Rooting hard for both USA squads but the Dutch and Chinese are very powerful teams also

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