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Mike Richey
Mike Richey
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Basic Information

Member Since
Aug. 5, 2013
Last Seen
Oct. 15
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Getting clobbered by Katz, Jacobs, and the Italians in the 2002 Spingold.
Bridge Accomplishments
Third in flight B NAP in 2010. Played in third day of LM Pairs in 2002. Beat a 21-seed and a 38-seed in half-day Spingold matches. Wrote an article published in "The Bridge World" in Feb 2006.
Regular Bridge Partners
Clyde Kruskal, Lloyd Rawley, Ron Zucker
Favorite Conventions
forcing club with transfer responses; 2D natural and weak (5-baggers OK NV); variation of Meckwell over 1NT where 2m shows 4+m with 5M and dbl shows majors or 4M with 5+m instead of m
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: A9 AK3 KQ63 QT75
If you play some sort of transfers over low-level interference, you can show constructive values (5+ HCP) and get your suit in before the opps raise. Jump to the 3 level could be GF with a long suit that you really want to bid before the opps jump raise.
Ron Zucker's bidding problem: 98 A32 Q43 AK863
At matchpoints I would not be embarrassed to start with 2, then double if lefty bids 2.
Is Lebensohl on after (2M)-P-(P)-X-(P)-?
Doubler's partner still could have a good hand with the wrong shape to act, so Lebensohl still needed.
Kursat Ozsahin's bidding problem: A976 9 98 AT9876
The only suit 3 gets past is spades, which I'm not afraid of. Switch my majors and I like 3.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: 5 T4 A5 QJ986432
I did my job. Partner is at the table. Partner could have bid 7 with shape and little defense. We might be beating them.
Prahalad Rajkumar's bidding problem: AQJT63 2 KT82 87
What's the problem? Vul I might be tempted to open 2, but even then being 6-4 might make it too good. 3rd seat could open 2 (or as Adams points out, 4).
Prahalad Rajkumar's bidding problem: 93 AJ82 AKJT3 T2
I think I want to have a stiff to bid 4. If we stop in 3, might be enough; partner could have wastage in the black suits.
1 Major-1NT in 2/1
Or 1534. Or even 2434/2533/2335 with 5-7 HCP when you don't want opener to bid again. You're gambling partner has 4 trumps, especially when it's rather than , but occasionally you lose. The up side of 1N forcing is to make sure when responder ...
1 Major-1NT in 2/1
1N semi-forcing avoids playing some 3-3 misfits in 2 of a minor. Playing 1M-3lower as natural and invitational takes some pressure off too. If I bid 1N on a balanced 3-card limit raise and get passed in 1N, that may be OK.
Mike Richey's bidding problem: AKJ9x Kxxxx Jx x
At matchpoints I agree that 6N placed the contract barring some surprising holding from me. But at IMPs, why did he bid 6N instead of 6? I decided he was making a general try for grand, that also could handle being in 6N if I declined. I also wondered ...

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