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Mike Richey
Mike Richey
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Basic Information

Member Since
Aug. 5, 2013
Last Seen
Aug. 14
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Getting clobbered by Katz, Jacobs, and the Italians in the 2002 Spingold.
Bridge Accomplishments
Third in flight B NAP in 2010. Played in third day of LM Pairs in 2002. Beat a 21-seed and a 38-seed in half-day Spingold matches. Wrote an article published in "The Bridge World" in Feb 2006.
Regular Bridge Partners
Clyde Kruskal, Lloyd Rawley, Ron Zucker
Favorite Conventions
forcing club with transfer responses; 2D natural and weak (5-baggers OK NV); variation of Meckwell over 1NT where 2m shows 4+m with 5M and dbl shows majors or 4M with 5+m instead of m
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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
James Tyner's bidding problem: QJ4 A2 KJ752 964
I abstained - must bid 3 over the double.
Experimenting with weak NT
A few months ago there was an extensive discussion of run-out methods after 1NT weak doubled. There were many opinions. I agree with Watson, above, that pass forces redouble gives the opponents too much leeway. I play DONT from both sides. If responder has a good hand or a bad ...
Ron Zucker's bidding problem: 9542 872 A A8753
With only 4 and lacking secondary values in my suits (!), I prefer double to 1N. Pass seems just wrong NV at matchpoints.
How should this hand be bid/ATB
I agree. I like 3, a stall. Then after 4, I like 4N. I think your partner (with whom I play occasionally too) would have passed. I was sitting East. At my table opener started with 2 and they stopped in 3N.
Desambiguating a weak no trump situation
Playing 11+ to 14 NTs, I raise 1M to 2M on most balanced 16-counts, but bid 3 on most balanced 17-counts. As was said above, the minimum hand for a 2M rebid is higher here than for strong 1N openers because the balanced minimum is excluded. One of my partners ...
Ed Spear's bidding problem: AQ9xx x Kxx J98x
Yeah, I'd prefer to be 5143, but if I can't double with a sound hand and shortness, then I shouldn't play support doubles. With KQxx of as part of my 10-count, then I should bid 3.
Leo Lasota's bidding problem: 7 QJT65 AT5 KQT5
I have 6 losers. Partner has 8 losers. That's making 4 if partner doesn't have secondary values in spades. I picked pass, but the heart and club tens almost convinced me to bid 4 - even the diamond ten could be of value.
Follow ups to partner's 3NT overcall of their pre-empt
I didn't vote because I think it matters a lot whether 3N is a jump. My regular partners have convinced me to play system on, but I believe that only would apply for a non-jump 3N. A jump 3N should be tricks rather than a balanced hand (which could ...
Leo Lasota's bidding problem: AT8 74 A843 AJ83
At the table I wouldn't be confident that my bidding 4 would force partner to use kickback, but it makes sense - I definitely want partner to ask because I have controls but no trick source! If I bid 3 (which was my poll answer), partner might not ...
Should Michaels require an alert?
Noble Shore suggested that after our 1 (Precision, could be short, for my partner and me 0+) - 2 by overcaller, that we never ask what 2 means and we have the following agreement. -X: cards -2M: natural, forcing -2N: pick a minor -3m: natural, non-forcing

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